Sometimes I think this nation of ours is like a headless body with
each appendage twitching in a different direction. Soon, along comes a
dictator/re-animator, and … you know the scenario.

Dubya gets elected! Truly a shade more alarming than Gore
dropping splinters all over the Oval Office. I know, I know, Dubya’s a
people person; he’s charming and, unlike most of us, he actually owned a
baseball team. Why, then, does he — scion of a

— strike such terror in my heart?

Eggzactly what kinda people person is Dubya?

“I’m back, after being jailed for three days for protesting the prison-industrial complex and the death penalty,” says JP, an activist. “No one should be punished for opposing capital punishment. Blocking traffic is nothing compared to a serial killer like Bush, who brags about killing 138 humans in Texas.”

That kinda people person?

“When I was coming up,” Dubya has said, “it was a dangerous world and you knew exactly who they were. It was us versus them and it was clear who them was. Today we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they’re there.”

Dangerous times like these, I turn for advice and comfort — if you can call it that — to my political friend AngstWorld, an amazingly astute Left Coast observer of incursions against freedom. I can always count on him for a pithy quote or three, summarizing and synthesizing all the sinister stuff he unearths. They don’t call him Angst for nuttin’. Because what he provides ain’t comforting.

Should we, I ask him, fear Dubya being president? Being as there’s a legitimate interest in the possibility Dubya was actually, factually

from the National Guard, and besides, Poppy is on record saying, “Jeb’s the smart one”?

“Nothing to fear at all!” AngstWorld declares. “Just invest heavily in oil and defense industries and you’ll be sure to ‘make a killing.’ You decide whether the pun is appropriate.”

Aha, the Cheney Factor.

“Bush is a political sock-puppet,” Angst continues.

He really thinks so? One of those cute l’il ol’ sock monkeys? Ooooh, perfect analogy. But that’s even worse than I imagined.

“He does whatever his handlers tell him to do. Like, someone told him, ‘Go to Bob Jones University.’ We’ll go into the overuse and, hence, death, of such terms and ideas as ‘universities’ some other time.”

And then there’s the Bush family tree with its roots deeply embedded in the rotting manure of … well, let Angst tell it. We have time. I’m not wearing a wrist-watch today.

“Basically, look at the history of the

Bush family,
their connections to the industrialists/ financiers in America who did everything in their power to assure that Germany (Nazi Germany) would be able to re-arm, and after that was accomplished, to keep America ‘neutral’ while Germany’s boots trampled the ruins of Europe into dust.”

Oh, like Dubya’s grandfather Prescott Bush’s strong interest in Nazi-era eugenics theories and experiments.

“If you believe, as I do, that the Nazis never really admitted a political defeat, took their organizations underground — Odessa, Die Bruderbund, ‘The Spider,’ the ‘Gehlen org,’ etc. — and then you start to examine the history of this Bush family, you might fairly be expected to come to the conclusion that they are working actively to hasten the day when this ‘Underground Reich’ can once more step into the limelight of history. …”

Go on.

“One of the things that helped smooth Hitler’s rise to power was a very sympathetic judicial system. Many of the judges sitting on German benches were quite supportive of Hitler’s aims and goals, and it was this support within the judicial — I hesitate to use the term ‘justice system’ when dealing with their courts and law — system that was instrumental in his rise to power in Germany. He could easily have been deported after that 1923 beerhall putsch, but for the sympathetic judge who oversaw that mockery of a trial.”

I see.

“George W. will be a puppet of the oil industries, so we can probably expect higher oil prices. We already have those but they’ll be blamed on the ‘Clinton Regime.’ Same thing happened in the ’70s, apparently — the oil companies screwed Carter to get their boys in. … Bush’s daddy was CIA director at that period and produced a blatantly wrong report that stated the Soviet Union would be running out of oil by 1984 and would look to invade the Middle East, and further that the Middle East was running low and how we should drill in America. High oil prices translate to high profit margins for domestic producers of crude oil.”

Wouldn’t surprise me.

“When this (rhymes with trick) gets in, all those judicial appointments that the Guardians Of Privilege have been holding up the past seven years will fall into the lap of Bush to appoint, and it will be the key factor that leads to an eventual manifestation of that which I fear is to be our political fate — overt fascism.”

Way back when I helped write speeches for a labor leader and traveled to El Salvador to investigate the plight of the people, we called Dubya’s Daddy “the CIA president, Cruelty-in-Action.”

For good reason. The man has no lips. Neither does Dubya.

And here’s a shocker. “The largest single contributor to the Bush campaign in 1980 was none other than Hinckley’s (oilman) father, apparently,” AngstWorld says, citing “George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography,” by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. Despite that, and other tangential connections to the Hinkleys around the time of the assassination attempt on Reagan, none of the Bushes ever “appeared before a grand jury or a Congressional investigating committee,” write

Chaitkin and Tarpley.
“No special prosecutor was ever appointed. Which is another way of saying that by March 1981, the United States government had degenerated into total lawlessness, with special exemptions for the now ruling Bush family. Government by laws had dissolved.”

AngstWorld’s adamant about the intelligence community’s generally whorish relationship to the petroleum industry and what researcher David Emory calls “massive, treasonous collaboration” with international fascism. Former Army officer and Justice Department investigator John Loftus and Mark Aarons’ disturbing book, “The Secret War Against the Jews” (1994), also documents, according to Emory’s “For the Record”

radio show website,
“the role of Richard Nixon, Allen Dulles, Ronald Reagan and William Casey in the Crusade For Freedom, an illegal domestic intelligence operation, with Nazi collaborators and war criminals imported into the United States for political purposes; and Richard Nixon’s role in coalescing these imported Nazi collaborators into a formal wing of the Republican party.”

Whew. Makes perfect sense to me. And we didn’t even get to mention the

Shadow Government,
a.k.a., the so-called Right-Wing Elite, or, even more stunning, the

Bush Body
sociologically fascinating if not factually accurate.

“Fight the oppressor!” urges AngstWorld.

Friends, there’s a

chain of command
here that should chill every free-thinking American to their core.

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