Editor’s note: This is an open letter written by Johnny Chung to
House Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton who presided over
Chung’s testimony to Congress during the Chinagate investigation.
Burton received the letter Thursday.

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Dear Chairman Burton,

It is difficult not to notice the attention you have received lately
in the press. In light of that attention, I would like to encourage you
in your pursuit of the truth.

When the 1996 campaign finance scandal erupted, you and Sen. Fred
Thompson initiated an investigation into the so-called “Chinagate”
scandal. It’s been three and a half years since the investigation
began, and you have demonstrated to me your strong commitment to dig in
and get to the bottom of it.

You have always believed the American people deserve to know the
truth, and I am grateful to you for that commitment.

The mainstream media has ignored — and indeed, is still ignoring —
this important scandal. Media moguls justify their pitiful reporting by
claiming the issue is too complicated for the public and that no one is
interested. Newspaper editors choose “juicier” topics they believe are
easier for people to understand.

For example, Monica Lewinksy provided fodder for months of surly
“news” coverage, revealing the media industry’s motive to appeal to the
lowest common denominator — successfully distracting citizens from the
president’s felonious activities.

Television producers used footage of school children fleeing gunmen
to promote gun control measures and convince Americans there were more
important “epidemics” to be addressed, rather than prosecuting our
presidential felon.

You and I know the Chinagate scandal is bigger than the American
people realize. But unfortunately, the news media will only report what
they consider “juicy” news. So, let me give you some easy ways to
simplify the issue while making it more marketable to the public:
Chinagate is about corruption and conspiracy.

United States government leaders are accepting illegal money — and
in huge amounts — from both foreign and domestic sources. The leader
of the free world and his closest associates, including the vice
president and the first lady, are willingly being used by the world’s
largest communist power, China.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, high-ranking government officials
have tried to cover it up by stonewalling all related information and
delaying and obstructing investigations.

It’s really very simple.

At the end of 1997, your committee subpoenaed me to give my testimony
to Congress. As an American citizen, I fulfilled my responsibility and
fully cooperated with the FBI, the Justice Department and your
committee. I provided all the documentation I had, and I told you
everything I knew about the scandal.

Johnny Chung being sworn in before his testimony to the House
Government Reform Committee.

That closed-door session was my first appearance before Congress, and
it was terrifying. My hands were shaking; my body was trembling. I was
a criminal brought before a large number of congressmen and committee
counsel. But still, I answered the questions one-by-one.

The second time your committee subpoenaed me was in May of 1999, when
I testified without immunity. Again, I answered all of the questions
the Republican committee members asked, and I couldn’t help but notice
that hardly any of the Democrat members were even present at the
hearing. Only a handful showed up to ask this former die-hard Democrat
about their own party’s involvement in the scandal.

When I finished my testimony, you came and shook my hand. I said to
you, “Mr. Chairman, one down and 121 to go.” I was referring, of course,
to the other 121 witnesses who have fled the country or taken the Fifth
Amendment to avoid testifying.

Johnny meets Chairman Burton after his testimony.

You replied, “Thank you, Mr. Chung, and we will keep digging.”

A year later, we’ve seen the release of the

Chuck LaBella and
Louis Freeh memos
— evidence of an ongoing cover-up of Chinagate. Within that scandal and the testimonies from other Chinagate figures, there’s E-mail-gate, Buddhist Temple-gate, O’Leary-gate, not to mention Filegate and IRS-gate.

God help us! How many more gates do we have to open?

It is more accurate to say there are many more than 121 witnesses left to interview in the Chinagate scandal — that number does not include President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, her chief of staff Maggie Williams, former Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary and other high-ranking government officials, including the official who leaked information to the news media in order to burn my undercover sting operation with the FBI.

Those leaks put my life and my family’s lives in grave danger and resulted in three assassination attempts against me. Two of those attempts were made by what the FBI dubbed as “hit squads,” and the other was an Italian-American gunman arrested by the FBI.

The situation was serious enough to make FBI believe my life and my family’s lives were in serious danger. They decided to put my family and I under government protection for the second time. For some reason, God forbid, the second day, the protection was removed. When I called the U.S. Attorney’s office in L.A., the field commander said to me, “Mr. Chung, your case is over. As a normal American citizen, if you feel your life is in danger, you should call 911.”

God only knows who those assassins were. Please, for my family’s sake, find out who they were and where they are now.

Mr. Chairman, Congress should provide more security for witnesses who are willing to come out and speak the truth about White House scandals. Look at what was done to me. If witnesses are given better security, you will find more and more of them who are willing to cooperate with you. They want these ordeals to end, but not without safety assurances.

This week, a Washington Times story by Jerry Seper notes that FBI Director Louis Freeh felt he had “conflicting duties” in that he was supposed to both 1) investigate Chinagate and its national security implications, and 2) keep the president informed about national security matters. In other words, the FBI director of the United States is saying he cannot trust the president of the United States with national security information related to Chinagate.

Something is seriously, seriously wrong in the White House. But of course the mainstream, “old” media, 90 percent of whom voted for Clinton, don’t seem to think this is an important story.

In Freeh’s 27-page memo released by your committee, he says the FBI “faced this conflict several times during the course of the investigation.” Freeh suggested the appointment of outside counsel to probe campaign abuse by foreign countries would help alleviate the problem.

As I testified in your committee, Gen. Gi Sheng-de, former director of military intelligence for the People’s Liberation Army, told me China wanted to influence American elections.

The mainstream media hears that and says, “So, what’s new?”

I’ll tell you what’s new: This same Gen. Gi has been demoted and is now under house arrest. Last month, I heard he is waiting to be court-martialed for smuggling and corruption. Clearly, he is China’s scapegoat, just as I am America’s scapegoat.

When the Watergate scandal erupted and President Nixon’s audio-recorded conversations were released, it was discovered that sections of the tapes had been erased. At that time, it was the scandal of the century. Remember the famous 18-second gap?

But recently, it was reported that an entire year’s worth of Vice President Gore’s e-mail is gone — vanished. Where’s the outrage?

This administration uses character assassination against people who are willing to come out with the truth. You need look no further than Ms. Paula Jones, Ms. Kathleen Willey and Ms. Linda Tripp. Not only that, but it also uses the IRS to harass those people and organizations who are willing to go after the truth.

Some people will say your committee’s investigation of these scandals is politically-motivated, and that its only goal is to embarrass the Democrats. It is not — and I’m saying that as one of the poster boys of the scandal. This is simply about corruption, conspiracy, and cover-up.

The problem is that Americans no longer believe conspiracies exist. Conspiracies are relics of a different time, some believe. A friend of mine once told me the devil’s most effective method of spreading evil is by convincing people that there is no such thing as evil and that the devil doesn’t exist.

Of course, the most effective way for a politician to get away with corrupt actions is to convince Americans that conspiracies no longer exist. Cover-ups are just the paranoid imaginings of a group of people stuck in the past, they say.

Johnny introducing Chairman Burton to Pastor Verl Lindley of Granada Heights Friends Church, who attended the hearing as moral support for Chung.

Chairman Burton, do not believe it. I challenge and encourage you to follow the crime trail. Don’t worry about what the media says about you. Just do your job. If you don’t, many good Americans may lose their faith in their government … forever. That could result in a disaster for our country.

Crimes must be punished, no matter who commits them.

As a cooperative witness — hopefully not the only one — I have thoroughly answered the questions your staff posed to me. I want you to know I will continue to do so.

May God provide you with the courage, wisdom and strength you will need to continue your pursuit of this White House administration.

Johnny Chung

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