Editor’s Note: WorldNetDaily international correspondent Anthony
C. LoBaido has written, traveled and photographed extensively in
Southern Africa over the past 10 years. He has covered the fall of
South Africa to Marxism, the Farm confiscations in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe,
the rise of the Apartheid-era mercenary army Executive Outcomes as well
as the ongoing war in Angola. In this update, LoBaido documents the
struggle of UNITA — the anti-Communist, Christian rebel movement of
Southern Angola, which is fighting for its freedom and independence from
the United Nations and its sanctions programs aimed at destroying

By Anthony LoBaido

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NEW YORK — Although Russia, communist China and North Korea may
threaten to launch nuclear weapons at America and her allies, in most
Western minds, the Cold War is long over. However, the Cold War is
raging red-hot in Africa, where brave, Christian, black Africans are
fighting long odds against a troika of foes. Their opposition includes:
an Islamic jihad, (with over 2 million Christians murdered, starved,
enslaved and crucified in Sudan), Communism/Marxism as well the
mercenary armies and corporations of the Western transnational elite of
the Northern Hemisphere. Other issues like famine, AIDS, human rights,
environmental damage, genocide and other apocalyptic ills maintain a
strong hold on this once vibrant continent.

Nelson Mandela was given an audience by then-President George
Bush in the early ’90s, giving the Marxist Mandela credibility with
establishment Republicans.

Of course this massive death, genocide and anarchy currently gripping
Africa is sold by Western elites to their constituencies as preferable
to Christian Europeans building up Africa in the late 19th and early
20th centuries. At the dawn of the new millennium, the old, somewhat
flawed Christian colonial model for Africa has been replaced. The new
paradigm is the corporate, New Age occult model. In this new model,
free sex among black Africans equals mass death. Socialism leads to
organized famine and depopulation of Gaia, the sacred Mother Earth. To
be sure, Western transnational corporations still
take the mineral wealth of Africa’s soil for their own use — namely
maintaining the nuclear and high tech arsenal of their
military-industrial complex.

This is the de facto White Supremacy. If you thought the Christian
version was flawed, hold onto your hat, because you ain’t seen nothing

When it comes to the Cold War in Africa, the United Nations, not
surprisingly, is on the wrong side. While the murder, rape and anarchy
on the white farms of Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe can’t seem to raise a peep out
of the global body, the U.N. Security Council is working overtime to
destroy Africa’s top Christian, anti-Communist rebel group — UNITA.

The United Nations claims to embody the will of the “international
community.” It is no doubt an exclusive community most freedom loving
people around the world aren’t too sure they’d like to reside in. The
will of the transnational elite, comprised mainly of left wing Marxists
in the West has gelled to the point where it can punish recalcitrant
states like Apartheid South Africa, Rhodesia, Post Colonial
Katanga/Congo, and more recently Cuba, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Burma and
now Southern UNITA-controlled Angola.

The Sanctions Game

Recently, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to
push for additional sanctions on UNITA.

Sanctions are nothing new for UNITA. Consider the following.

In September 1993 the UN passed sanctions to limit the flow of arms,
military equipment and fuel to UNITA, after Savimbi rejected the rigged
U.N. mandated elections in Angola. During this election, top UNITA
leaders were lured to Angola’s capital by the U.N. under promises of
safe passage, only to be assassinated by the MPLA.

In October 1997, UNITA’s refusal to abide by the provisions of the
Lusaka Protocol led to more U.N. sanctions. Again, Savimbi had declined
to surrender control of Southern Angola to the MPLA. These sanctions put
restrictions on the ability of UNITA leaders to travel around the world,
or even to leave Angola.

Further sanctions were imposed by the U.N. in July 1998 aimed at
controlling UNITA’s diamond trade and mining industry.

Clinton’s anti-UNITA Executive Order
and the wishes of the DeBeer’s Diamond Cartel (who funded Executive Outcomes and covet UNITA’s diamond mines) were the real powers behind this particular U.N. sanctions resolution.

The reason for the latest sanctions against UNITA — known as Security Council resolution 1295– is obvious. The U.N. is frustrated that the Christian, anti-Marxist patriots in Southern Angola have been fighting for their freedom from communism since 1975. In the past quarter century UNITA, (with some help from the former rugged and elite South African-Afrikaner Defense Force, rogue U.S. Special Forces and the Reagan Administration) have defeated a mad plethora of invaders of their land.

These invaders include the Soviet Union, North Korea, the East Bloc, 50,000 Cuba mercenaries, the U.N. Army, Executive Outcomes (called Apartheid attack dogs by dissidents in Sierra Leone, a former EO stomping ground), the betrayal of the Afrikaner government as well as attacks by communist neighbors Namibia and Zimbabwe. The forces of the latter were trained by North Korean Special Forces, who are today digging in Marxist Congo for the uranium they’ll need to build an atomic bomb.

