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Values matter most

The numbers involved in the “Million Mom March” were overstated, and
the cause for which the moms marched was overrated. Also, the event was
over reported, in that it had less to do with solving a problem than it
had to do with advancing a political agenda. The government media,
sometimes known as the mainstream media, knew full well that most of the
hoopla associated with the march qualified as political propaganda.
However, as is their wont, they could not resist offering their full
resources to the advancement of a “cause” with which they agree.

Fortunately, piling a few more gun laws onto the thousands that
already exist is not a priority with most thinking Americans. The
findings of the current Zogby American Values Survey of 1,028 likely
voters reflect beliefs and attitudes you might not suspect existed if
you relied on the mainstream media, sometimes known as the government
media, for your information. For example, in response to the question,
“Which of the following do you think will be the most important problem
facing the nation in the next few years?” poll participants chose the
“breakdown of the family” by a 3-to-1 margin over any other choice,
including “availability of guns.”

Zogby asked a specific question about guns. When participants were
given a list of six options, and asked, “Which of the following is the
best way to solve the gun violence in America?” 52 percent chose
“prosecuting criminals who use a gun in the commission of a crime,” and
a shockingly paltry two percent chose “more legislation from Congress.”

In early May 2000, the results of a bipartisan Voter.com Battleground
2000 poll revealed basic changes in the national mood and mind-set. When
participants were given a list of 11 issues and asked to name the one
they thought was most important, “restoring moral values” got the most
votes, “improving education” came in second and “strengthening the
Social Security and Medicare systems” came in third. The poll also
revealed that 49 percent of the 1,000 Americans surveyed think the
country is on the wrong track, a significant increase since a similar
poll last March.

What we have in view is a sea change taking place in the basic
thinking of a large and growing segment of the population. In a summary
report of the poll, Priscilla Huff put it this way: “To paraphrase a
classic election slogan, it’s not the economy, stupid, it’s values.”

While the restoration of traditional values and moral sanity are the
top priorities of a growing majority of Americans, what they are offered
as solutions are mechanical devices and high-tech contrivances: V-chips
to stem an avalanche of televised smut and perversion, gun control to
combat a tidal wave of crime and violence, condoms to protect children
from promiscuous and dangerous sex, and clean needles to deal with a
flood of drugs pouring into our neighborhoods and schools.

All of these are cheap tributes to the loony idea that the
manipulation of inanimate objects can compensate for a popular culture
that is infatuated with basic human degeneracy. While moms serve as
political pawns, marching on Washington, D.C., and caterwauling about
trigger locks and the size of bullet clips, their children are being
imprinted, sometimes indelibly, by an orchestrated drumbeat of
decadence, pornography and perversion. The lambs are being prepared for
the taking.

What could be more clear than that we are in a fateful war with
counterculture socialists, whose goals are to erase moral distinctions
between right and wrong, subvert religion, undermine the traditional
family, invalidate the Constitution, foster militant, anti-American
multiculturalism, promote a one-world government, and produce an
egalitarian, collectivist society? What could be clearer than that the
minds, souls and bodies of our children are the battlegrounds of this

Obviously, these libertine radicals are afraid of traditional
religion, understanding that it is a wellspring of morality. They abhor
the concept of moral discernment and would redefine virtue as the loving
embrace of depravity. Theirs is a religion of moral nihilism. Their fear
of things holy is palpable.

There are consequences to our unwillingness to draw lines between
good and evil and our unwillingness to allow individuals to bear the
burden of their choices and behavior. The ultimate consequence is social
anarchy followed by despotism, as people beg the government to take

But there are signs of a turning. People of faith, after a long sleep
on the sidelines, are entering the political fray for the same reason
former Prime Minister Thatcher gave when she said, “I am in politics
because of the conflict between good and evil.”