The founders of the United States created a severely limited civil
government. In this they relied to a certain degree on biblical truth.
They did not believe the state was a messianic institution. It had its
place — but that place was to be a small cottage on the grounds of the
mansion of society. Its role was seen basically to protect life,
liberty and property. It must not intrude into religious
establishments, health care, retirement plans, or education.

Especially education.

The system of “public” schools in the United States arose largely
among Unitarians who had a messianic complex. They believed society, in
the form of the state, had a vested interest in “educating her young.”
How the “young” became an implicit ward of the state is mystifying. The
Bible teaches that children belong to God, and that He grants those
children to parents to steward for Him (Psalm 127:3). Aside from
redressing parental violence to children, the state has no vested
interest of any kind in the parents’ rearing of their children. Parents
are responsible to God, and only marginally to the state.

The great monopoly

The modern state has become the largest legalized cartel in the
world. The Justice Department is ostensibly worried about the alleged
Microsoft monopoly. Biblical Christians and other red-blooded Americans
are worried about the great state monopoly of which the Justice
Department is a single small cog. Let’s keep Microsoft intact; let’s
split up the modern state into as many pieces as possible.

The state exhorts tax money (usually in the form of property taxes)
to finance a coercive indoctrination program called “public” schools.
The state then requires, under penalty of legal sanctions, that its
citizens send their children to these schools. Don’t say that these
schools are not financed by extorted money. Try withholding a portion
of your property taxes dedicated to your local school district. You
will be in for a rude awakening — perhaps literally.

The secular statist elites believe that they know better than you do
how to instruct and otherwise rear your children. They believe you are
unfit. They believe that only education “professionals,” the same ones
who were indoctrinated in and certified by their own monopolistic
secular schools, are qualified to teach your children. You are not
qualified, because you do not have a degree in secondary education from
Secular Statist Teachers College. They are contemptuous and

At war with liberty

Moreover, they are at war with basic American liberty. The civil
government exists — or should exist — to protect life, liberty and
property. Stealing money at the end of a gun barrel to finance a
coercive brainwashing expedition for a nation’s children is just the
opposite of liberty. It is a raging assault on the liberty of citizens
to educate their children in the manner they see fit. It arrogates to a
secular bureaucratic elite the decisions about child rearing that should
be made by parents and parents alone. Government education is
anti-liberty. For that reason it is an enemy of the United
. Re-read that last sentence a few times so it sticks in your

Schools should be required to compete in the free market just like
other businesses. The Christian approach to education supports
religious liberty — freedom for schools of all religious types:
Christian, secular, Islamic, New Age, and so on. None should receive
tax money of any kind.

Don’t say that this means that children from poor families would
never be educated. How silly! Do we produce a government
bread-delivery organization because we are afraid that poor families
cannot afford bread? Of course not (though Marxists do). Wise
entrepreneurs produce bread that poor families can afford to buy. True
enough, they may not be able to afford three-dollar-a-loaf gourmet
bread. But you do not need gourmet bread in order to survive. Nor do
you need a Harvard education in order to be educated.

Give back to citizens all the money presently extorted to finance the
Great Government Indoctrination Program. Let them use that money to
educate their children.

And let the state go back to protecting citizens from people who want
to murder, rape, steal, kidnap, assault — and get into peoples’ wallets
to finance messianic educational dreams.

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