The recent anti-UNITA sanctions were drawn up by a so-called “Panel of Experts” anointed by the U.N. Security Council. The nine researchers on the panel launched a painstaking six-month investigation into UNITA’s banking, petroleum, diamonds, and arms activities in funding and conducting their war for freedom against the Cuban-Russian installed Marxist MPLA regime of Angola.

Mandela traveled to Libya, where he awarded Muammar Gaddafi South Africa’s highest medal of military honor. Both Mandela and Gaddafi have committed numerous terrorist acts. Mandela ordered the famous Church Street bombing, which went off at rush hour to maximize casualties of Afrikaner women, children and babies.

The Security Council had requested the Secretary-General to establish a monitoring mechanism composed of up to five experts to collect relevant information and investigate relevant leads relating to any allegations of violations of measures in Council resolutions in regard to UNITA.

These include any relevant leads initiated by the panel of experts. The Secretary-General reported that the requirements of the monitoring mechanism for UNITA’s activities comprising five experts for six months was estimated at $710,600. It was recommended that the General Assembly approve that charge against the provision of $90.39 million for special political missions in the 2000-2001 programmed budget.

This report represents a changing paradigm in the West. Under the Reagan administration, UNITA and its leader Jonas Savimbi was held up as a standard bearer for democracy, religious toleration and freedom in Angola. With the Soviet Union and Cuba, fighting in Angola under the banner of Brezhnev’s Doctrine — to control the strategic mineral wealth of Southern Africa and deny it to the West — the Thatcher/Reagan tandem put the force of their political powers behind UNITA.

But through the left-wing 1990’s, the allegiance of the Bush-Clinton and Major-Blair leadership of the U.S. and UK has shifted to the Marxist MPLA and the Western oil and diamond corporations that traffic with the Angolan government.

Detailing the shift to the left wing vis-a-vis Angola and the MPLA would take a tome. However, its major elements include the CIA sending UNITA faulty equipment which lacked the spare parts to keep it operational, the rise of Executive Outcomes under former ANC leader Nelson Mandela, the late Princess Diana’s “land mine” crusade in Angola and President Clinton’s

in which the U.N. and DeBeers diamond cartel was given free hand to deny UNITA the export of diamonds. UNITA uses diamonds to fund its guerrilla war against the MPLA.

Recently, Britain’s Foreign Office Minister, Peter Hain said, “The time has come for the international community to face up to its obligations. It is no good putting our hands up in the UN for sanctions against UNITA and then taking no action while citizens in our countries make money out of misery. That is simply hypocrisy. We must all rigorously implement and enforce sanctions. The time has come to stamp on the sanctions busters. That is why the report of the Expert Panel is so vital. The full force of law must be brought to bear on those responsible … we have to cut off Savimbi’s means to wage war.”

UNITA troops stand in front of their banners at a rally point in Southern Angola. UNITA is a Christian anti-Communist movement that has withstood the Russians, Cubans, North Koreans, Bulgarians, Zimbabweans, MPLA, United Nations and corporate-mercenary army Executive Outcomes invasions of their diamond-rich territory.

Of course Mr. Hain did not quote from the April 29, 1998 Amnesty International report on the MPLA which stated, “Government [MPLA] soldiers have beaten, tortured and killed unarmed civilians suspected of supporting armed separatists in the Angolan enclave of Cabinda while the government looks the other way.”

The latest U.N. sanctions against UNITA are, according to a U.N. spokesman interviewed by WorldNetDaily, “A new kind of sanctions. You’ve heard of ‘Smart Bombs’? These Smart sanctions are not like the blanket sanctions on Iraq and Libya. They are precise and strategic. They are aimed at stopping UNITA’s ability to make war, and to punish countries that arm and or trade with UNITA.”

The nations accused of helping UNITA in her war with the Marxist MPLA government of Angola — namely Bulgaria, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Rwanda — have openly questioned if Robert Folwer, the point man on the U.N.’s anti-UNITA diamond sanctions committee is compromised by his close ties to Canadian diamond mining interests.

Before delving into the specifics of the sanctions, it would be wise to look over the scorecard of the nations fighting out the Cold War in Africa to a bloody finish.

The anti-Communist countries and elements include; UNITA, South Sudan, Rwanda (led by the Tutsis, victims of the Hutu genocide) and Uganda. Allies currently assisting UNITA in various forms include Bulgaria, Togo, Ivory Coast, and Afrikaners from South Africa, Belgium, Morocco, Ukraine and Burkina Faso.

On the Marxist side are Namibia, ANC-led South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola’s MPLA, Mozambique, Congo (formerly pro-West Zaire), the Islamic government of Khartoum, Sudan, the United Nations, North Korea, the U.S. State Department, Western banks, the DeBeer’s diamond cartel, Chevron, Texaco, Shell, the CIA, British government, MI-6 and Executive Outcomes.

