Stop the presses.

“Medical science”

now believes that an abortion may cause pain to
an unborn child.

That little nugget came from some of the so-called “best minds” in British medicine. To hear them tell it, cutting you up or sticking a suction tube in your brain only “hurts” you when you reach a certain developmental stage as baby not yet born.

Oh, brother. This “new theory” and a buck-fifty will get you a cup of overpriced cappuccino at Starbucks; that’s about how “useful” it is overall in this so-called abortion “debate.”

But hey — in lieu of this “new information,” British medical practitioners and scientists are advocating an end to all abortions, right? I mean, they must be — if there is even a hint that some liberal-socialist academic might condone something that would hurt or injure “The Children,” then it must be stopped at all costs … right?

Oh, I see — not in this case. We’re talking about abortion, and they’re not really human beings or “children.” They’re fetuses. Masses of bothersome tissue — the same ones that grow in a woman’s womb after sperm has fertilized one of her eggs after having sex (or, nowadays, having a “test tube” of sperm “on the house”). Right?

And we all know that though these “fetuses” won’t really grow into “children” — at least, not until we say so or until some pointy-headed academic, who would scream “Murder!” if we tried to stick a suction catheter in his head, tells us it’s a human being. A baby. The real deal.

In other words, this whole abortion “issue” has now come down to this: Babies are babies only when we are willing to recognize the obvious — that fertilized female eggs will grow into one thing and one thing only.

A human baby.

Not a “mass” or a “lump” or a “thingy.” A baby. A human being. You know, like they have since the beginning of time.

Premature baby at about 25 weeks. If it looks like a baby and feels like a baby …

But wait. The British (and U.S.) academics say that murdering little human babies is still acceptable, except that they “might” begin to feel pain “between 17 and 26 weeks.” In response, then, you know, we really ought to be using anesthesia to perform abortions during those developmental stages.

Gee, doc — ya think so?

What a bunch of moronic, senseless, babble. “You give ’em books and give ’em books. …”

The London Telegraph article also said that “most medical opinion agrees that a fetus cannot feel pain” before 17 weeks, but I’d like to know how that “absolute” is known? Who says so? It’s obvious we can’t ask the “fetus” because we’re killing him/her. Also, why can’t these people even call “it” a baby instead of a fetus? Conscience bothering them?

What does this “finding” really mean, anyway — that the alleged threshold of pain now makes a difference? Is that the new standard, “we can’t kill ’em if it hurts”?

Well, no, we can — just not without anesthesia.


When a friend of mine sent me the picture contained in this editorial, I don’t mind saying that even though I’ve been a staunch abortion opponent I was still moved to tears at the thought of how many similar children our legal system has “allowed” us to murder over the years. And that’s all it is, you abortion supporters — murder, plain and simple. And brutal.

Having said that, I have never believed it was possible for medical practitioners to become an “abortion doctor,” because all physicians are sworn to the same oath — “Do no harm.” You doctors out there know I’m right; and yet, killing babies is somehow not considered “harmful” by you hypocrites. Get real; or get a different career, because you’re disgracing the honorable art of healing.

I also don’t think it’s possible to even estimate the damage we’ve done to our society by killing millions of our own kind in kind of a genocidal rage against taking responsibility for our own sexual misconduct.

Please don’t talk to me about “the health of the mother” — pregnancy has always incurred certain risks. Or rape cases because that only happens about once in a million and, while tragic, it is never that baby’s fault — and there is always adoption.

There is also no way we can know how many potential JFKs, Martin Luther Kings, Ronald Reagans, Albert Einsteins, Henry Fords or George Washington Carvers we have killed already. There is no way we can know how many more we will kill until this abomination called abortion is forever banned from these lands.

When I saw that picture and realized that children older than that baby have been butchered then discarded like yesterday’s leftovers, it sickens me, angers me and makes me ashamed.

It also makes me fear God’s punishment, which will no doubt be meted out to me as well for doing too little to stop the madness. But I will deserve and accept it, as will all of us eventually.

If you can still look at this picture and believe in the fantasy that “women have a right to choose” to kill their unborn children, then I pity you. You’ve lost your soul.

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