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On Tuesday the Republican National Convention dedicated the evening to issues of defense and foreign policy. There was also a patriotic demonstration as Republicans remembered those who fought and died in World War II. The emphasis on national security and patriotism, of course, was right and proper. It also served to give Democrats a black eye because it would be impossible — in the wake of Clinton’s detestable leadership — to organize a similar event at the Democratic National Convention.

In a world where stranger things have happened, the party of political correctness might yet catch us off guard with a patriotic outburst. But don’t hold your breath. It is unlikely they will invite prominent military figures — like Gen. Colin Powell or Norman Schwartzkopf — to speak at their convention. In fact, such speakers would find themselves strangely out of place. The Democrats are also unlikely to invite a war hero — like Bob Dole — to speak of past battles and sacrifices, along with the present mismanagement of our armed forces. Such a speaker would be out of place in a party that prefers to forget the lessons of the past, even as it has no concern for the future. Besides, generals and war heroes do not resonate with a party that has been led for eight years by a draft dodger.

Am I saying that all Democrats are unpatriotic?

No, not at all. But the present leadership of the Democratic Party, especially since the party was captured by its left wing, is unwilling to dwell on the theme of flag and country. If Al Gore does manage to emit a patriotic grunt during his acceptance speech, it will be a short one. For any attempt to dwell at length on this theme would risk exposing him to charges of insincerity and hypocrisy. It is safe to say, in this regard, that the Democrats will not replay the words of FDR, as the Republicans did, about that “day of infamy” in 1941 when America was attacked by the Japanese. For the same reason, the Democrats will not dare to brag that morale and readiness are high in our armed forces.

In this regard, patriotic Democrats should take a closer look at their party to see if it truly represents them. Perhaps they do not know that a few months ago, when Russian defector Stanislav Lunev came to testify before a House committee, the Democrat members refused to attend. These same members would not listen to testimony of Russia’s war preparations. They did not want to hear that Russian Spetsnaz commandos train themselves to assassinate key American leaders, that they are always prepared — at a moment’s notice — to plant suitcase nuclear bombs in our most sensitive early warning facilities. These people — these Democratic representatives — are seemingly opposed to vigilance itself.

If you are a Democrat who cares about the security of the country, it’s time you left the party. Forget about trying to change it. The hour is late and the language of political correctness — the psychological straitjacket of our time — has already fortified the closet radicals of the party against you. In this situation it is best not to compromise yourself. It is time to get out.

Is it so outrageous to suggest that the Democratic Party has a problem?

It may be outrageous, at times, to tell the truth. But the truth is necessary if not basic to our survival as a country. If the Democratic National Convention sincerely adopted a patriotic position, or took time to remember our fallen heroes, if they gave one night of their convention to meditate on defense and foreign policy, if their national leaders set the goal of strengthening our armed forces, then Americans should consider voting for the Democratic ticket.

But like I said, don’t hold your breath. The Democratic leadership doesn’t like to talk about national security any more. They would rather talk about peace and “democracy.” They would rather work quietly to shrink the army and confuse our foreign policy, emphasizing public “welfare” policies instead.

It is important to recall that the first government of the United States under the Constitution, set up when George Washington was president, had only three departments. These were instituted by law on Sept. 10, 1789. These were the departments of War, State and Treasury. Today we have departed from this original plan. There are now over a dozen departments in our national government, mostly having to do with “social services” of one kind or another. Both political parties have contributed to this improper growth, but the Democrats have been far more zealous in this regard than the Republicans.

Given the present drift away from the ABCs of honest national politics, isn’t it is refreshing to see Republicans set aside a day to remember two of the three original — and crucial — functions of a proper national government?

When the Democratic National Convention is broadcast it will be interesting to see what they do. Will the Democrats celebrate some specific function of the national government?

If the Democrats are now the party of political correctness, as some of us believe, you can bet that national defense and security will not figure largely in their agenda.

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