Most Americans want the investigations into President Clinton’s
sexual relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky to
end, and nearly one-third say the president should be pardoned if he is
indicted for crimes relating to the Lewinsky affair after leaving

According to a

Portrait of America poll,
55 percent said they don’t want any further investigations into allegations that Clinton perjured himself during testimony regarding his affair with Lewinsky. The same number said the investigation likely would not be worth the cost to taxpayers.

“Voters are split on the question of whether or not the next president should issue a pardon to President Clinton in an effort to get the issue behind us,” POA analysts said, noting that 35 percent of respondents wanted Clinton pardoned. Forty-one percent said he should not be pardoned; the rest weren’t sure.

In a finding POA said would “infuriate Republicans,” 56 percent of those surveyed said Clinton was as ethical as most other politicians. “We have asked this question several times since 1998, and the majority view has remained constant on this point,” analysts said.

Researchers said, however, that the percentage reflected in the question regarding Clinton’s ethics does not mean that most Americans believe he is a

good role model for children,
or that his job rating matches his personal approval rating.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a new political group that advocates the election of a female president and vice president withdrew a lucrative job offer from Lewinsky after several women’s groups lodged a series of protests.

In making its decision to offer Lewinsky a job as its corporate vice president, the group American Women Presidents said in a statement that it was “time for America to forgive Monica.”

Lewinsky also recently had a short-lived career as a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig diet corporation. Reports said she was let go after just a few months because of similar protests against the company for having hired her.

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