The Republican Congress, finally rediscovering its backbone, has sent
Clinton legislation that will eliminate the estate tax over the next 10
years. Slick Willie, a man who has lived in government housing for most
of his adult life, says he will veto it. He and his other socialist
comrades of the Democrat Party say they don’t want to give a tax break
to the rich.

In fact, they hate the idea of giving any of our tax dollars back to
us. Like the socialists that they are, they truly believe that they have
a better idea of what to do with our money than we. They are dead wrong.

Governments of the world own nothing. They produce nothing. Real
people earn every red cent that they spend working in real businesses.
All governments do is suck blood out of us. What’s surprising is that
the people of America put up with the Democrats’ lie.

Bill Clinton says that the Republicans have approved irresponsible
tax cuts. Irresponsible? The man who had sex with Monica Lewinsky in the
White House has no right to talk about irresponsibility. How, I ask, can
it ever be irresponsible to give money back to the people who earned it?
How, I ask, can anyone who has self respect vote for the tax and spend

What the Democrats would prefer is to send billions of our tax
dollars over to the Middle East to create a monument to Bill Clinton’s
ego. For the Democrats, they think that the following are hard choices:
Reward those who have worked hard to make money or throw it away into
the cesspool of the Middle East. I don’t know about you, but I think we
have spent enough on the Middle East. Let them solve their own problems
and pay their own bills. We have enough to do at home.

Back to the estate tax. Let’s not let the socialist Democrats lie
about the inheritance tax. It is part of their war on success. This tax
punishes people for being successful by taking 55 percent of anything
they have built after the first million and giving it to the government.

Most Americans want to be better off than their parents. Most
Americans would love to create enough wealth to leave some to their
children. However, as things stand today, our government does everything
that it can to punish those who have worked hard.

Now some of you may have bought the Democrats’ lie that anyone who
has an estate larger than a million dollars should pay through the nose.
The problem with that idea is that it betrays a singular ignorance of
math and the power of compound interest. Let me give you a few examples
of how pernicious the Democrats’ war against success is.

Let’s say you and your spouse are 45 years old and between the two of
you, you’ve put away a $100,000 retirement nest egg. If you contribute
$1,000 a month to that nest egg and it grows at 15 percent a year for
the next 20 years, according to the Democrats, you will be filthy rich.
Because by the time you reach 65, your retirement fund will have grown
to $2,865,977. If you only average 12 percent, the historical return of
the stock market, you will still have $1,829,259. And if, you evil rich
person, you earn 20 percent, you’ll have $6,074,016. You nasty running
dog capitalist pig.

But that’s not all. If, heaven forbid, you have a house, you’ll be
even more “filthy rich.” You will be truly evil. You will be an enemy of
the Democrats.

If we allow Bill Clinton and his socialist friends to keep the estate
tax in place, our government will steal 55 percent of every dime that
you have over $1,000,000. Because Democrats believe that to allow you to
keep your money would be irresponsible.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me sick. You and I know that
you got there by doing without. While the Democrats in Congress ride
around in taxpayer-financed limousines with taxpayer-financed drivers,
you and I drive old vehicles or take the bus. While they eat in
taxpayer-subsidized dining rooms and pay with taxpayer-provided
salaries, you and I work until mid-May just to pay those taxes.

On no, my friends, the $1,000 that our couple saves every month
represents their blood, sweat and tears. It represents real sacrifice.
It represents doing without, and that is what the Democrats want to

The Democrats are so good at talking out of both sides of their
mouths. On one hand, they say that Americans need to save more. They say
that Americans need to pay off their credit cards and live within their
means. However, when they can show their appreciation of those of us who
do just that, they snarl and say, heck no.

My friends, the Democrat socialists are engaged in a class war. They
want America to resemble Europe. They want to punish success and reward
failure. They want to suck all of the eggs out of the American taxpaying
goose and then cook what is left.

If that is not bad enough, the Congressional Budget Office has just
released a study showing that the tax “surplus” will be twice as high as
previously estimated. Twice as high.

Now think what that means. In spite of the profligate spending of
Congress, they will still take trillions of more dollars out of our
pockets than they “need.”

And the Democrats don’t want to give any of it back.

Well, I don’t know about you. But for me, it’s real simple.

I will work my tail off to defeat every politician who thinks that
giving part of my tax money back to me is irresponsible.

It’s time for them to get a real job, like the rest of us.

It’s time for them to take their hands out of our pockets.

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