Am I the only one in America outraged by the U.S. Mint’s misuse and
mockery of the image of George Washington as some kind of “hip” cartoon

In case you have missed it, the federal government agency is
currently saturating the television airwaves with commercials about its
new “Golden Dollar” coin — on your dime, of course.

“OK, so I’m not on the new golden dollar coin,” says the animated
image of Washington taken from the paper dollar bill. “That’s cool
with me,” he says as he shows the new coins. “I’ve got places to go and
I’ve got people to meet. It’s not like I have nothing else to do.”

The father of our country is then shown diving underwater.

“Anyway the new coin is perfectly all right without me,” he says as
he drops a coin into a vending machine. “In fact I use it everywhere,”
as he pays for coffee. “Thanks,” he says. With cars honking, the
cartoonish Washington plunks the coin into a tollbooth. “It’s so money,”
he says in the spot dubbed by the Mint “Casual George.”

“Besides,” the spot ends, “I still look good on paper.”

Then there’s the “Renaissance George” spot.

“So, I’ve got this new Golden Dollar coin,” he says. “I know what
you’re thinking. Why isn’t George on it? Well, appearing on money isn’t
my only gig. I’m president of my book club. One, two, three, and … I
teach,” he says as he does aerobics. “Anyway, the coin’s totally cool
… without me. Houston, we have a dollar,” he says as Washington is
transformed into an astronaut.”

Then comes, to me, the most offensive line of all: “Hey, change

It sure does. Is nothing sacred?

Keep in mind, folks, this isn’t a case of some corporation misusing
George Washington’s image for its own self-interest. This is the United
States government. Isn’t it bad enough that the federal government has
betrayed every single vision of the founding fathers for limited central
government? I guess not. Now, in the Clintonesque new millennium, even
the heroic father of our country is being turned into some Homer
Simpson-style figure.

I think it’s disgusting, diabolical, revolting. But, on the other
hand, what else should we expect from the U.S. government. In effect,
what these lowlifes in Washington, D.C., are attempting to do is to
bring down to their own pathetic level the image of a great man.

And they’re proud of their efforts over at the Mint. They really
think they are being clever. But there is nothing humorous or even
mildly amusing about the commercials.

If you think I’m exaggerating, go review the spots for yourself at

U.S. Mint’s website.

The whole idea is obnoxious — not the least of which is the fact that we Americans have to pay to be bombarded with this kind of pointless advertising. OK, so if we decide to use the new “Golden Dollar” will the national debt be relieved? Will our taxes go down? What tangible benefit will be derived from the use of this coin? So what’s the point of the commercials?

I could also ask: What is the point of the “Golden Dollar”? Is the purpose to mislead the public into thinking there is actually some gold backing our money?

I would love to start a little brushfire of protest against this unconscionable waste of taxpayer funds and insult to our intelligence.

If you’re as mad as I am,

let your Congress-critter know.
Remind them that election time is near. If they’re going to waste your money like this and advertise it, they obviously have lost all fear of you. Let them know that you don’t think there’s anything cute or financially prudent about this campaign. Demand they take it off the air immediately.

Let’s restore some dignity and reverence for the memory of George Washington. And let’s show that U.S. Mint that, yeah, sometimes change does happen.

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