As most of you Internet-savvy readers know, Internet start-up
companies — and especially news sites — haven’t done well financially
in the past couple of years.

Some started out with a bang — heavy investment coupled with heavy
expenditures in marketing and personnel — only to see their stars fall
back to earth., however, is an enigma in both the Internet
start-up and Internet start-up news site category: WND didn’t start out
with heavy funding or even with a bang. Only with intrepid reporting
and some creative — albeit funding-limited — marketing, we garnered a
lot of attention and, eventually, some investment as well.

Our star, God willing, will continue to soar and we’re all proud of
that. Thank you readers, talk show hosts and other notable media and
industry pros for helping us out. We owe you.

While our success is good news for our readers, it also raises a
number of disturbing questions — about our “competition” and the
government it usually serves.

When we’re not getting our stories

ripped off
by jealous media pimps, we’re being

targeted by scared little tyrants
within the federal government
that don’t treat their media “friends” with as much disdain.

Having said this, I can only imagine how much lengthier our new

WND Scoops
page would have been if we had the funding resources of, say, the

Washington Post
or, more appropriately, several federal agencies.

For instance, how is it that an under-funded news site can learn — in a few short months — what the Justice Department, the FBI, several congressional panels, White House lawyers and dozens of House and Senate investigators — not to mention more than a few “independent counsels” — have not learned after eight years of examination and untold billions of dollars spent involving incriminating email?

Everyone from Congress to the White House to Janet Reno’s Justice Department to Louie Freeh’s FBI claims not to know jack-squat about the Clinton administration’s very obvious attempt to hide incriminating

from so-called “investigators.”

WND, it seems, knows everything about it. Ironically, we also know that dozens of Capitol Hill staffers, congressmen, judicial officials and even White House “occupants” read us daily — so everyone involved knows we know.

Still, nothing is actually done about it. Congress is content to let the White House yank its chain, stall and otherwise rob the American people of justice — in this case and a boatload of others.

Imagine if WND had the funding of the Justice Department. There’s no end to what our readers would know about their government by now.

More leftist fascism

Many modern-day liberals and leftists are little more than infantile fascists who support “compassion, fair-mindedness and tolerance” — only if you agree with them. If you don’t, you’re a right-wing pig — a lug nut who should be silenced, jailed or otherwise run off the planet.

Earlier this week, in one of WND’s first reports to come from the Republican National Convention,

WND published a story
regarding the theft of promotional materials from the Second Amendment Sisters, a women’s pro-gun group established to counter the rabid anti-gun tripe of the so-called “Million Mom March” organization.

In a fit of childish anger, MMMers “allegedly” stole all the SAS materials they could grab at the latter’s Independence Hall display, then threw them into a nearby trash can. For extra measure, MMMers pinned MMM buttons to the remaining American flags left at the SAS display.

How’s that for third-grader antics?

If the situation had been reversed, you just know you would have been able to hear the hypocritical cries of “Intolerance!” from Philadelphia to Los Angeles — site of the next public gathering of socialists on August 14-19.

Democrats need to remind the extremist elements in their own party that the U.S. Constitution is: a) still in force and b) applies equally to every citizen, whether they agree with all of it or not.

Among the rights guaranteed to folks here-abouts are the right to free speech and assembly and the right to keep and bear arms.

In fact, those rights are Number One and Two, respectively. Imagine how important our founders thought they were to place them in such primary numerical order.

Personally, I could care less which groups protest which issues in this country; I don’t make political decisions based on what others say.

However, it is becoming more obvious by the year that the modern-day Democrat Party is less a party of “democracy” and more a party that is home to the world’s next breed of petty (and perhaps not-so-petty) tyrants. If the establishment media weren’t so full of them, they’d do a better job of demonstrating this by reporting on such egregious (and obvious) constitutional hypocrisies. As it stands, WND is happy to oblige — but we can’t reach everyone.

Regarding the MMMers — and as I told my 11-year-old son this week as he helped me sight-in his new Ruger 10-22 semi-automatic rifle at our local gun club, the sturdy beginner’s rifle that I bought him for his birthday — “It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in, son. But a coward or a tyrant will strike from the shadows; be ready for him.”

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