“Sex and perjury were the wrong impeachment offenses. It should
have been on his treachery and failure to live up to his oath of

— U.S. Army Gen. Albion Knight, Jr. (Ret.)

In an era of declining military morale, controversial deployments,
questionable readiness and a commander in chief plagued by continual
scandal, U.S. Army Gen. Albion Knight — proclaiming a worldview shared
by many in his generation — claims to see a way out.

Knight is not evasive and pulls no punches in his lively analysis of
what is wrong with America and how to fix it.

Having graduated from West Point in 1945, Knight served as a
commissioned officer in Japan, and later as a top U.S. commander in
Vietnam and with NATO. Upon his retirement from the military, Knight
served through several administrations in nuclear security.

U.S. Army Brigadier Gen. Albion Knight, Jr. (Ret.)

In 1992, the general ran for vice president, along with Howard Phillips,
on the U.S. Taxpayers Party ticket. He has also been an ordained
clergyman since 1954.

Recently, WorldNetDaily had an in-depth interview with the retired
Army general.

“After World War II, the top U.S. military leaders taught me to look
at the world from a strategic viewpoint — something that too few
leaders have a chance to do. I saw first-hand the magnificent work of
Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Japan,” said Knight.

“After returning to the U.S. in 1947, the Army sent me to the
University of Illinois for two years to earn a masters degree in
electrical engineering — plus gain a wonderful wife. In 1950, I
reported to Albuquerque, N.M., and began my first of five tours of duty
in the nuclear weapons field. I took part in the Army’s excellent
educational system at every level.”

Between 1959 and 1970, Knight served two challenging tours on the
Army staff, a year with the Atomic Energy Commission and a year in the
back-office of Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird. Later, Knight served
as a professional staff member of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
of the Congress.

“I resigned my position at the Department of Energy in protest over
the Carter administration’s disarmament desires. We lost the war in
Vietnam for one simple reason: The U.S. government did not want to win
the war. Carter’s policies were a continuation of that policy of
defeat, retreat and surrender vis-a-vis the betrayal of Iran, Nicaragua,
Rhodesia, Afghanistan and the near betrayal of South Korea.

“But in 1980, President Ronald Reagan began his great work to restore
America’s pride and military.”

Knight said that Reagan succeeded by harnessing his vast
communications skills honed by years of acting in Hollywood.

Knight wrote a paper on “How to restore U.S. national security
in 1000 days” for the incoming Reagan administration.
“Reagan’s message was this: ‘I am proud to be an American. I will
fulfill my oath of office to keep our people safe from all dangers,
foreign and domestic.’ He understood America’s vital role in being a
source of freedom in a very dangerous world and that, to remain free, we
had to be strong. He also had the ability to speak the truth in a
believable, simple and direct way. Americans trusted him.”

During the early years of the Clinton administration, Knight was
involved in a unique project. With the help of some colleagues,
he drafted a list of goals that would be the framework of a Marxist
president if one were to be elected to lead the United States.

“We concluded that a Marxist and / or communist president, if he ever
came to power, would focus on the transfer of national sovereignty at
every opportunity to international organizations. He or she would also
weaken the armed forces physically, mentally and spiritually. The
‘dumbing down’ of our public school educational system would also

“Furthermore, we decided that a Marxist president would assist all or
most of America’s enemies — Russia, China, Cuba, radical Islam, North
Korea and others. He would disregard the Constitution at every
opportunity and rule by decree, meaning executive orders would earmark
such an administration. Bogus arms control agreements, buying-off or
intimidating Congress by stealing the FBI files of its members,
controlling the media and trying to stop all alternative media would
also be major goals.”

In addressing the two terms in office of President Bill Clinton, Gen.
Knight is resolute.

“What has Clinton done in this regard? He has hit every one of the
above actions and more. I have a file over six inches thick with
articles describing these actions. The salami slices add-up to a
message of treason. Sex and perjury were the wrong impeachment
offenses. It should have been on his treachery and failure to live up
to his oath-of-office.

“Clinton has helped Marxists and terrorists and their ‘world
revolution’ at every opportunity. Cultural Marxism is also a key
Clinton goal. He has been giving us a bad example that it is all right
to lie, cheat, steal, threaten and even rape women if it is done in high
office. There is a steady movement toward a Gestapo-like control over
the people. There is today in the U.S. a total lack of any sense of
nation and its protection as required by his oath-of-office.
Furthermore, Clinton has been selling and giving our nuclear and other
high technology secrets to communist China and giving Russia the money
to re-arm at U.S. taxpayers’ expense.”

