Despite a report in the New York Post that Paula Jones is considering posing for Penthouse magazine – the very publication that published unauthorized photos of her in 1994 – the woman whose sexual harassment lawsuit resulted in the impeachment of the president says don’t hold your breath.

Jones said unequivocally on Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes” program Tuesday night that she would not be posing.

“I will never pose nude for any men’s magazine,” she said.

The New York Post report, centering on comments by Jones’ agent, was picked up by many broadcast outlets and linked to the news that Darva Conger, the game-show bride who rejected her instant husband and their bizarre marriage in a bid to restore her “privacy,” has bared all for an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine.

Jones’ unauthorized photos – taken by a former boyfriend, appeared in Penthouse in 1994.

Jones’ agent, David Schmidt, was quoted by other news services – including ABC News – as saying that he was negotiating several projects, and that, if she does appear nude, it will be “artistic.”

“I’ve negotiated many of these contracts over the years,” Schmidt says. “We never disclose what the amounts are because we are bound by confidentiality clauses within the language of the agreements.”

Conger married 42-year-old Rick Rockwell in front of 22 million television viewers tuned into “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire,” a ratings sensation for the Fox network. Later Conger decided she wanted nothing to do with him on their honeymoon cruise.

Conger, who was fired from her job as an emergency room nurse because of the flap surrounding “Multimillionaire,” was granted an annulment from Rockwell by a Las Vegas judge in April.

Jones alleges that President Clinton, while governor of Arkansas, had state troopers bring her to his Little Rock hotel room, where she says he exposed himself and made an inappropriate sexual advance. She sued for sexual harassment. The case was dismissed, but Jones announced her intention to appeal, and Clinton ended up paying $850,000 to settle the case.

James Carville, Clinton’s former campaign manager, led a public campaign to paint Jones as “trailer park trash” and an “opportunist.” Jones supporters maintained that this was a classic case of blaming the victim in a sex crime.

It was Clinton’s false deposition in the Jones case that led to his impeachment in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

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