The London Evening Standard reports that Bill Clinton is checking out
a home near Britain’s Oxford University, where he studied in the 1960s
as a Rhodes scholar.

Citing British security sources in a front-page report, the Standard
said that Clinton was eager to settle in the Oxfordshire countryside
after he leaves the White House early next year.

The newspaper said prima donna Hillary Rodham Clinton will not
accompany him to the Oxford area. The prima donna is running for a seat
in the U.S. Senate from the state of New York. The Clintons currently
maintain a residence in Chappaqua, a wealthy suburb north of New York
City, and he is planning to build a presidential library in Little Rock,

Last May, Clinton told Britain’s Times newspaper that he would like
to teach at the elite university and was intrigued by a suggestion that
an Oxford college might find a role for him. He was a Rhodes Scholar at
Oxford in the late 1960s and was presented with an honorary degree by
the university in 1994.

The Standard said that Clinton was house-hunting in the picturesque
village of Glympton, 12 miles north of Oxford. The area was recommended
by the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.
It said that the Prince had purchased 21 properties in Glympton in 1992
and one would be made available to Clinton on a three-year lease. The
Standard said that Thames Valley police officers were preparing security
reports on a number of properties in the Oxford area.

It all sounds perfectly believable, yes? Especially the part about
the Saudi prince. I’ll bet that turns out to be a real sweetheart deal
for Clinton. Wonder what he gave the Saudis in return?

Meanwhile, the report was basically confirmed by the White House.

I know. I know. You’re asking: “What do you mean the report was
confirmed, Farah? The Clinton White House adamantly denied the report in
the London paper.”

That’s right. And that’s further evidence that the paper got it
exactly right.

“Even by the low standards of English tabloids, this story is
complete fiction,” said White House spokesman Jake Siewert. “Aside from
the spelling of the president’s name, nothing in the story is accurate
or true.”

Remember, this White House lies instinctively, reflexively, boldly
and habitually. It lies when there is reason to lie and when there is no
reason to lie.

“I never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

Remember that one? He lies under oath. He lies before the camera. He
lies to the whole nation. He lies to himself. That’s why I say the White
House denial is actually a confirmation of the facts.

You can take this story to the bank. Clinton’s looking to move to

What do you think? Whom do you believe? All things being equal, would
you sooner accept the word of the president of the United States or an
anonymous newspaper reporter in London? For me, it’s no contest. I don’t
know the reporter. I don’t even know the publication. But if Clinton’s
denying the story, I believe it.

Recall also that the Clinton White House has used this “British
tabloid” routine before. Years ago, when Hillary and her pals in the
White House counsel’s office dreamed up the “vast right-wing media
conspiracy,” one of the components of that international plot was the
London Telegraph, a newspaper described by the Clinton lie machine as a

The Telegraph is not, never has been and never will be a tabloid. It
is a responsible and well-respected broadsheet newspaper. But that
didn’t matter to the Clintons. They know that 44 percent of the American
public will continue to believe them no matter what they say, no matter
how big the lie or how small.

That’s why I believe this story. Clinton is going to England.

Who knows? Maybe it has something to do with extradition agreements
with London. Maybe it has to do with getting as far away from Hillary as
possible. Maybe it has to do with the coed action at Oxford. In any
case, it all makes sense.

Clinton’s getting ready to leave the country. Isn’t that wonderful?
Are we blessed? Isn’t that worth celebrating?

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