Whether a result of good fortune, astute planning or divine
intervention, the political events leading up to the Republican National
Convention could not have been more beneficial.

First of all, the polls suddenly and dramatically changed. In
mid-July, the headlines jubilated that “The Race Has Tightened” and
“It’s A Statistical Dead Heat.” Then, on July 27, the CNN/USA
Today/Gallup Poll reported that George Bush and Dick Cheney led Al Gore
by 14 points. The very next day, a CNN-Time poll showed Bush and Cheney
with a 16-point lead.

This remarkable jump in the polls followed several demagogic days of
hysterical Democratic attacks against Bush for choosing Cheney as a
running mate and against Cheney for being Cheney.

The intense criticism against Bush was so sophisticatedly foolish as
to be nearly incomprehensible. He was ridiculed not for choosing a
flawed running mate, but for choosing a superb one. He was mocked
because his choice of Cheney was too “safe,” reflecting a lack of
courage. As one example of many available, former New York Gov. Mario
Cuomo, in a television interview, said that Bush’s choice of someone
with strength and experience was an “admission of his own incompetence
— a confirmation of weakness.”

CNN commentator Bill Press praised Cheney, citing his maturity, his
knowledge of how Washington works, his skill as a bipartisan leader, and
his international expertise — and concluded that this was proof
positive that Bush is not qualified to be president.

One might logically surmise that these two political experts will
recommend to Al Gore that he select a blatantly unqualified and flawed
running mate to prove to America that he is a strong leader who doesn’t
need to be propped up. Fortunately for Gore, the Democratic Party is
flush with candidates who match these job specs.

Shortly following this hatchet job on Bush, Democratic leaders
executed a mind-boggling flip-flop, and declared that Cheney was not a
“safe” choice after all but a dangerous one. California Sen. Barbara
Boxer was quickly out front to detail how Cheney’s voting record in the
House of Representatives confirms him as a right-wing extremist and
political Neanderthal.

She oozed ire as she cited his conservative record, including his
anti-woman vote against the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution,
his despicable anti-black vote against freeing Nelson Mandela from
prison, his anti-child vote against the Headstart program, and, horror
of horrors, his numerous inhumane votes against the sacred right of
women to get rid of unwanted growths caused by copulation.

Boxer twisted the truth about a revered public servant who was
unanimously approved as Secretary of Defense. She did not explain that
Cheney voted against the Equal Rights Amendment because he believed that
as written it would have required that women be drafted into the
military on the same basis as men. She neglected to say that the
resolution that urged freedom for Mandela also urged Reagan to recognize
the African National Congress, an organization deeply involved with
communism and terrorist activities. Almost all Republicans and a number
of Democrats voted against the resolution for that reason.

She also failed to mention that Cheney’s Headstart vote took place at
a time when huge deficits were being run up by Congress. Isn’t it
interesting that the very people who prattle endlessly about the Reagan
deficits in the ’80s are now criticizing one of the few men in Congress
at the time with the courage to oppose programs that ran the nation
deeper into debt?

What Boxer and other political hacks tried to do to Cheney qualifies
as hate speech. However, these vicious and dishonest attacks didn’t
work. They backfired. The American people have seen these sleazy tactics
one time too many.

So busy have the media been in clucking and brooding over all those
religious fanatics and conservative extremists in the Republican Party
that they have not taken note that the Democratic Party has been
hijacked by radical extremists of the far left. What a strange and
revealing twist that the Democratic Party, the party of inclusion and
tolerance, would flagrantly shut up and shut down any dissent or open
discussion of the social value, moral virtue or historic wisdom of
radical feminism, homosexuality and infanticide — and be applauded for
its dogmatism by liberal lackeys in the “mainstream” media.

The media may not have taken note, but the people have, and they are
sick and tired of the lies, the hypocrisy, the repression of freedom,
and the assaults on morality and civility that are the hallmarks of

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