The Russia and China alliance
Speaking on U.S. relations in the 1990s and at the turn of the
millennium, Knight says, “China and Russia have threatened to nuke us.
Why are Americans unconcerned? I believe it is because so many of our
people don’t know and many don’t want to know. The government does not
want them to know because, by and large, the present government fears
and distrusts the people. The government-controlled media and the
transnational banks don’t want Americans to know. But, our people must
know if we are to survive as a free nation.”

“We must tell Russia and China that we intend to stay alive and to be
strong. Next, we should remind them that the motto on the old War of
Independence rattlesnake flag is still true: ‘Don’t Tread on Me!’
There are consequences to their threats. Yet, as Ronald Reagan did, we
must tell the world the truth — China and Russia are still the ‘evil
empire.’ It must be articulated over and over again.”

Knight went on to add that America should terminate all foreign aid
to Russia and China, via the World Bank, the IMF and direct loans,
re-take the Panama Canal, deploy a missile defense shield, control U.S.
borders, slap a tariff on Chinese-made goods and publish intelligence
information on Russian and Chinese duplicity.

“In the 1990s, first George Bush and then Bill Clinton proclaimed
that the Cold War was over and that America won it. Communism was dead
and our former enemies no longer threaten us and have become our
friends. Therefore, we can safely reap a huge ‘peace dividend’ from our
bloated military structure that was no longer needed. It seems clear
that these rosy assessments were premature. Thus, it is time for a

“Americans like to work in conditions of stability where we can best
use our talents for organization and planning. The long Cold War gave
us that stability. We thought we had reached an understanding with the
Soviet Union that we would not blow each other off the map. We thought
that we had a new strategic partner in communist China. Our business
and financial communities saw huge opportunity for trade with Russia and
China. They were encouraged to do this by a socialist federal
government on the basis that it would help other Marxists, add to its
political coffers, help world brotherhood, bring about a global economic
system and ensure lasting peace.”

Knight believes the ideals of the post-Cold War world are something
akin to a “false utopia,” especially regarding the Bush and Clinton-era
policies toward Russia and China.

“The New World Order is a utopia. And utopias throughout history
tend to end badly. The world is far more unstable today than during the
Cold War. The world scene is dynamic, not static. Plans based upon
conditions of three to five years ago no longer match what we see around
us. The Army War College has come up with an acronym to describe
present world conditions. It is VUCA. Volatility. Uncertainty.
Complexity. Ambiguity. That is a description which more accurately
describes the world around us than the Cold War.”

Russia and China are not America’s “strategic partners,” he

“Both the Russians and the Chinese tell us openly they are our
enemies. We ought to believe them. Communist China openly threatens to
‘nuke’ our cities, has gained control over our security and trade
lifeline via the Panama Canal, steals our scientific secrets, buys our
government including the U.S. Congress and owns a large chunk of our
debt — all while adding to their ability to harm us.”

“With former KGB head and new president, Vladimir Putin — a strong,
younger man the likes of whom the Russians haven’t seen in charge for
many decades — we see more clearly that the KGB has been in control
behind the scenes all along. Now that they apparently realize they have
squeezed about as much money from the West as they are going to get,
they have let us know what they have been doing all along. They are
continuing to develop and deploy new strategic and tactical nuclear
weapons and are practicing war games over NATO airspace. Additionally,
they have been continuing a massive biological warfare program, passing
some of their technology and weapons to other enemies of America. They
have also restored their strategic alliance with communist China.”

Knight said that although the Russian army is a mess, Russia does not
need a large conventional force to “scare the West to death.” Rather,
the Russians, in Knight’s mind, only need a modern, effective nuclear
and biological weapon capability.

“Yes, much of the Russian navy is tied-up at docks as rusting hulks.
But, there is a very modern part of their submarine fleet which is fully
capable of putting the nuclear fear into our so-called decision-makers,”
said Knight.

“The cold, hard and brutal fact is that our enemy situation is grim.
The Middle East could explode. Radical Islam continues to grow in
strength and hatred towards the U.S. The Clintons’ enthusiasm in
setting-up abortion clinics in Islamic countries via the United Nations
Population Control Program is not helping matters any. The drug war
continues to weaken our nations — even while our banks launder
trillions in drug money.

“Russia’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are newer and
better than our own. They are still able to hold us under strategic
blackmail. But our government refuses to tell us about that. They,
instead, proclaim our dangers come mostly from a few so-called rogue
nations. They are either blind or they lie. Our armed forces have been
cut in more than half, are wearing-out fast and are running out of spare
parts and, yet, this interventionist administration keeps sending the
troops out to places they ought not to be. The result is that the
American youth are refusing to enter the armed forces. Do you smell a
draft to allow us to continue playing “globocop”?

