Pundits-o-plenty have been quick to harp majestically on Democratic
presidential nominee Al Gore’s “wooden” stature as the primary reason
why voters disdain him.

As the Washington Post’s op-ed flak

Richard Cohen
noted — again — in the paper’s Thursday edition, Gore’s “challenge is not to be what he has always been — smart, dutiful, industrious, determined to do good and even occasionally wise — but to be liked” (my emphasis).

Of Gore, Cohen drones, “No one could be better prepared for the presidency — not by intellect, not by experience, not by sheer thirst for the job. His knowledge is vast. He is steeped in government. He could become president tomorrow and the nation would be in safe, sure hands.”

You know — if people could just find something to really like about him.

Vapid. Wooden. Stodgy. Serious. Not spontaneous. These are the qualities of Gore that make we the people “dislike” him — enough not to elect him president — the pundits-o-plenty babble. And is that any good reason, they ask?

Well, look: as usual, the “inside the Beltway” crowd, be they pundits or politicians, have it wrong. Real Americans out here in real America dislike Gore because of what he stands for — and what he doesn’t stand for — not because of his personality traits.

Cohen is right in assuming that Americans want a strong leader who is capable of occupying the White House. But because of Gore’s checkered tenure as veep and because of his traditionally leftist views on governing, Americans are shying away from him.

It’s really just that simple.

But wait, you say — didn’t Clinton skid to a couple of White House victories most likely because he was “liked?” That depends on the poll you’re reading at the moment. Most of those, however, have said that most Americans “don’t trust” him and I don’t know many people who “like” someone they can’t trust.

Gore’s trustworthiness gap is one reason why we don’t “like” him. Another is his abject socialist tendencies.

For example, Gore cannot even muster the fortitude to oppose partial birth abortion — a most hideous procedure that even staunch pro-choicers tend to shy away from. And like all “good liberals,” Gore believes the federal government — not you, me or our local elected leaders — can best “run things” while tucked away in Washington, D.C.

Gore also believes in keeping all of your tax money, even though because of George W. Bush Gore has offered trifling tax cuts and meager “refunds” in his most recent economic proposals. Most people don’t like that; they want their dough.

The vice president and would-be president also believes that — despite reams of overwhelming evidence that suggest otherwise — only federally-funded public schools can mitigate our “education crisis,” whereby we spend thousands of dollars per pupil to produce graduates that can’t read, write complete sentences, spell words with more than four letters and add/subtract without using fingers, toes and a $200 calculator.

Gore also hates guns, which doesn’t necessarily endear him to the nation’s 85 million gun owners — most of whom vote consistently. He hates them and wants to ban them even though our Constitution says he can’t.

When it comes to foreign policy, Gore takes a “globalist” stance — meaning that he believes Americans should be sacrificed at the altar of the United Nations and NATO so we can “police” the world and tell everyone else how to live. Most Americans aren’t in favor of that, either.

The new Democratic Party anointed also thinks that our daughters should have the right to “privately” seek birth control options — leaving mom and dad, who have raised her since birth, out of the picture completely because it’s “none of their business.” Most Americans — especially those with children — find that insulting, appalling and an extreme overreach of Washington’s so-called “authority” in the matter.

Gore is not being judged necessarily on his personal likeability; most Americans know they will never meet and get to know him personally anyway. It’s his politics that don’t appeal to this center-right electorate, and his culpability during eight years of the scandalous Clinton administration.

If sheltered little pundits and politicians inside the Beltway broke free of their sanitized environments once in a while, they’d know exactly why America doesn’t “like” Al Gore.

His flavorless personality is the least of it.

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