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A tale of two valleys

THE BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon — The number of terror groups receiving
training in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley is stupefying.

There’s the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia. It is
a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group formed in 1975. The group’s goal is
to force the government of Turkey to publicly admit its guilt for the
deaths of 1.5 million Armenians killed back in 1915. The Armenian Secret
Army for the Liberation of Armenia wants monetary compensation as well
as their own homeland. The group’s leader, Hagop Hagopian, was
assassinated in Greece in 1998.

The Japanese Red Army is also operating in the Bekaa, led by Fusako
Shigenobu. The Red Army wants to overthrow the Japanese government and
monarchy. Chemists and agricultural high-tech experts from Japan’s Om
Shin Ri Kyo cult are also sporadically posted in the Bekaa. Their
expertise and elite scientific training are highly prized by groups
wanting to gain skills in biological and biochemical warfare.

Perhaps the best-armed and most well-trained group in the Bekaa
Valley is the Kurdish Workers Party. They want to set up a Marxist
state in southeast Turkey where a large population of Kurds reside.

The new kids on the block in the Bekaa are from India. Their new
anti-Christian terror cult of Ganesh — a common Hindu god — is central
to the new “Hindu Awakening” of the 1990s. These soldiers and
anti-Christian terrorists are known as the “Munnani.” They hail from the
New Age capital of Madras and are seeking to get hold of an atomic bomb,
according to intelligence and terrorism experts.

Speaking of the anti-Israeli bent of Syria and Hizbollah, and their
terror tactics against the Jewish people, the Mossad station chief based
in the town of Zahlah told WorldNetDaily, “In terrorism, [one] meets the
true barbarian. This killer sees our moral restraint as cowardly and
weak. Arafat and his ilk are mass murderers.”

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