The radical feminist movement in America is dead, although not yet buried. It is past its peak and in serious recession for the simple reason that it did not work out as promised. The promise was independence and personal fulfillment. The female utopia was to be found by liberating women from economic dependence through work and careers and by liberating them from the burdens of their own biology through abortion and pills.

Alas, many women have become disenchanted. They did not find satisfaction in the workplace; they found stress and drudgery. They did not find joy in an escape from motherhood; they found loneliness.

A New York tracking firm studied 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 34. More than two out of three of them preferred to stay at home full time rather than stay in the workplace. Cosmopolitan magazine studied 800 women and got the same result: a strong majority of women want a full-time life at home with a husband and children.

It is undeniable that the world of sex and gender is in considerable disarray these days. The reason is simple: In the aftermath of years of rampant, anti-male, radical feminism, many men have been convinced it is OK, even manly, for them to weep, do dishes, and change diapers; and many women have been persuaded that it is OK, even feminine, for them to talk filthy, sleep around, and wear combat boots.

Women, particularly young women, are perhaps the most confused by all the conflicting signals. They certainly have the most to lose until they find their way. Therefore, in the interest of being helpful, I, as a compassionate and caring woman, offer the following sisterly advice:

1. Don’t put on a tube top and shorty shorts and parade around in a New York park in front of a herd of hot-blooded, beer-guzzling, overheated Puerto Rican men carrying water pistols and expect to be treated like Mother Teresa.

2. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is not the role of women to drive men crazy.

3. It’s time to give men some room when they want to pal around with each other. As things now stand, if a bunch of men locked themselves in an airtight room, lit up their Monte Cristos, and set off tear-gas grenades, within minutes, a group of hostile females would be outside screaming “sexual discrimination!” and demanding entry.

4. Speaking of cigars, if you are an intern or a junior employee and the president of the company asks you into his office, closes the door, and offers you a Tiparillo, run for your life!

5. Don’t scorn the man who steps aside and holds a door open for you. It is his way of showing you respect. Women should allow men to put them back on pedestals, where they belong.

6. Don’t go for the “sensitive” man who encourages you in your victimhood, reinforces you in your delusions of oppression, helps you feel proud of your flaws, and joins you in hating his own sex. In other words, don’t marry your problem.

7. Join the National Rifle Association. Meet some real men, and learn to defend yourself at the same time. I know both thoughts may frighten you, but such fear can and should be overcome. Malehood and weaponry are of value in a lonely and dangerous world.

8. Don’t teach your son that his little sister is just like a boy except for unimportant differences. Clear your mind of your prejudices, and teach your son that he should be protective of his little sister, that it is manly to honor and defend the opposite sex. If you instruct him early in the right way to treat women, when he grows older, he will not depart from it.

9. Don’t get in your husband’s face during halftime when his beloved team is behind by four touchdowns.

10. Lesbianism is a silly misadventure down a dead-end street.

11. Throughout the centuries, women have been the primary guardians of morality and decency in society. It is not the job of women to be one of the boys. It is the job of every woman to demand that men behave with respect and decency around her and around the children.

12. Ignore all those feminists telling you how empty and valueless you are unless you get out of the home and into the workforce. Look at their angry and unhappy faces. They would give up everything they have for a husband who cherishes them and for precious children who call them “mama.”

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