“Former” Boston Globe conservative (read traditionalist) columnist
Jeff Jacoby may not realize it yet, but his actions in

penning a July 3
Independence Day column
that ended up getting him “suspended” for four months from the paper closely resemble the actions of the founding fathers he wrote about.

The actions of the Globe’s editors, however, more resemble those of the British during our nation’s War for Independence.

The difference is, when Jacoby wrote his column, he likely never envisioned that he was placing his livelihood, his fortune and his “sacred honor” at risk. How could he? Ironic that he was writing about an event that was supposed to have secured Americans from such tyrannical (and moronic) thought and speech control.

Jacoby, for those of you who may not yet know, was suspended from the paper after six years and 600 columns late last week because Globe editors insinuated that he plagiarized portions of his column. As expert witness on journalistic standards and practices and editor-in-chief of WND Joseph Farah

said on Tuesday,
“that’s just crazy.”

Even in today’s politically correct environment, you still cannot go through 12 years of primary education without even a passing reference or two to this nation’s founding and war for independence. There is not enough taught in schools these days about our founding principles, but that’s an issue for another column, another day.

Globe editors would have made King George of Old England extremely proud. The king’s colonial minions could not have “silenced” their opposition any better. The only things missing are that Jacoby wasn’t beaten for his “insolence” and jailed for life.

The actions of the Globe editors likely even drew some smiles from other pro-government newspaper editors around the country — even some who carried Jacoby’s column because they knew their readers read and enjoyed it (the hypocrisy angle).

Probably even made the White House cut a rug in celebratory dance. “Another traditionalist voice gone,” the celebrants likely chimed. “We’re still in control.”

But here’s a bit of unexpected reality: As most of us remember, the British lost their battle to keep our colonist forefathers under the tyrannical rule of a dictatorial monarchy.

My guess is the “King George-like” icons behind Jacoby’s besmirchment won’t have much luck keeping him down indefinitely, either.

The guy is simply too talented.

So, in the end, the Boston Globe — wholly owned by the nation’s so-called “newspaper of record,” the New York Times, will not only lose a great asset, but the ability to squelch a voice so powerfully adept at bringing truth into the brilliant sunshine of public consciousness.

As Mother Teresa once said, “Facing the media is much worse than bathing a leper.” Editors like those at the Globe give wonderful people like her cynical pause and reason to castigate the press.

Just as American colonists once upon a time castigated the British throne and threw off the yoke of tyranny.

Maybe that’s what — inadvertently — Jeff did last week.

Now he’s “free.”

Good luck, brother. We’re pulling for you.

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