Why do they do it? Why do our major TV networks give national
publicity to hate groups whose membership wouldn’t fill a telephone
booth — and half of whose membership undoubtedly consists of undercover
FBI agents? A case in point is a recent NBC “Dateline” program, hosted
by Tom Brokaw, which devoted one hour, 7,562 words, to “hate sites” on
the Internet.

Right at the start, Brokaw expresses his concern regarding what we
are about to see. Referring to another show that was done two years ago
called “Hate In America,” he says they “hesitated” to do that program
because they were worried “that we would give hatemongers the free
publicity they crave.” But, he continued, “We cannot ignore the reality
that hate crimes are a fact of life in America.” So, let’s have,
tonight, “a close-up look at hatemongers … their offensive language
and ideas.”

In other words, let’s give these hatemongers “the free publicity they
crave” — all in the name, of course, of fighting these hatemongers.
Let’s, while ostensibly opposing hate, help these hatemongers spread
what Brokaw calls “their cancer.”

George Orwell, call your office, please.

One tragic story focused-on in this ill-conceived program is the
murder of the black head basketball coach of Northwestern University,
Ricky Byrdsong, by “a racist whose hate drove him to other targets as
well.” The racist suspect in this murder is identified as Benjamin
Smith, “an activist in a racist group known as the World Church Of The

Wow. Pretty scary. The “World Church Of The Creator.” Sounds huge,
huh? I mean, it must be at least all over the “world,” right?

Well, not exactly. In fact, the WCOTC is not even all over the
Western Hemisphere, or all over the United States, or all over the state
of Illinois or even all over Peoria, Ill.

No, the WCOTC — headed by one Matt Hale — is said by Brokaw to have
its “headquarters” in “a small frame house in Peoria where Hale lives
with his father.” And we see Brian Levin, head of the Center On Hate
And Extremism at California State University at San Bernadino, saying
about the WCOTC: “The organization is by no means a bank of computers
with people furiously typing out racist invective all across the world
but, rather, one computer screen and one guy operating it, that guy
being Hale.”

Still, despite all this, Brokaw presses on, telling us, in great
detail, about Smith and his adulation of Hale. Brokaw wonders how an
“intelligent, well educated young man” like Smith “came to embrace such
hatred?” But, the answer is obvious: because Smith was neither
intelligent nor well educated! He was a dangerous, moral moron who,
among other things, as we are told, was arrested in a violent
confrontation at a mall and was an admirer of the Nazi Gen. Erwin

Brokaw tells us, again in detail, ad nauseam, who Matt Hale is and
how Smith fell “under his spell.” We see Hale, head of the WCOTC, on
TV, proclaiming the first episode of “White Revolution.” We see him
playing the violin, reading, talking on the phone, at his desk, at his
computer, handing out papers. We’re told that even though he calls
himself a reverend, Hale has no religious training and “says he doesn’t
believe in God!”

We see Smith saying, incredibly, with a straight face, that when he
talked with Hale he was “very impressed … about how professional he
was, how articulate and intelligent he was.” Articulate and
intelligent?! Please. Hale, clearly, is about as articulate as Elmer
Fudd and has the intelligence of your average rhododendron shrub.

When Brokaw asks about the morality of murdering people simply
because of their skin pigmentation, Hale says: “It depends on how you
define people.” Ah, yes, it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.
Hale continues explaining that “people is our people, white people, and
the others are simply our natural enemies when — when all is said and
done. I mean, every creature, every mammal has a natural enemy and so
do people, and that is mud people.”

Like I say, Demosthenes this guy ain’t.

Near the end of this disgusting program, Brokaw says that Hale’s
following is “a tiny one.” And Brian Levin says, “This is not an
individual who will rally millions to march on the lawns of blacks and
Jews all across America.”

So, I ask again: then why is NBC giving all this free publicity to
this racist creep? In fact, midway through this show, Brokaw reiterates
his worries. He wonders whether publicizing this kind of thing “might
do more harm than good”? He asks, in part, “Is it better for us to know
about this, to have it out in the open? Or is it better to try and
close it down in some way?”

Well, I cast my vote for total ignorance, at least as far as network
TV is concerned. I say: Network programs like this definitely do more
harm than good. It is most assuredly not better for us to know about
this kind of crap — particularly on national TV. So, close down
network TV coverage of these racists.

NBC’s “Dateline” brags that it is the winner of four Clarion Awards
for “outstanding journalism, more than any other news magazine. Awarded
again and again for excellence.” But, on this evening, this show’s
journalism was neither outstanding, excellent nor award-winning. It was
a disgrace and shameful.

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