The Socialist Party of America, otherwise known as the Democrats,
held its convention in Los Angeles and presented the American people
with its vision of the future: a socialist one. For four days we heard
nothing but the monotonous litany of bigger and better government
programs: universal health care — starting first with health care for
children then, eventually, covering every adult in the nation;
prescription drugs for seniors on Medicare; more environmental
regulation so that we can have bigger and better fires in our forests;
an attack on global warming; a continuation of affirmative action; a
patients’ bill of rights; and billions of dollars to repair crumbling
public schools and build new ones.

No mention of the fact that the liberals have been running public
education for over 50 years and dumbing-down the kids, drugging them
with Ritalin and miseducating them with whole language, the new-new
math, multiculturalism, values clarification, death education, sex
education, drug education, sensitivity training, behavioral psychology,
new age religion, transcendental meditation and other such programs.

Al Gore gave us boilerplate Al Gore. He’s for more gun control and
protecting a woman’s right to kill her unborn child — they call it

As I watched Joe Lieberman’s wife Hadassah speak, I kept thinking,
“How can she be for abortion — the murder of the unborn?” She’s the
daughter of Holocaust survivors. She looks so nice and sounds so
caring, yet she doesn’t care about the slaughter of innocent babies
going on in the abortuaries of America. I had the same thoughts when
Joe Lieberman spoke, a liberal humanitarian, an Orthodox Jew, a fighter
for civil rights — with no concern at all for the unborn infants being
cruelly killed by abortionists. He even voted against banning
partial-birth abortions. He spoke about diversity, of bringing everyone
to the table — except the unborn. He’s not my idea of a compassionate
human being.

The Democratic Socialist Party can talk all they want about how much
they love children, hate tobacco and oil companies and want clean water,
targeted tax cuts and campaign finance reform. As long as they believe
in abortion, millions of Americans will have nothing to do with them.

Gore got cheers from the teachers’ unions when he rejected vouchers
to enable children to attend private schools and said it was time to
respect and reward teachers for the professionals they are. But how can
we respect and reward teachers who can’t teach children to read?

On the whole, it was a very boring convention in which not a new idea
or sentiment was articulated. All we got was the usual litany of
socialist programs that have characterized Democrat politics for as long
as I can remember. One of the most pervasive themes of the convention
was the conflict between the working man and the rich — clearly an
appeal to class envy and class conflict. Back in the old days, when
everyone aspired to become rich, it was understood that if you had the
energy and singleness of purpose to build a successful business you
could indeed become rich. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants did
exactly that and became wealthy. No believer in the American dream
resented the fact that some people would become rich through their own
efforts. That’s what the American dream was all about.

But the Democrats speak with forked tongue. They seek contributions
from wealthy donors but then create resentment among the rank and file
against the wealthy. Clinton and Gore like to take credit for our
prosperous economy but then send their Justice Department against Bill
Gates and Microsoft, who have done much to create the new prosperity.

As for campaign finance reform, the reason why the so-called special
interests are forced to seek favors from Washington is that the federal
government has created such a web of regulation over the economy that
corporations have no choice but to send lobbyists to Congress to try to
change legislation that may harm their interests.

The federal government is simply too big and Congress is too apt to
pass laws that may have negative consequences for whole industries.
When they raised clean air standards, they put many factories and
refineries out of business. The Socialist Democrats have a tendency to
want to regulate just about everything and anything that can be

But, you know what? The American people seem to want socialism but
by another name. That’s what accounts for Gore’s bounce in the polls.
Many of the people I know who will vote for Gore would be shocked if you
called them socialists. That’s because in the Federal distribution of
goodies, the American people have no idea what socialism is. And nobody
in the Republican Party will bother to educate them. Why? Because the
debate is no longer about whether or not the federal government should
be involved in providing prescription drugs to senior citizens, it’s
about how much the government should provide. The debate is no longer
whether or not the federal government ought to be involved in education,
but by how much. In other words, the Republicans are simply offering
the public fewer goodies than the Democrats. So, the only significant
difference between the two parties is on the issue of abortion. And if
Orthodox Jew Joe Lieberman and his wife Hadassah approve of abortion, it
can’t be all that immoral.

Gore is also scaring everyone to death by asserting that the Bush tax
cut will cause an economic catastrophe. And that will be Gore’s line of
attack: Bush’s plans will cause an economic depression. And a lot of
people will buy it.

So what are the Republicans to do? They can point-out that tax cuts
historically have spurred economic growth. They can also point-out that
tree-hugging wacko Gore is responsible for the policies that have caused
catastrophic forest fires like we’ve never had before. All of these
endangered species have been barbecued by Gore’s policies. They can
point-out that ecologist guru Gore is responsible for the policies that
have virtually stopped oil drilling in the U.S. — to the point where we
are totally dependent on foreign oil and must pay the highest prices
ever for gasoline and higher prices for heating oil this coming winter.

Republicans can also point-out that the liberals have controlled
public education for half a century and are incapable of reforming the
mess they’ve created. Republicans can attack the National Education
Association for its policies that have ruined the schools. They can
point-out how beholden liberal politicians are to the teachers’ unions.

There is also the corruption factor. Clinton may be guilty of
on-the-job sexual perversion but Gore is guilty of illegal fund-raising.
The fact that there was a call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate
Gore casts the shadow of corruption on Clinton’s vice president.

Then, there are a couple of million parents of Boy Scouts furious at
the liberals for trying to impose the gay agenda on the Scouts. That’s
an issue worth considering. The Boy Scouts carrying flags at the
Democrats convention were booed by some of the delegates.

In other words, there’s a lot that Republicans can do to regain the
momentum they had coming out of their convention. They have to plan an
attack strategy against Gore — who is quite vulnerable in many areas —
instead of merely presenting policies that awaken little enthusiasm in
the voter. The voter responds to fear and that is why Gore will hammer
away at Bush’s policies. But Bush has to fight back. There is plenty
to fear from a radical like Gore — whose extreme ecological policies
alone can destroy our economy.

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