Over the last several years, Judicial Watch has brought over 60
lawsuits against a corrupt and unrepentant Clinton-Gore administration
— frankly a small number given the widespread criminality rampant in
the Executive Branch. Only a handful of these cases have landed with
jurists willing to put the law over politics. One of these judges is
the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth of the U.S. District Court for the
District of Columbia.

This phenomenon has resulted because, unfortunately, in our federal
system, judges are generally chosen much like ambassadors are appointed
— through political patronage. It is the president’s prerogative to
choose judges and, because of this, what we get with unfortunate
frequency on the bench are fund-raisers or other well-connected
individuals who have curried favor or “bought” their way into the
judicial system. It is indeed a rare occurrence that a fine and
distinguished judge such as Royce Lamberth deservingly finds his way
onto the bench, through this flawed procedure, to emerge as a judicial

Judge Lamberth has been at the forefront of so many strong rulings
concerning illegality by the Clintons and Al Gore — from the Hillary
Clinton Health-Care Task Force to Chinagate and Filegate-related cases —
not because these proceedings were secretly assigned to him as
improperly occurred with some Clinton-appointed judges in the Chinagate
scandal. Indeed, because of the sheer number of Clinton-Gore scandals,
it is no wonder that several of these cases were randomly assigned to
him. With few exceptions, only Judge Lamberth has had the courage and
guts to make rulings that redress their lawlessness. Certainly, other
jurists, both Democrat- and Republican-appointed, have had cases
assigned to them as well, but most have cowered from their duty and let
the guilty off the hook. Why is this?

The answer lies in the fact that most judges are political animals,
being either staunch Democrats or Republicans. Indeed, this is how they
got their job. In order to rise to a higher level and, perhaps, be
appointed to the appellate or Supreme Court (other high-ranking
positions in government are also frequently filled by ex-judges), they
must not ruffle the feathers of politicians of either major political
party lest their appointment to high office be blocked.

The politicization of the judiciary has been evident for many years.
However, never before have the American people had to count on the
courts to redress such widespread corruption in government.

Its deficiencies are therefore now more obvious.

Recently, Judge Lamberth made one of his most courageous rulings to
date. Last March, he found, in the context of Judicial Watch’s
$90-million class action Filegate lawsuit, that President Bill Clinton
had committed a criminal violation of the Privacy Act — a law that
protects innocent Americans from being smeared with information in
government files — when he released protected confidential information
from Kathleen Willey’s White House government file. Ms. Willey, as you
will remember, was one of the women who were sexually harassed by Mr.
Clinton; to destroy her credibility during the Lewinsky scandal, the
President, Mrs. Clinton, and their advisors — such as James Carville,
Sidney Blumenthal, Bruce Lindsey, Charles Ruff, Cheryl Mills and others
inside and outside of The White House — had to depict her as dishonest.
The letters which the President, Mrs. Clinton and their advisors
released illegally did just this, however unfairly.

Predictably, within hours of Judge Lamberth issuing his decision, the
Clinton-Gore smear machine — which has destroyed so many perceived
adversaries and critics over the years — went into action. The first
line of attack was the elite leftist media, where pundits and
journalists in pro-Clinton-Gore friendly newspapers took shots at the
judge. Next, it was leaked by Democrat Senators on Capitol Hill,
undoubtedly at the urging and direction of the Clinton-Gore White House,
that Judge Lamberth could never expect to clear the congressional
confirmation process, should he ever be nominated to a higher court
post. If this was not enough, during Judicial Watch depositions in the
Filegate case, private investigators hired by the Clintons — through
their law firms Williams and Connolly and Skadden, Arps — refused to
answer questions about whether they were investigating judges —
creating an inference they were looking into Judge Lamberth’s past in
order to try to intimidate him from making rulings adverse to the
Clintons and Al Gore.

Notice was therefore served that if Judge Lamberth continued to rule
against the president, Mrs. Clinton and Al Gore, his future advancement
was in doubt. This obvious coercion, while illegal, is what this
administration has perfected. It is why a “reign of terror” exists in
Washington today. It is why the opposition Republican Party has been
castrated and rendered impotent as eunuchs.

While Judicial Watch has asked FBI Director Louis Freeh to
investigate this attempted judge-tampering by the Clinton-Gore White
House — and he has promised to do so in a personal letter which I
received in the last few weeks — the “hazing” of Judge Lamberth
continues unabated.

In a bogus and premature “appeal” of Judge Lamberth’s finding that
the president had violated Ms. Willey’s privacy rights — through a writ
of mandamus procedure — the Clinton-Gore Justice Department mocked and
ridiculed this fine jurist in court pleadings. Asking the appellate
court to set aside Judge Lamberth’s ruling even before the end of the
case — which is when appeals are supposed to be heard — the president
asked the higher judicial body to do him a favor and reverse the lower
court’s decision now. The motive was obviously to protect the Senate
race of Hillary Clinton — who participated in the crime committed by
the president.

When the “appeal” was argued in court last week, two liberal
pro-Clinton judges on the three-judge panel continued the personal
attack. While effectively admitting that the attempted appeal was
premature, procedurally flawed, and thus frivolous, these two judges
questioned, in mocking language, how any decision by Judge Lamberth
could be respected. One of the appellate judges, who was appointed by
Democrat President Jimmy Carter, went so far as to say, while himself
incredibly laughing from the bench:


To be very candid, I think any White House, no matter who
is in it, would laugh at the suggestion Judge Lamberth is your guiding

Yesterday, this liberal appeals court panel, which included a Clinton
appointee who refused to recuse himself, predictably was forced to
affirm Judge Lamberth’s decision but, again, could not resist taking
more shots at him. In largely unnecessary language of their own, they


We view the District Court’s discussion of the
crime-fraud exception [i.e., finding that Bill Clinton had committed a
crime] as unnecessary to his decision. Indeed, it was inappropriate for
the District Court gratuitously to invoke sweeping pronouncements on
alleged criminal activity that extended well beyond what was necessary
to decide the matters at hand.

Not only was this behavior transparent — to embarrass Judge Lamberth
in front of a packed courtroom of over 200 reporters and then in a
written opinion — but perhaps was also done in order to put a chilling
effect on Lamberth’s willingness to continue to make strong rulings
against the most corrupt administration in American history. You see,
judges of a feather — largely liberal Democrats in this instance —
flock together, lest they forfeit their ability to curry favor in
influential political circles that can advance, or destroy, their

Fortunately for the American people, Judge Lamberth — who has not
always ruled for Judicial Watch and its clients and owes us no favors —
is not the type of person to be influenced by such crass tactics and
intimidation. It is only sad that judges such as Lamberth, with his
class, intellect, dedication and distinction, are so rare on the federal

Whatever ultimately happens in the Judicial Watch cases randomly
assigned to him, this public-interest government watchdog salutes Judge
Lamberth this Memorial Day. He is a veteran of the fight against
government corruption and he has been unfairly wounded in battle.

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