After analyzing the 18 page U.N. brief on the anti-UNITA sanctions, this writer had learned that the sanctions themselves would basically do the following:

  • Force Western and African countries to deny and cancel the passports issued to UNITA members. While UNITA no longer operates formal “embassies,” Burkina Faso, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Zambia and Rwanda provided actual support and protection for UNITA representatives and easy access for senior UNITA officials wishing to travel there. In the United States, France, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and South Africa, among others, UNITA is able to maintain an “unofficial” representative presence with the knowledge, but without the direct support, of the host government.

  • Expose the control of the functions of UNITA offices overseas. The UNITA office in Belgium is connected with its diamond interests; the office in Portugal acts as a link with various Angolan and Portuguese interests in the country; the office in New York lobbies on behalf of UNITA and monitors developments at the United Nations; the office in France sustains important commercial links for UNITA; and the office in Switzerland has in the past been an important source of medical supplies for UNITA.

  • Confiscate all UNITA assets possible to the four corners of the Earth. UNITA-controlled assets whose provenance cannot be traced to a lawful source should be forfeited, and used to benefit the people of Angola. A substantial bounty or “finders’ fee percentage” could be given to those who trace, track down and identify UNITA assets that are subject to sanction.

    South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha (right) meets with terrorist leaders of SWAPO in Nambia. Suspected by many as having been a double agent for the KGB, Pik Botha was instrumental in turning over Southwest Africa — now called Namibia — to the communists.

  • Call for the deployment of another United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Angola.

  • Pressure Belgium to stop selling UNITA-mined diamonds.

  • Call for sanctions on nations that arm UNITA. Support should be given to the Ukrainian idea of bringing together Eastern European arms suppliers to formulate proposals on how to stem the illicit flow of arms into Angola.

  • Call for sanctions on nations that trade in oil and diamonds with UNITA

  • Prevent Bulgaria from joining NATO and the European Union.

  • Prevent Togo leader Gnassingbe Eyadema from taking up the Chairmanship of the Organization of African Unity in June of this year.

  • Call for INTERPOL to track and arrest UNITA leaders and various arms and diamond dealers who trade with UNITA. These include Marcelo Moises Dachala and Ambassador Karriça. “This action should be accompanied by the maximum possible publicity, and Karriça’s apprehension should be a top international law enforcement priority,” according to the U.N. report.

  • An hoc committee should be established consisting of oil industry and government representatives to create a database with details of fuel sales to UNITA. A DNA-type analysis should be conducted of fuel samples obtained from petroleum industry suppliers in the SADC region and a database created to help evaluate fuel obtained or captured from UNITA to find its origin.

As for those nations who traffic in UNITA-mined diamonds, the report states:

  • In cases where the legal origin of rough diamonds cannot be established, the diamonds should be forfeited. Forfeiture penalties should include any collateral assets associated with the suspect diamonds.

  • Traders and other individuals or companies found to be breaking the sanctions should lose their registration, be placed on an industry blacklist and barred from any involvement in the diamond industry worldwide, and be made subject to criminal sanctions in Member States.

  • Dealing in undeclared rough diamonds should be declared a criminal offence in countries hosting important diamond marketing centers.

  • Spot checks should also be made in India, Israel, Britain and the United States.

Make no mistake; the Security Council of the United Nations is by no means unbiased. Russia spent billions in manpower and arms fighting UNITA during the Cold War. Communist China is arming and courting all of the Marxist Southern African states in its growing orbit. Great Britain is the home of Executive Outcomes and oil giants who covet Angola’s offshore oil wealth. The Clinton Administration has assisted Marxist regimes from Haiti to North Korea to South Africa during its tenure in office and loathes anti-Marxist, right wing Christians like Jonas Savimbi. France is a major Western ally of the Islamic states in the Middle East and North Africa, most of whom would like to see UNITA crushed into the dust.

Executive Outcomes logo. Mercenaries from Executive Outcomes have fought in Angola, Papua New Guinea and in Sierra Leone for huge profits in diamond, gold, mineral and oil rights.

Summing up the sheer gall articulated by the words of recent and present Communist states like Russia and China vis-a-vis U.N. Resolution 1295 is no easy task. However, Russian Federation ambassador Sergey Lavrov has said, “The protracted armed conflict in Angola was of most serious concern. As a member of the three observer States for implementation of the peace process, Russia has confirmed its position that the entire responsibility of the continued conflict lay with UNITA, headed by Jonas Savimbi.”

“It is Savimbi who is refusing to comply with the terms of the Lusaka Agreement and the demands of Security Council resolutions. Thus, there is a need to further strengthen the pressure on UNITA’s political leadership, primarily to halt the fighting and get back on track towards a political settlement.”

