Hillary Clinton is the subject of a new broadside by former leftist

David Horowitz,
in which he takes the first lady to task for concealing her radical liberal beliefs in order to appear much more moderate, with the goal of covertly advancing leftist causes.

Hillary Clinton and the Racial Left,
published by the Los Angeles-based

Center for the Study of Popular Culture,
is a collection of Horowitz’s recent speeches and articles discussing various aspects of “progressive” ideology and politics and their implementation by Bill and Hillary Clinton and their followers.

Horowitz is best known for his autobiography, “Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey,” in which he traces his lifelong political journey from being a radical communist activist in the 1960s to becoming a crusader against the effects of ’60s leftist policies on modern American culture.

His most recent full-length book, the incendiary “Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes,” has provoked outrage from black activists, culminating in an

editorial attack
by Jack E. White in Time, in which he charges Horowitz with racism, and a

recent critical feature
by Scott Sherman in the July 3 edition of the historically left-wing journal, The Nation.

Terming Hillary Clinton “America’s foremost leftist” and the “First Lady of the Left,” Horowitz likens Clinton’s commitment to radical causes to a “religious missionary zeal,” which eventually drives followers astray.

“The first truth about leftist missionaries, about believing progressives, is that they are liars. But they are not liars in the ordinary way, which is to say by choice. They are liars by necessity — often without realizing that they are. Because they also lie to themselves. It is the political lie that gives their cause its life,” he writes in “Hillary Clinton and the Racial Left.”

According to Horowitz, this political “faith” covers up a multitude of sins.

“This is the cross the Left has to bear: The better world is only achievable by lying to the very people they propose to redeem.”

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, Horowitz charged Americans with failing to recognize leftists’ religious devotion to progressive causes, especially in trying to compromise with their political adversaries.

“Conservatives look at leftists as well-meaning, but misguided. Leftists regard conservatives as the party of Satan. It’s a big difference, and most conservatives aren’t able to make the leap,” he said. “Conservatives are evil in the leftist eyes because they stand in the way of the establishment of the kingdom of heaven — in other words, socialism — on earth.”

He also said that he attempts to provide a differing view of the first lady from other accounts, particularly former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan’s “The Case Against Hillary Clinton.”

“I try in this pamphlet to define as precisely as I can the difference in the way I see Hillary and the way someone as perceptive as Peggy Noonan does,” he told WorldNetDaily.

He says that the real issue in deconstructing Hillary is her socialist idealism, not her narcissism, which leads many analysts to miss the mark in their psychological analysis.

“The focus of Noonan’s book is not Mrs. Clinton’s kitsch Marxism or perverse feminism or cynical progressivism. Instead, it is her narcissism in which Noonan finds the key to Hillary Clinton’s persona. It is almost as though Mrs. Clinton’s politics were merely instrumental to her career, as changeable as her famous hairstyles,” he writes in the booklet. “Noonan’s psychological characterization is surely correct. There are many unprincipled narcissists in politics. But there has never been a White House so thoroughly penetrated by the political left.”

In the first and largest essay in the booklet, entitled, “Hillary Clinton and ‘The Third Way,'” Horowitz dismisses her use of Third Way ideology as a course of centrist moderation, but rather as a cover for her commitment to socialist ideals and political action. He notes the use of this political tactic by the Nazis in their rise to power during the 1930s, the Trotskyists to distinguish themselves from Stalinists, and the New Leftists of the 1960s to distance themselves from the horrors of the Soviet gulags.

Addressing the modern incarnation of Third Way dogma in the Clinton administration’s policies, he determines that the history of Nazism, Trotskyism and the New Left demonstrates that there is substantively no Third Way.

“There is a capitalist, democratic way based on private property and individual rights — a way that leads to liberty and universal opportunity. And there is a socialist way of group identities, group rights, a relentless expansion of the political state, restricted liberties and diminished opportunity,” he states. “The Third Way is not a path to the future. It is just the suspension between these two destinations.”

In light of Hillary Clinton’s efforts in the health care and education arenas, Horowitz challenges her motives and the effect of her actions “for the children.” One of the booklet’s articles, “The Democrats’ Solution: Screw the Children,” recounts Hillary’s support of a national milk cartel — which has raised the cost of milk by as much as 43 cents a gallon for poor families — and her failed education reforms as first lady of Arkansas.

He states that as head of then-Gov. Clinton’s education reform program, Hillary developed a program to test all Arkansas teachers on their basic knowledge and skills. Yet, when the test results showed that 30-50 percent of all teachers in the state could not pass the test, the Clintons bowed to pressure from the teachers’ union. Following advice from political advisor Dick Morris, they publicly announced that only 10 percent of the teachers failed, resulting in very few teachers actually losing their jobs for poor performance.

“This decision — to screw the children rather than buck the teachers’ union — is one that Democrats like Hillary Clinton make every day in America, as they have done for the last 50 years. Most of the failing schools are in urban areas controlled by Democrats, so poor and minority children are the principal victims of these decisions,” Horowitz states.

One additional issue that Horowitz tackles in the new booklet is the hot topic of race. Slamming black leaders for “racial shakedowns” and their silence in the face of atrocities committed by the Black Panthers and other radicals devoted to leftist causes, he denounces their actions as a betrayal of the legacy of true civil-rights activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

Horowitz eventually links this racial activism back to his primary subject, Hillary Clinton, saying that the race for New York’s U.S. Senate seat has provided her with the opportunity to use the race card in her campaign against her Republican foes.

“The race card is the McCarthyite accusation/implication that Republicans and conservatives are racists. She has already used it in her Senate race,” he told WorldNetDaily.

In his final analysis, Horowitz identifies a cult of personality surrounding the Clintons, causing many of their leftist followers to walk in blind faith as the Clinton administration has been buffeted with waves of scandal, all to the amazement and consternation of the majority of Americans.

“Conservatives are caught by surprise because they see progressives as merely misguided, when in fact they are fundamentally misdirected. They are the messianists of a religious faith. But it is a false faith and a self-serving religion,” he concludes. “Since the redeemed future that justifies their existence and rationalizes their hypocrisy can never be realized, what really motivates progressives is a modern idolatry: their limitless passion for the continuance of Them (Bill and Hillary Clinton).”

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