Bill Clinton says that convincing Congress to ignore the human rights
abuses of the communist Chinese will be the most important
accomplishment of his last year in office. Bill Clinton says that
raising $26.5 million at one fund-raising dinner is consistent with his
“commitment” to campaign finance reform.

Bill Clinton says that government lawyers and judges know what is
best for America’s economy. Bill Clinton has done more damage to
America in one week than any president in recent memory. And he still
has seven and a half months to go.

Bill Clinton will leave a legacy, all right. Unfortunately for the
world, it will be a trail of deceit, corruption and betrayal that are
unprecedented in American political history.

I have tremendous respect for the people of China. However, I don’t
believe for one second that the Chinese communist government will abide
by international trade laws. As a result, I don’t understand how
Republicans and Democrats alike could support a bill that will increase
our trade deficit and ignore the persecution of Christians and those who
believe in democracy. At some point in the future, it will make sense to
bring China into the family of law-abiding countries, but now is not the

The China trade bill is not good for America, despite what large
corporations say. But then what do you expect from an administration
that attacked President Bush for being soft on the Chi Coms and then
allowed them to buy our military secrets? What do you expect of an
administration that said it would be the most ethical administration in
the history of the United States and then set a record for the most
ethical violations in the past century?

Al Gore says that Republicans are for sale. Yet he joined Bill “Panty
Man” Clinton Wednesday, at the biggest influence peddling event in
America’s history. Only a man who is a pathological liar can set a
record for soft money fund raising and say that campaign finance reform
is his chief priority.

Many of us are worried about the impact of unlimited money on our
political system. But we have a problem. It’s called the First
Amendment. It guarantees the rich and the poor alike, unions and many
other groups the right to tell the world what they think. So unless we
want to modify our Constitution, money will always be a significant part
of our political system.

I would like to remind those who think that wealth corrupts that the
record is clear. The candidate with the most money doesn’t always win.
The best candidate may not win, but it’s darn near impossible to buy the
governorship or presidency. Americans are too smart for that.

The government’s handling of the Microsoft case is a clear and
present danger to America’s economic national security. Do you think
that government attorneys and a corpulent federal judge know what is
best for America’s economy? Do you think that they even have a clue how
to make software, how to compete globally for what you and I need and
want? I don’t, but that is just what they are doing, and I am not happy.

First they said that they wanted to break Microsoft up into two equal
companies. Then, after some fresh air, they realized how meaningless
that move would be. Now they want to break Microsoft into three pieces.
As though that would make a difference.

The reality is that whatever the government and the court order, the
only impact will be to damage America’s economy. The reality is that
once Janet “Waco” Reno is out of office, the next attorney general will
drop this case like a hot potato. The government doesn’t have a clue
about competition. The government doesn’t understand the global war for
software dominance. The government doesn’t appreciate the crucial
importance of Microsoft to America’s national security.

What is really going on is that a group of lawyers who will soon be
out of a job are posturing so that they can get lucrative private sector
partnerships when they leave “public service.” That they are destroying
wealth in the process and messing with America’s economy is irrelevant
to these publicity hounds. They have found a way to get daily press and
they are not about to worry about whom they harm in the process.

The Clinton presidency has been an international tragedy of mythical
proportions. We must punish the Republican complicity in this tragedy

Let me be perfectly clear. Anyone who does not vote for George W.
Bush in November will be casting a vote for Al Gore.

If you think Bill Clinton is bad, think again. Gore will be far more
destructive because chubby faced farm girls won’t distract him from his
war on American values.

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