This week, we look at free online help for golfers and guitarists, a
great site for fans of classic westerns, and advice on how to use the
computer to organize your photos.

What’s for dinner? If that’s a question you ask frequently, Recipe-a-Day will provide the answer.
It serves up daily recipes, as well as a cookbook in which to keep them. You
can have the recipes e-mailed to you each day or just check the archive. The
site also is a good place to learn kitchen basics — understanding terms,
cooking tips, conversions and so forth. If you’re looking for a particular
recipe, there’s a search function.

Getting to first base. The question last week at Baseball Trivia Quiz
was: What are the six ways a batter can reach first base? They e-mail the
question of the week out each Sunday to subscribers, but if you don’t care
about being the first to answer correctly, you can just access the current
. Or if you enjoy baseball trivia in general, try the archive.
There’s also a note on what happened on this date in
baseball history.

Say cheese. Are you still storing your photos in old shoeboxes?
You realize you should organize them on your computer, but you’re fuzzy
about the details. Everything you need to know is at Technoco

What’s happening? If you’d like to know the events and festivals
taking place around the country and the world this summer — from Stilton
cheese-rolling to jazz fests — is the place to find out. It
keeps track of events in six categories — arts, kids, motor, music, sports
and culture — and also lets you search for a type of festival or location.

Fore! Clickable categories and a golf search engine distinguish Golf You’ll find tips and
instruction, a beginner’s corner, equipment, golf courses, PGA tournament
schedule, and leader boards for the PGA, Senior PGA, LPGA and European

Seeing is NOT believing. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that
fact, and there’s no better place to drive home the lesson in a fun way than
Optical Illusions. You’ll
be able to test yourself on 10 of the best illusions.

Where are other surfers going? Because so many of us travel and
want to keep our bookmarks, or favorites, in a central site online, lots of
sites have sprung up to do just that. We’ve mentioned several in this
column, but what sets apart Blink is that
you can search through “preferred bookmarks” to see what others think are
the best sites to find certain info.

Guitar central. Whether you want to improve your guitar skills by
watching free online videos or learning from columnists, or you just want to
read about cool professional guitarists, is the place to be. It currently
offers a video guitar lesson with Nigel Pulsford of Bush and a scale

Free tips. Not the monetary kind, but advice on whatever topics
you’re interested in. Five days a week, will deliver free info to your
e-mail inbox on a variety of subjects: hobbies (including billiards, sewing
and woodworking), stocks, career, comics and puzzles, home repair,
gardening, health, computers, Palm Pilot, travel and more. It’s also
available in Spanish.

Stars of the silver screen. If you were a fan of those B-grade B&W
westerns of yore, is the
place for you. It offers almost 100 classic films you can watch online,
songs from the movies, all about the stars, trivia and everything else to
bring back fond memories of “misspent” Saturday mornings at the movie

Cars for everyone. As long as we’re on the nostalgia kick,
remember woodies and all the other classic station wagons? The Online Home
of the Station Wagon has them all —
in a gallery, facts and trivia, wagon-mobilia, as well as books and
references. Do you know which station wagon was the first to have a
roll-down back window? And why a 1969 Dodge Cornet 500 wagon is the rarest
station wagon in existence? Station is the place for the answers.

The Corvette Forum features
discussions, free home pages, tech tips, product reviews, free classified
ads to sell your Vette (or parts) and polls. (How many tickets have you
gotten in your Corvette in the past three years?)

Cars From Italy is for owners of
Fiats, Alfa Romeos and Lancias. It provides history, technical info, tuning,
maintenance and owner comments for various models. Like the Corvette site,
it’s a good place for wannabe owners to drool.

Do the Dew. A kinda cute spot — nothing fancy — about William H.
Jones, the inventor of Mountain Dew soft drink, by
his grandson.

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