Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner is PO’d at the Democrats. He’s called
them “hypocrites” for forcing Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., to move
her Hispanic Unity USA fund-raiser out of the Playboy mansion and to
another location.

That would be B.B. King’s eatery nearby; ironically, “B.B.” is a

But enough of semantics — Hef is right; the Dems are hypocrites when
it comes to sex, pornography, and the power both have to raise money for
political candidates.

As Hef has noted throughout this “debate” over Sanchez’ desire to
have her pet PAC members be near and dear to Playboy’s most beautiful
women for a night of fund-raising and — whatever — the Democrats have
rarely squawked as loudly when they have used his “facilities” in the
past to raise their dough.

The difference now — right now — is, of course, that top
Dems are in town to nominate the top Dems, Gore and Lieberman, as the
party’s standard bearers in November.

And with that going on, hired hands at the Democratic National
Committee said there’s too much attention being focused on them right
now to allow “this sort of thing” to occur. The “sex” angle is
especially sensitive because Clinton is there too.

It’s not that we dislike Sanchez or even the idea of getting into
Hef’s mansion; it’s that we don’t want to do it while much of America is

That’s hypocritical and Hef — a stalwart Democrat — is right to
point it out.

Throw this debacle in with last week’s revelations —

and publicized by WorldNetDaily
— that many inside the Clinton White House have downloaded lots of pornography, and you have an extremely embarrassing situation for Democrats as they begin their convention today in Los Angeles.

Good — it’s about time Americans got to see “typical” Democrats in all their hypocritical fashions. Because it sure seems to me that the party of “we-care-so-much-about-the-family” cares more about one thing — kinky, free-style, gratuitous sex — more than anything else.

Now, look — I don’t want to be a “prude,” here. Playboy bunnies are beautiful and Playboy magazine is what it is — entertainment for men. I even considered trying to write for Playboy once upon a time because Hef pays well and because every guy I spoke with said he bought Playboy “just to read the articles.”


But the point is this: Should Americans be concerned about electing a political group that doesn’t mind defining family values for you and me while secretly — and “out of view” — engaging in such overtly immoral acts? I think not.

Democrats have consistently portrayed sex as something to be done anywhere, anytime between any sex and the same sex. Sex has been a primary focus of this party since the days Americans learned about Clinton’s dalliances with a White House intern, his alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick, his alleged fondling of Kathleen Willey, and God knows what and who else.

Democrats insist such behavior is “personal” and “nobody’s business,” but yet for a public figure who happens to be our president, it is our business — especially if those acts are violent and/or against the law.

Furthermore, if sex is supposed to be private, why do Democrats — a la Playboy mansion functions and via entertainment venues — so openly promote and defend it?

Personally, I could care less what two people of any sex do while in private — provided those people (whose morals I may not agree with) aren’t a) sticking it in my face; and b) aren’t elected to serve me. The same guidelines apply to me, not just them.

Other than that, people can do what they will, when they will — as long as it isn’t in the public forum, because sex is not supposed to be a public act. In fact, there are laws against that.

Democrats consistently have problems distinguishing the “proper role” of sex and pornography in our society — defending the sale of Hustler magazine in venues where children frequent while claiming their party cares more about your “family values.”

Though the DNC is working hard to downplay all of this sex stuff for just four days this week, Americans ought to know that it is Democrats who oppose computer technology blocking out porno sites on public library computers, defend President Clinton’s sex acts and crimes, use government computers to download teen porn, and — of course — support fund-raising at Hef’s Playboy estate.

Have Republicans and other political parties been hypocritical about sex? Yes — and no — depending on how you look at it.

I can’t think of a single scandal involving Reagan and Bush — the last two Republican presidents — where cigars were used to “tantalize” a young White House intern, nor can I think of any rape charges being leveled against them.

Further, I can’t think of the last time Hef held a GOP fund-raiser at his place, nor can I remember Hollywood generally approving of any entertainment venue ideas promoted by Republicans.

The one time in recent memory when staffers for a conservative Republican senator — Inhofe, from Oklahoma — downloaded pornography, they were fired. Thus far, no one has been fired for doing the same thing in the Clinton administration.

There are some really serious issues at stake in the Nov. 7 presidential election — better espionage prevention and security, problems with the military, parental notification of minor abortions and birth control, educational crises, and others.

But after watching the behavior of the Clinton-Gore administration and Democrats in general in regards to sex and related sexual issues for the past eight years, I have concluded that my “family values” differ substantially from theirs.

I realize my feelings about all of this are not likely to get me an invite to the Playboy mansion anytime soon, but that’s OK because my wife is my “bunny” and I don’t have much in common with those folks anyway.

And I question how many Americans really do.

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