Lavrov sympathized with the position of the Angolan [Marxist MPLA]leadership, and today welcomed that country’s Foreign Minister to the Council Chamber. He said that given Mr. Savimbi’s record of broken promises, he could have no political future. Mr. Savimbi and his entourage had shown their indifference to the fate of their people in their drive to satisfy their uncontrollable thirst for power. The victims of that quest had often been helping the country under the United Nations flag. Citizens had been held prisoner, including a citizen of the Russian Federation who had died. The UNITA had shown outright contempt for the will of the international community, through its carefully premeditated policy of evading the Council’s sanctions, designed to deprive UNITA’s military machinery. It was therefore of paramount importance to strengthen effective control over the current sanctions regime.

How UNITA got its groove back.

In the wake of the entire world ganging up on UNITA, one may wonder just how the movement survives and even advances against the aforementioned plethora of foes.

First, UNITA buys arms and pays for them in rough diamonds. Brokers of the diamond deals arrange for arms transfers, training, maintenance and spare parts.

Anti-communist DeBeers moles like sight holder Joe De Decker have also assisted UNITA in its diamond deals. Between 1994 and October of 1999, Zairean arms dealer Imad Kabir was another top diamonds-for-weapons dealer. A man named Jacques “Kiki” Lemaire, working together with Manuel Roque, flew arms and diamonds in and out of UNITA held territory during this time period.

The anti-communists in Rwanda and Zambia have also played a role is arming UNITA and providing a conduit for Savimbi to smuggle diamonds out of Angola. South Africa, Johannes Parfirio Parreira’s air cargo company Northern Namibian Distributors and his air charter group Interstate airways supplied military and mining equipment.

Then there are air freight companies like Air Cess and Air Pass, operating under the watchful eye of the courageous Victor Bout, based in the United Arab Emirates.

East-West Metals Ltd, a Ukrainian company has sold IGLA (SA-16) surface-to- air missiles to help UNITA shoot down U.N. aircraft.

An American company called Milteks also sent UNITA ammunition via Bulgaria.

Training on the SA-6 anti-aircraft battery was provided for UNITA soldiers in Bulgaria.

Artillery, mines, APC’s, AK-47’s, M-16’s, anit-tank weapons, stinger missiles and other weapons of war were also procured by UNITA. These and other weapons have also been shared by UNITA with freedom fighters in Burma, (the Karen) and in Laos, (the Hmong) as well as with Kurds in Turkey and Northern Iraq.

South African missionary Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship meets with Christian freedom fighters in South Sudan. Over 1.7 million black Christians in Sudan have been crucified, starved, murdered or sold into slavery by the Islamic jihad in that nation since 1992.

Petroleum reserves have been made available to UNITA from and inside of nations like Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Togo, Burkina Faso and Gabon.

UNITA gains diamonds through the taxing of diamond diggers, mining its own diamonds and through granting licenses to diamond buyers to operate within its areas of control. South African Piet Hand has helped, according to the U.N, UNITA to move its diamonds out of Africa and into Belgium, which is a transit point for some 80 percent of the world’s rough diamonds. Other facilitators of the UNITA diamond trade are “Johnny” Seber, David Zollman, Imad Kabir (Emad Bakir) and Jacobus Witteveen — the owner of the Antwerp, Belgium diamond company “Afridiam.”

UNITA avoids commercial banking channels like the plague. Savimbi recently gave US$ 5 million in cash to President Eyadema of Togo to look after. The President of Cote d’lvoire, Henry Konan Bedié also received a bundle of cash from UNITA.

This is what the U.S. taxpayer is funding: the U.N., DeBeers and Clinton-sponsored destruction of UNITA, a long-time U.S. ally, Christian and pro-West rebel group and the last anti-Communist movement in the Southern Hemisphere. UNITA of course is resisting surrendering its diamond and gold mines to U.S. and UK transnational corporations.

What can freedom-loving Americans do to help American allies like UNITA, the South Sudanese, Karen, Hmong, Zulus and Afrikaners to survive the ongoing genocide being waged against them in their respective countries?

The answers are simple.

First, contact your legislators. Tell them you are unhappy with the Bush-Clinton legacy of betraying America’s toughest allies. Circulate this article to everyone you know.

Second, ask that George Bush Jr. speak about these issues at the upcoming Republican Convention.

Third, boycott Shell, Texaco, Chevron and DeBeers for arming the MPLA and Executive Outcomes against UNITA. Fourth, recognize the United Nations Army for what it is, a purveyor of AIDS (Cambodia) pedophilia (Mozambique and Cambodia) and racism (Canadian troops roasting Somalis alive) spanning the globe. In 1994 Switzerland held a national referendum in which its citizens voted to never again send Swiss troops into the U.N. Army.

Finally, inculcate it into your mind that it is time to get the U.S. out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S.

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