After dominating the
charts for 46 weeks of being voted by readers as “the world’s most popular” website, is now receiving confirmation of its unprecedented popularity in hard numbers from a top Internet research firm.

For the month of April, has been ranked by PCDataOnline as the #1 “stickiest” news site on the entire World Wide Web.

Stickiness, the industry term for the length of time readers stay on a particular website, is considered one of the most important measures of quality content. It equates to “a website’s ability to attract engaged, repeat visitors who spend more and more of their time on a given site,” according to the Wall Street Journal’s Interactive Edition. It is also important to advertisers, because, as the Wall Street Journal puts it cryptically, “the longer they stay, the more they will pay.” was ranked by PCDataOnline as the stickiest news site at an incredible 3 hours 13 minutes cumulative average per “unique user,” or different person, who visited the site during the month of April.

In contrast, news giants like (ranked #8 for stickiness) and (#9) were rated at just under 45 minutes, the Wall Street Journal (#48) at about 14 minutes, and (#52) at under 13 minutes.

Since last fall, WND has consistently been ranked as one of the world’s stickiest news sites, sometimes as #1.

“We’ve always enjoyed intense reader loyalty,” says WorldNetDaily’s founder and CEO Joseph Farah, “which we appreciate tremendously. The consistent Global 100 top rankings have been one measure of that loyalty. But it is really great to have an industry giant like PCDataOnline arrive at the same conclusion by scientific monitoring of online traffic.”

  • According to Wired News, “Stickiness refers to a company’s ability to retain users and drive them further into a site.”

  • Yahoo! says, “When the user only received output, the site was not sticky. The key lies in personalizing content and creating a community.”

  • The Washington Business Journal explains stickiness this way: “In today’s economy, if something isn’t fun, people don’t stick with it long. Sites that provide enjoyment and satisfy customers’ needs have that important ‘stickiness’ that is important to maintain customer loyalty.”

A leading Internet research firm, PCDataOnline surveys online habits from a panel of over 105,000 real-time home users of the Internet — the largest domestic home panel of any Internet measurement firm.

The other key measures of Internet traffic are page views and “unique users.” WND’s unique users — the number of different people that visit a website in the monitoring period — has risen dramatically from 180,000 in January to 272,000 last month.

As for page views, they have more than doubled in the same time frame: From 6,210,000 page views in January to 12,557,000 in April.

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