To most Americans, slavery is a cruel historical fact from our
national past. I have news for you. Slavery is not dead. America is
missing a modern story of human suffering. The pleas of present day
slaves seeking freedom. People are being sold like cattle into human
bondage in exchange for black gold.

Dr. Charles Jacobs from the Boston-based American Anti-Slavery group
recently noted that slavery is part of the 13-year-old war in Sudan. The
Muslim Sudanese government has launched a holy war against the black
Christian and animist south. The war has left nearly two million dead
and hundreds of thousands of homeless refugees. Arab militias, armed by
the government, have been raiding African villages, shooting the men and
enslaving the women and children. The latter are kept as personal
property or marched north and sold.

The fact is that humans are being enslaved and sold in the Sudan.
Sudan, of course, is a client state of China, the strategic trading
partner of President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. The slavery in
Sudan is well documented by independent organizations such as the U.N.
and Amnesty

The reason for China’s interest in the Sudan is pure and simple.
There is oil in Sudan. Petrochina, a company wholly owned by the Chinese
government cut a deal with the Sudanese Muslim government to pump oil
from the remote southern areas. To accomplish this task, China is
building an oil pipeline right through the combat zone. Chinese soldiers
are stationed on the pipeline to protect it. Chinese soldiers are
working with the Sudanese Muslim soldiers to clear whole areas of the
Christian population from around the pipeline.

Yet, the Chinese assistance does not end with a simple oil pipeline.
Sudan recently purchased nearly $100 million in advanced Shenyang jet
fighters from Beijing. According to a U.N. report, the Sudanese Air
Force regularly bombs and strafes innocent civilians. Airfields
constructed for the Petrochina pipeline are being used to fly bombing
missions against the fleeing civilian refugees. Chinese soldiers are
accused of assisting the Sudanese military and of participating in the
atrocities. Chinese soldiers on the ground in Sudan are accused of rape,
murder and ethnic cleansing.

America is not innocent in this matter. Petrochina was recently
sponsored by Goldman Sachs to raise investment funding in America. The
investment offering by Goldman Sachs might have failed if it were not
for BP/Amoco, which invested billions of dollars into the Sudan
pipeline. Today, neither BP/Amoco nor Goldman Sachs wish to comment on
exactly how much American money is being used by Petrochina to murder
Sudanese civilians.

There are many testimonials of the Sudanese slave trade. One person
who can testify what it is to be a 21st century slave is Francis Bok.
Bok walked out of bondage in Sudan and found freedom in Egypt. Bok was
born a Christian and forced to become Muslim when he was enslaved. Bok’s
amazing tale of captivity and escape to freedom is filled with brutal

“The Sudanese Islamic soldiers told me ‘We see you like animals’,”
said Bok. “I have seen many people killed like animals and many children
sold into slavery. I saw people shot, killed, children who cried had
their hands or legs chopped off as an example to the others.”

Bok stated he was enslaved when he was seven-years-old, during a trip
to a local market. Sudanese Muslim soldiers shot all the adults and
adolescent boys on the spot. Children who were not killed outright were
rounded up and tied on to donkeys. Children too small to straddle an
animal were tied into baskets.

“I am trying hard to free my people in Sudan but where (is) your
president?” asked Bok in an interview from his office at the American
Anti-Slavery Group.

Where is our president? Today, Clinton is with Yasser Arafat. Even
while locked in critical middle-east peace negotiations, President
Clinton managed to provide his comments on the videotaped beating of a
carjacking suspect in Philadelphia, his wife’s alleged anti-Semitic
statements and the price of oil. Meanwhile, President Clinton has not
uttered a single word about the bustling Sudanese market in human flesh.
In fact, Petrochina has received little attention from the Clinton/Gore
administration except to approve its entrance on the U.S. financial
markets for Goldman Sachs.

The curious mixture of blood, oil, of war and slavery, can be laid at
Beijing’s doorstep and at Bill Clinton’s feet. It is, however, Al Gore’s
burden to carry. Thus, Al Gore also remains silent. The vice president
has frequently been very critical of oil companies, accusing them of
price gouging, victimizing the American people and of killing the
environment. Yet, the vice president is silent about oil giant
BP/Amoco’s part ownership of the slave war in Sudan.

There are many pundits and organizations that have not uttered a
single word about the slave trade in Sudan, including Hillary Clinton,
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP. The Clinton
administration has averted our national attention while the Sudanese
suffer. There is no charge for emancipation. According to Bill Clinton
and Al Gore, America must now embrace those who engage in the modern
trade of black gold and human flesh.

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