On Wednesday night, the Democratic Party, in what was called a salute
to President Clinton, raised an astounding $26 million — reportedly a
record-breaking fund-raiser. However, it was not the huge amounts of
money flying around Washington’s MCI Center that caught my attention.
Instead, it was the startlingly obscene and blasphemous language of
actor Robin Williams, who appeared at the event.

Internet correspondent Matt Drudge reported that at least one senior
White House adviser was surprised when Williams enacted his foul

“With the president and the vice president applauding, actor Robin
Williams unloaded a monologue that featured the words ‘s—,’ ‘b—-‘
and ‘f—,’ among others,” Drudge reported.

Remember, this was all done in a tribute to Mr. Clinton!

You may recall that, during Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign
kickoff, Democrats were again embarrassed when Billy Joel’s song,
“Captain Jack,” which refers to drug abuse and masturbation, was blasted
through loudspeakers at the event.

DNC leaders, one would think, would be getting used to these
offensive outbreaks by now.

Even more amazing, Mr. Williams later noticed a child in the audience
and stated, “Whoa, there’s a child in the front row; he’s learning new

If the Clintons and the Gores are truly concerned about “family
values” — as they purport themselves to be — you would think that one
of them would have stepped forward and asked Mr. Williams to halt his
offensive dialogue, especially in the presence of a child.

But they didn’t. The embrace of moral ambiguity, you see, means that
one rarely takes a morally defined stand.

I checked the wire reports today and none were covering the outbreak
of the bad language at the Democratic event, mentioning only the
record-breaking accumulation of funds. I wonder if the same could be
said if the Republicans had featured such contemptible language.

I’m not so naïve to believe that this type of language doesn’t go on
behind the closed doors of both parties but, when it is accepted,
acknowledged and excused — in the presence of children! — it is an
indictment of the principles of those who smile and clap and nod … and
then later carry their big bibles to church and speak of God’s

That is moral corruption incarnate.

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