Much of the media coverage surrounding last week’s Democratic
National Convention was exactly the wrong kind liberals hoped to get.

For most of the four-day event, the media was focused on internal
rifts emanating from Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s flip-flops on policy issues
ranging from civil rights and racial quotas to school vouchers and
public education.

Also, the LAPD managed to get its own name in the headlines as
protesters clashed with officers throughout the convention. Liberal
wackos are to blame for this one too after so demonizing the LAPD in the
wake of the Rodney King riots and the O. J. Simpson debacle.

However, the worse infraction of liberal leftist wackos came on the
final night of the convention as some of the party’s most extreme
elements booed — booed, mind you — a small contingent of Eagle

Children, in other words. This, from the party that pretends to care
so much about kids in the first place.

Like the cowardly hypocrites they are, a gaggle of leftist extremists
booed the Boy Scouts as they took to the stage during Thursday night

Worse, just about the only major newspaper to report the incident was
The Washington
Times, signaling — once again — that most of the establishment press is lock,
stock and barrel in bed with these kinds of Democratic, extremist

Boo the Boy Scouts? Why? Well, because the Supreme Court has ruled
that the Boy Scouts have a right to exclude gay scoutmasters and members
from its ranks.

As if any of that is the fault of the Eagle Scouts who took to
the stage last Thursday at the DNC’s convention.

This group of wacko delegates, led by chief idiot Gloria Johnson, was
— predictably — from California. That figures.

What doesn’t figure is the DNC’s equally predictable and tepid
response to the incident.

“Under normal circumstances, jeering at children is the sort of
behavior that might get a delegate sanctioned, if not booted from the
convention altogether,” the Times said. “But anyone who expected the
Democratic leadership to scold the Boy Scouts of America bashers is
attending the wrong convention.”

Undoubtedly. The only sort of “criticism” the DNC could officially
muster of the behavior of some of its own was a queasy, shameful middle

“Most Democrats support the work the Boy Scouts do,” lied DNC
spokesman Rick Hess. “At the same time, we want to see gays and lesbians
treated with respect. Democrats across the board support equal rights
for gays and lesbians and we want to make sure they’re not discriminated

The fact is, there is no “at the same time” involved here;
Democrats — leftist extremists nearly one and all — are not interested
in any sort of “equality” other than what they mandate themselves. It’s
not about “diversity” or even compromise; for Democrats it is always
hypocritically about what they want, and only what they

And they want gays, lesbians, and persons who have sex with children
and animals treated as though they are somehow on par with the wide
majority of Americans who have sex normally.

So much so that some of them are apparently willing to be rude and
stupid enough to boo children who have prepared and practiced for a
ceremony at a political convention they could just as easily have
avoided, considering all the leftist wackoism directed at the Boy Scouts
since the High Court decision earlier this year.

How intolerant, hateful, unfair and cynical can you get?

Naturally the establishment press weenies wouldn’t want to cover such
shameful behavior. Anything to avoid letting voters have a real look at
what the Democratic Party has devolved into — a gaggle of bitter,
self-absorbed and hypocritical cretins who could care less about
anything or anyone if it weakens even one iota their self-perceived
status as arbiters of American society, law and culture.

Such lunacy has never been widely accepted in this country and
likely never will be. But these people just don’t get it.

Fortunately in America we have political diversity and choice; that
is the way it should be, regardless of the craziness of some. Having
said that — and now knowing how Democrats “officially” regard them —
the Boy Scouts should go out of their way to avoid any sponsorship,
association or promotion of the Democratic Party.

Because one thing lunatic leftists forget is that these scouts will
eventually become old enough to vote. And after the treatment they have
received by these wackos, does anyone care to guess which party they
will not vote for?

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