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Homosexual zealotry

I would rather walk a mile barefoot on broken glass than endure a
confrontation with homosexual zealots.

However, that less painful path cannot be responsibly taken. What
choice is there but to stand in opposition to homosexual activists with
their in-your-face arrogance, their malicious attacks on religion,
family values and moral standards, and, in essence, their demand that
American society be turned upside down and inside out to accommodate
their sexual disorientations?

It is unconscionable that homosexual invectives and threats have
effectively shut down most attempts to expose bogus research or address
the cultural implications of the homosexual agenda. It should be, but
apparently is not, a matter of serious concern, even shame, that so many
of our politicians, our journalists and commentators, our scientists,
our government schools teachers, our university professors and our
clergy have either been seduced to advance the homosexual agenda,
intimidated into passive assent, or cowed into silence.

It is one of the great ironies of modern-day America that it is
liberals who are not only enabling, but spearheading a vicious version
of McCarthyism at its worse. Rarely in the history of our republic has
there been such a successful effort to keep lies alive, suppress the
truth, censor speech, and engage in blatant character assassination.

It is successful because huge organizations like Procter and Gamble
and AT&T have been bullied into withdrawing advertisements from a
forthcoming television show featuring Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Dr.
Laura’s mortal sin is in telling the clear truth about homosexuals, not
as part of a crusade, but in response to call-in questions and
inquiries. She tells the straight truth about homosexuals, and it sounds
like hate speech to those who hate the truth and do not have the courage
to deal with it.

It is successful because, even now, a significant majority of
Americans believe homosexuals are born that way and that a full 10
percent of the population is homosexual, even though the data and
scientific evidence to support such beliefs simply do not exist. While
the homosexual lobbyists and radical activists are attacking on multiple
fronts, one of the more underreported campaigns is taking place in
government schools, the target being young children. In a scantily
reported news event, two employees of the Massachusetts Department of
Education and a paid consultant conducted a “Teach Out” at Tufts
University. The event was sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight
Education Network (GLSEN). Children were delivered to the conference in
school buses, and government school teachers who attended earned state
development credits. The workshop was entitled, “What They Didn’t Tell
You About Queer Sex & Sexuality in the Health Class,” and it lived up to
its name. The message delivered to teenagers as young as 14, a “how-to”
in oral sex, anal sex and “fisting,” a hideous violation of the human
body which is too vile and perverted to describe in a family newspaper.

The attempted cover up by the Massachusetts Department of Education
broke down when it was revealed that several of the workshops were
secretly taped by Scott Whitman of the Parents Rights Coalition. As a
result of full coverage given by the Massachusetts news and a failure of
legal efforts to suppress the tapes, the State Commissioner of
Education, David Driscoll, was forced to apologize, and the two state
instructors were fired.

In the meanwhile, a 12-page booklet entitled, “Just the Facts about
Sexual Orientation & Youth,” has been mailed to the heads of all 14,700
public school districts in America. Its message has been endorsed by a
number of mental health organizations, and has the blessings of the
National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union in America.

This booklet of facts has many kind words to say about homosexuality,
but leaves out facts about its high risks and dangers. It also leaves
out the fact that all the major religions of the world consider
homosexuality wrong, sinful and immoral.

This is a convenient omission, in that the booklet discourages any
discussion of “reparative therapy” for unhappy homosexuals. The reason
given for censoring out information on homosexuals who have successfully
changed their lives is that these changes often involve religion — and
any discussion of religion in government schools, as the booklet warns,
raises “constitutional problems.” It also raises solemn concerns about
whether “sex education” should occur in a school environment where the
teachings of major religions are outlawed, the spiritual wisdom of the
ages is not allowed, and moral discernment is forbidden.