Actress Jane Fonda describes estranged husband Ted Turner as “a fallen angel” in the July-August issue of Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine, in which she provides new details of her Christian conversion.

Fonda describes CNN founder and media mogul Ted Turner — her third husband, from whom she has been separated for six months after eight years of marriage — as “a fallen angel.”

“He was going to be a missionary,” she said. “He was saved seven times, he says.” He felt betrayed by God when his sister died young “and it turned him hostile — and it’s not hard to be hostile to the church. … You can go through history, the Crusades and the inquisitions, and the formal church has a lot to apologize for.”


whose conversion was first reported in WorldNetDaily in January,
talks about feeling “this incredible connection to God, or what I call the Holy Spirit.”

Raised in an agnostic home, the 62-year-old began her spiritual search about 10 years ago. She now attends a primarily black Baptist church, Providence Missionary Baptist Church, in Atlanta.

“It’s been difficult, because when you’re famous and the word gets out that you’re a Christian, every church is saying, ‘Even Jane Fonda,'” she says. “People come up to me in airports and throw their arms around me.”

The two-time Oscar winner widely vilified for her strong anti-Vietnam War stand says she will “go to her grave” regretting being photographed and filmed in a North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun emplacement during a visit to the country.

“It galvanized such hostility. It was just thoughtless. I wasn’t thinking,” she says.

Fonda defends Turner, who once called Christianity “a religion for losers,” in the interview.

“Ted has read the Bible cover to cover, twice,” she says. “He can quote Scripture better than most preachers.”

She continues: “Ted is a soul mate,” she said. “I care about him. … He means the world to me. He taught me to be happy.”

Then why the separation?

“Because we changed,” she says. “I changed. … Are we happier by ourselves than we were together? It’s not clear.”

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