On Monday, June 19, the United States Supreme Court ruled that it is
illegal for football games at government schools to be preceded by prayer.
If this does not drive the all too numerous Christian fence-straddlers to
vacate state-financed and state-coerced government education, I really don’t
know what will.

The argument of the majority of the justices that this pre-game prayer
violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment is just plain
silly. The Framers were intending to prohibit an established
national church and an officially established religion. They
were not prohibiting — and could not prohibit — the various state
churches. Eliminating Christianity from public life of whatever sort was
the last thing in their minds. Christianity was the unofficially
established religion at the time of the founding, and the Framers were quite
eager to keep it in place. If you don’t believe all this, read carefully
Joseph H. Brady’s masterful work “Confusion Twice Confounded” (South Orange,
NJ, 1955, 2nd ed.).

It is quite true, however, that the court decision had everything in the
world to do with an establishment of religion. It solidified the
establishment of secularism as the national religion in government schools.
How Christians can consider it anything else is mystifying.

When you abolish Jesus Christ and the Bible from not only the classroom
but also a two-minute time slot before high school football games, you are
not practicing religious neutrality. You are substituting a new religion
for an old one. When classroom instruction is anchored in Darwinian
evolution, state socialism, and a passionate amorality, you are looking at a
New Established Religion — secular humanism. There is no religious
neutrality in this, and there never could be.

Secular humanism has supplanted orthodox Christianity as the unofficially
established religion of the United States. Government schools are the chief
hotbed of this new religion. It is relentlessly anti-Christian.

Christian parents who turn their precious children over to vigorously
anti-Christian religionists are not only sinful; they are foolish. An
imaginary scenario potently illustrates this. Imagine, at the apex of the
Cold War, that through a special arrangement, the Soviet Union was permitted
to establish a high school in the suburbs just outside Washington, D.C. The
Soviet propaganda machine goes like this: “We will have the highest academic
standards in the United States. Our athletic teams will be No. 1 in every
sport. Our cheerleaders will be the most skilled and attractive in the
country. Our science labs will enjoy all of the latest equipment. We will
provide the most opulent facilities imaginable. Nowhere else can your child
receive such a top-notch education. Send your children here. Our high
school training is unsurpassed.”

To this propaganda, even if accurate, Christians (and other Americans)
almost to a man would respond: “What? Send my children to a school to be
educated by those dirty red commies? Over my dead body! These Reds are
sworn enemies of everything I hold dear. To turn my children over to
Communists for education would be masochistic and suicidal.”

Yet most of these same Christian parents, every weekday morning
from September through May, dutifully shuffle their precious children off to
be educated by people whose secular humanism is no less potent, though often
more dangerous because less malevolent, than that of Communists.

The National Education Association is dedicated to subverting orthodox
Christianity and orthodox Christians. It is dedicated to preserving and
perpetuating a secular socialist paradise. It is committed to fostering
immorality. Its overriding objective is training a nation’s children to be
fine, upstanding secular humanists who will vote for fine, upstanding
secular humanist principles. Christians who support these havens of
humanism have a moral problem, not an intellectual problem.

The only possibly consistent action of these Christians is to vacate the
godless government schools.

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