Knight also laments several other factors that he feels are
preventing America from righting the ship.

“We have the most venal, avaricious government in the history of our
nation. Our business community no longer considers itself to be
American but, rather, global.”

A “lack of military leadership” at the top of the U.S. armed forces
command structure is another problem, he says.

“America’s military leadership increasingly shows it lacks integrity,
moral courage, wisdom and foresight. For example, the devastating
effect of women in combat positions and aboard ships is becoming more
apparent each day. Yet, no active duty military leader is telling the
Clinton office-holders the truth that our military is being ruined. We
have lost our fighting-edge while acting as so-called ‘peacekeepers.’
It is high-time for America’s military to regroup, restore, reform and
return to protecting our nation’s vital interests in this ever more
dangerous world.”

Speaking about the 20th century allies of the U.S. and Great Britain,
Knight said, “The Afrikaners, Rhodesians, South Koreans, Karen of Burma,
Hmong of Laos, Cossacks and Kurds all fought on our side at one time or
another. I’m talking about World War I, World War II, the Korean War,
Vietnam, Afghanistan, Central America and Desert Storm. The U.S. has
betrayed or is presently betraying all of them. The rugged Afrikaners,
Israelis and South Koreans have survived an onslaught of communism and
Islamic jihad in their respective countries. America can’t afford to
betray her allies any longer.”

Turning America around
Gen. Albion Knight believes America and the West can recover from its
present lapse in character, military strength and morality if
“courageous, principled leaders willing to tell the truth” can reclaim
positions of power within America’s culture and government.

“Both Reagan and Thatcher turned around the U.S. and the UK in the
early 1980s. With the support of the American people, the “turn around”
is practical and can be done — but not without fierce opposition from
powerful directions.

“Most actions are policy-related and not those requiring expenditure
of a lot of money. In national security, those policy changes are based
upon a firm commitment by the president to do everything possible to
preserve and protect the United States as a free, independent and
sovereign nation — and that commitment extends over any other
international commitment,” said Knight.

“For the nation as a whole, we need to get the Big Nanny government
off the back of the American people and out of our pocket. Our future
presidents must show a willingness to live within the Constitution of
the United States and the Congress will need the courage to fire him if
he doesn’t. Also, the president must understand he is obligated to God
and not merely to man in regard to performing his duties.”

Regarding the culture and youth of our nation, Knight sees the
possibility of a new dawn and reawakening of traditional American

“We need a God-believing, committed and aware remnant. Our Founding
Fathers led only a minority of Americans to gain our freedoms against
almost impossible odds. The Holy Bible is filled with examples of what
God can do with a faithful remnant. But, do we have such a remnant in
America? I am convinced that we do. Our Clinton-led government wants
us to forget God. We cannot let that happen. We have a lot of the
American people who will not let that happen — in spite of the courts,
in spite of academia, in spite of some of the liberal churches and in
spite of the entertainment world,” said Knight.

“So, the controlled media will not let the people know the facts? We
now have the alternate media — which is growing by leaps and bounds —
bringing the unfiltered truth, mostly through the Internet.

“Public education is dying and getting worse daily. But the home
school movement is training leaders of tomorrow. Higher education?
Yes, they are loaded with more Marxists than exist in Russia. But, they
are pricing themselves out of the market. Many private schools are
showing the way back to literacy — which the teachers unions prevent in
the public school system.

“So the mainline churches are dying? Let them die. But there are
now millions of people in the land that are learning what the Word of
God is telling them and are gaining strength, quietly, every day.
Bible-teaching churches are growing. Bible study groups expand weekly.
This is releasing steady spiritual power of discernment and strength to
the remnant of the American people.”

In speaking about this remnant, Knight says, “Those of the American
remnant have no voice. They have little money. They have heart, mind
and soul. They have growing anger. I am speaking of 10 percent of the
population. But we must remember that there was only a minority who
supported and fought the American War of Independence — about one
third. But, they had the benefit of the intellectual elite on their

“The bottom-line of all of this is that there are a lot of potential
fighters out there,” he said.” But, there is no public voice strong
enough or wise enough or astute enough from a public relations point of
view to raise the standard sufficiently high enough for others to see
and follow. The conservative movement is still caught-up in its old way
of doing things. It is hard for them to break out of the mold.

“God can use a few strong men and women who know who they are, whose
they are, and what they ought to do. We must be prepared in case God
finds use for us in His plan. So I am by no means throwing in the

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