A Washington Times article recently reported the increasing amount of
violence in the African country of Zimbabwe. It states, “The violence in
Zimbabwe is spreading from farm seizures to attacks on opposition-party
supporters, with evidence of coordination and support from the central
government of President Robert Mugabe, who must face elections this

“The situation is exceeding serious. Anyone’s notion that there can
be free and fair elections is a joke,” said Tony Reeler, clinical
director at Amani Trust, an organization providing medical and legal
help to those under attack. “This is … organized violence, strategic
violence being organized with the complicity and active participation of
the state.”

Since the Marxist thug, Robert Mugabe, took power, whites throughout
Zimbabwe have been subjected to beatings, rape and murder. After the
white women are raped and the white men are killed, Mugabe’s gangsters
seize their property. There is no legal recourse available to the
victims as the government is sponsoring this terrorism. Add Zimbabwe to
the growing list of African atrocities being ignored by both the media
and the government in the United States.

In Sudan, the ruthless Muslim government in Khartoum has victimized
over 2 million black people. Men have been tortured, mutilated, even
crucified. Women and children have been brutalized and sold into
slavery. Yet, this is barely mentioned by America’s propaganda press.

Another under-reported story by the American media is the
ever-growing rate of violence in South Africa since Marxism came into
power. The raping of white women in this African nation is now epidemic.
Violence of every sort is skyrocketing. Adding to Africa’s woes is the
fact that another behaviorally spread monster is ravaging the land. The
AIDS virus is now at plague status. The numbers of dead and dying are
incalculable. It won’t be long and the Dark Continent will be little
more than a giant wasteland.

Every person of African descent living in the United States should
fall on their knees and thank God they live in this wonderful country!
Next, they should ask God to raise up Christian leaders in Africa that
can lead their people out of this cycle of violence, immorality and
disease. Making America more like Africa is not going to help Americans
or Africans! The principles that elevated America to greatness will do
the same for any other country. Nations that insist on ignoring these
principles are doomed to reap the same bitter consequences, and all the
foreign aid in the world will not prevent it.


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