Al Gore, a man with a thousand faces, has reintroduced himself yet
again to the American people, this time as an old guard, hardcore,
demagogic-and-driven, divide-and-conquer, big government socialist.
Finally, after 24 years of highly visible public “service” as a
congressman, senator, vice president and a two-time presidential
candidate, Gore said that this is who he really is, once and for all.

Candidate Gore has declared war on capitalism. He will fight to his
last breath against those “powerful forces” that are exploiting working
families and setting up roadblocks to keep the struggling masses in a
downtrodden state.

His anger and angst resonated with a motley crowd of conventioneers,
most of whom apparently have an inconsolable longing for a
bigger-and-more-important-than-life government to deliver to them the
fruit of someone else’s achievements, love them, care for them, and
protect them from themselves and others. It is not surprising that
Gore’s class warfare message had them cheering.

It is difficult to make generalizations about a hall full of
delegates, and yet one striking event suggested that many in this
gathering have mindsets that are several standard deviations away from
the national average. That underreported event involved a group of Eagle
Boy Scouts. As the scouts were lining up to go on stage as a part of
opening ceremonies, they were soundly booed and confronted with waving
signs which read, “WE SUPPORT GAY BOY SCOUTS!”

If you think that an apology for jeering children was forthcoming
from Democratic Party leaders, you don’t fully appreciate the liberal
mindset. In one of the few reports of this outrageous assault on common
good sense and decency, Valerie Richardson of The Washington Times
quoted the response of several delegates: California delegate Alex
Mallonee said, “I think it was odd that they had the Boy Scouts up
there, given the situation. It was pretty insensitive.” Another
California delegate, Craig Christensen agreed that ” … it was a
thoughtless thing to do.” He was referring to the presence of the
Scouts, not the mistreatment of them.

This behavior was not a surprise at a convention that nominated a man
who in a primary debate with Bill Bradley on Jan. 5 in New Hampshire
came out strongly for allowing proud and practicing homosexuals into the
military. In that same debate, TV anchor Peter Jennings asked Gore if he
would have a pro-homosexual litmus test when appointing members of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gore replied: ” … yes, I would make that a
requirement.” If Al Gore was adamant about one thing it was his desire
to fight for the little people against the “powerful.” However,
sometimes one learns more about a man by looking at what he does when
the chips are down rather than listening to him make a speech.

This is the Al Gore who looked the other way when Bill Clinton was
credibly accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick. Gore never looked at
detailed evidence that was made available to him. He never asked a
question. He never made an inquiry. When asked by a young woman at a New
Hampshire rally what he thought of Juanita Broaddrick’s charges, Gore
replied, “What network was it on?”

Tracy Mayberry rented a house on Vice President Al Gore’s property in
Tennessee. When she persisted for over a month in pleading for repairs
to peeling paint and backed-up plumbing, she was threatened with
eviction. When she complained to the press, Al Gore got interested,
promised repairs and said he would have Mayberry over to the main house
for dinner. However, following weeks of delays, broken promises, shoddy
repairs and no invitation to dinner, Mayberry moved out of the property
owned by a man she called a “slumlord.”

On a larger scale, Gore has called on one group of Americans to
declare war on other Americans. He promised to lead the fight to
protect: workers from bosses, old people from greedy pharmaceutical
companies, the noble poor from the filthy rich, criminals from brutal
cops, the sexually different from the Boy Scouts, pregnant teen-agers
from their parents, teachers unions from vouchers, atheists from prayer,
school children from God, minorities from a level playing field, trial
lawyers from those who would ban legal extortion, women from men,
children from parents, government workers from tax cuts, politicians
from the law, everyone from the judgment of others, and the Democratic
Party from the Constitution.

It is clear that mean-spirited, intolerant, left-wing extremists are
in firm control of Al Gore and the Democratic Party.

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