Warning signs on the entry gate to the Gray property.

A Trinidad, Texas, family of 10 adults and 6 children refuses to
its property and warns police to bring body bags if they plan to come
and get them.

The gate to John Joe Gray’s property has homemade signs that proclaim
“90 percent of Catholic priests ARE child molesters,” and a
warning to public servants that “survivors will be prosecuted.”

Gray, 51, claims he has been targeted by police for his belief that
government has no authority to make laws or regulations. He has very
strong religious convictions that have brought him into direct conflict
with police and the courts over a number of issues.

Police photo of John Joe Gray.

Gray has been interviewed on a number of radio talk shows in the past

two years. He has also been the subject of local reporting in eastern
Texas. WorldNetDaily could not reach him because his home no longer has
phone or electric service.

In past reports, Gray has stated publicly that he does not recognize
government authority. He will not accept a Social Security number or
driver’s license, and as a result has had problems with local police.
Gray and his daughter were both cited for not having a driver’s license,

and for a fictitious registration plate in separate incidents. They both

ignored a summons to appear in court on the charges, so arrest warrants
were issued but never served.

Gray was charged with a felony assault of a police officer and taking
police officer’s gun, also a felony. The altercation took place last
December when police stopped a car in which Gray was a passenger. Police

records indicate the car contained a number of weapons and that Gray was

personally armed. Records also show that Gray struggled with two
officers, bit the hand of one of them and grabbed the officer’s handgun.

Gray failed to show up in court to face the charges, so additional
warrants were then issued for his arrest. No attempt has yet been made
to serve those warrants.

Over a year ago, the father of two of Gray’s grandchildren won
of those children in court. Gray and his daughter will not recognize the

authority of the court and refuse to obey the custody order. The order
has not been enforced by the court, or by Child Protective Services —

Gray will not talk to police, and he will not appear in court, which
complicated the legal charges against him. Gray tells police and court
officials, “Come and get me,” and he adds, “bring body bags.”

The police have been patiently waiting for Gray to leave his
but so far he has not done so, and there are indications that he is
prepared to stay where he is for a very long time.

National talk show host Alex Jones is based in Austin, not far from
Trinidad where Gray and his family live. Jones has interviewed Gray a
number of times in the past regarding his beliefs. Tuesday night he went

to the Gray home because of a news tip that police were about to take

Jones told WorldNetDaily that he spoke with Gray and his family
He said he went there with the hope that he could prevent “another
Waco.” Jones said Gray and his family would not back down.

“Those people are not coming out. If the police move in there, people

are going to die. It’s going to be a bloodbath on both sides,” Jones
told WorldNetDaily. “The cops are smart not to go on that property,” he

Other local members of the press also received similar tips and went
the home Tuesday night. Jones said he observed police cars driving by
the Gray property throughout the evening, and surveillance cameras were
spotted along the property lines.

Jones and the other members of the media were expecting trouble, but
night passed quietly.

“Someone called in with a tip that something might happen, and I also

spoke to the Trinidad Police on the road and he said something might
happen. But it didn’t materialize,” NBC TV 56 reporter Paul Mueller told


Mueller told WorldNetDaily that law-enforcement authorities are not
physically surrounding the Gray property as some reports have suggested,

but he did say the property is under surveillance. Mueller believes the
potential for an armed standoff is very high.

“As each moment passes there’s a possibility that this possible
could intensify, because the Sheriff’s Department has to execute those
two warrants. Those two kids have to come out of there by law. No one’s
going in right now. If they go in, the other side has said, and has been

quoted as saying, ‘Bring body bags,'” Mueller said in a phone interview.

He said there are no efforts being made to broker a peaceful solution
the dispute. Local officials are patiently keeping their distance and
waiting for Gray to come out. How long they will continue to wait is

“The big question is, ‘Could this be another Waco?’ That’s a serious
concern on a lot of people’s minds,” said Mueller.

Mueller said the only people present were a few reporters and some
relatives of the Gray family. There were no spectators or citizen
militia members, and there were no police that he could see.

Gray has two homes on the 47-acre property where he lives with his
adult children, some of their spouses, and his young grandchildren.
Jones confirmed that Gray has a supply of food and fuel that will last
for at least two years.

The property is fenced and surrounded with barbed wire and
no-trespassing signs. The house is fortified with sandbags. Jones said
that there is a bunker built to protect the children from a police
assault. The bunker has a large sign warning that there are children
inside, according to Jones.

Jones also said that Gray and all his family, including his
granddaughter, are well-armed and expert marksmen.

Henderson County Sheriff Howard “Slick” Alfred has told the press
his No. 1 concern is the safety of the children. The sheriff has
continued a policy of watching and waiting, and he has told the media
that he wants to bring Gray to court for a fair trial.

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