First there was Karla Faye Tucker, the pickax murderer. Now it’s
Gary Graham,

executed yesterday
in Texas. In both cases, anti-death penalty advocates want to equate Gov. George Bush’s support of the Texas court system as proof that he is unfit to be president. That dog won’t hunt.

The real tragedy is not that Gary Graham’s appeals were rejected 22 times. The real tragedy is that Gary Graham admitted raping, beating, robbing and abusing people in 10 separate cases and none of his supporters cared.

According to

Justice for All
the truth is a victim when Gary Graham and his friends talk to the press. For example:

LIE: Gary Graham wrote that he had robbed six or seven people but that, fortunately, none of those were seriously injured physically.

TRUTH: Graham pled guilty to 10 aggravated robberies wherein he attempted to murder two victims; one was shot in the neck, and the other was shot in the leg. Reportedly they could not save the leg. Additionally, Graham shot another victim in the leg, causing major life threatening trauma, and raped and beat another innocent victim.

LIE: Graham wrote that he knows he never killed anyone, and he simply cannot understand how or why someone would claim otherwise.

TRUTH: Graham told robbery victim Rick Sanford that he had killed six people already and that, if the victim wanted to be number seven, do something stupid.

TRUTH: To rape victim Lisa Blackburn, Graham stated, “I have already killed three people and I am going to kill you. You don’t mean nothin’ to me bitch.”

TRUTH: To shooting victim David Spires, Graham said, “After I kill you, I going back (to his broken-down car) to kill your fiancée and her parents.”

TRUTH: There’s Michael Leroy Breazeale, incarcerated in a cell next to Graham at the Harris County Jail. Graham told Breazeale that, not only did he shoot a fellow in Arizona (Bobby Lambert), but that he enjoyed it and that he had shot other people and that we are all prey out there. Graham stated, “I’ve already killed a tourist, and I’ll kill you too.”

TRUTH: After making victim Richard Carter kneel down and after putting a shotgun in his mouth, Graham stated, “I’ll kill you too! Blowing away another white mother f—er don’t mean nothin’ to me.”

TRUTH: After the death sentence was imposed, court bailiff Larry Pollinger escorted Graham to a holding cell. Graham stated, “Next time, I’m not leaving any witnesses.”

The truth is that the only witness to the murder of Bobby Lambert on May 13, 1981, is Bernadine Skillern. Ms. Skillern swears to this day that Gary Graham killed Mr. Lambert in 1981.

Al Gore’s surrogates want to make the Graham execution case a political issue in November. So be it. However, let’s make sure that the whole story gets out. Because once Americans understand the truth, they will understand how political this case has become.

The governor of Texas can stay the execution of a prisoner once, and then only for 30 days. Gov. Ann Richards, the Democrat that George W. Bush beat in 1994, gave Gary Graham his 30-day stay in 1993. She did not, however, do any of the things that Al Gore supporters want Gov. Bush to do. She didn’t pardon him. She didn’t parole him. She didn’t reduce his sentence from death to life. She just left him in prison and washed her hands of him.

Now here’s the kicker. Because Ann Richard’s gave Graham a 30-day stay of execution in 1993, Gov. Bush could do nothing once the Parole Board denied Graham’s last appeal. That’s the law of Texas. Unlike Al Gore, the law means something to George W. Bush.

Former Gov. Ann Richards didn’t think Gary Graham was innocent. Don’t let Al Gore’s surrogates get away with political murder.

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