Remember the late Sen. Paul Tsongas? When he ran against Slick
Willie in 1992, he accused him of “pandering to the special interests.”
If Paul were alive today, he would be absolutely disgusted with how
venal the Democrats have become after eight years of Clinton

The Los Angeles Democrat convention saw the party of special
interests on full display. Politicians and union leaders, many old and
fat, dominated the proceedings in Los Angeles. Everywhere you looked,
you saw someone with their hand held out. Everywhere you looked, you
saw people who truly believe that with just a little more money … in
their pockets … they could solve America’s problems.

The Democrat Party and Bill Clinton have no shame. Their pact with
the special interests defines them. Their insatiable urge to spend more
of our tax dollars to federalize everything defines them. Their
adoration of the most despicable president in America’s history defines

The sad fact, however, is that America’s problems are not financial.
We can’t buy happiness or success with more tax money. No, my friends,
the problems are moral and spiritual, and no amount of money can cure
what ails America.

Every day, 1,400 babies die because the Democrats are committed to a
mother’s right to kill her baby. Every day, millions of Americans of
color believe the lie that their lack of success is because of racism,
not because of decisions that they and their parents have made. Every
day, some sick nut kills an innocent American, yet the Democrats who
support the execution in the womb of the unborn oppose the legal
execution of convicted murderers.

The Democrats claim to be the party that loves the environment the
most. However, even the Sierra Club has called Al Gore a hypocrite.
You see, Big Al, who knocks the “big oil” ties of Bush and Cheney, owns
stock in an oil company that is determined to drill for oil in an
environmentally sensitive part of Colombia. So much for Al telling the

The Democrats, in fact, are against the American dream, because they
are continuing their class war. Their enemy is anyone who works hard
enough to make a little money. According to Dick Gephardt and his
cronies, if your family makes $75,000 a year, you are rich and
undeserving of concern. In fact, according to the Democrats, we should
punish you for pulling too far ahead of your “less fortunate” peers.
What a bunch of bunk.

The Democrats talk about the need to spend massive new amounts of
health-care insurance. They want to continue Bill and Hillary’s war
against the drug companies. What they don’t tell you is that if they
are successful in artificially reducing the price of drugs, they will
kill the golden goose of medicine. Because robust prices for drugs
finance continued R&D to end diseases that afflict all of us.

Do you want a cure for cancer? Then don’t rein in the drug
companies. Do you want a cure for AIDS? Don’t rein in the drug
companies. The Democrats don’t want you to know that most of the
profits that drug companies make support research projects that extend
our knowledge, but don’t generate commercial products.

The drug companies know that the only way they can make money is by
producing products that solve problems. To find those products, they
have to spend at least a half billion dollars per new product before
they know if it will work. If it doesn’t, they start over. That’s what
our drug fees finance: innovation, research and results. It’s that
simple, and that’s what the Democrats want to destroy.

So there you have it. They support the destruction of innocent
babies by abortionists. They support the destruction of innocent adults
by murderers. They support the destruction of the only companies that
can find solutions to those evil things that kill us before our time.
All with your money, I might add.

Al and Joe say eight years is not enough. Basta, already!

Eight years is more than enough. Eight years of deceit and
immorality is more than enough. And don’t let Al Gore get away with the
lie that he is different from Bill Clinton.

Al Gore is the man who said, on the eve of Clinton’s impeachment,
that Bill Clinton was one of the greatest presidents in the history of

Al Gore is the man who launched the Democrats’ war on big tobacco by
talking about his sister’s death from lung cancer at the 1992

What Al didn’t tell us is that he continued to accept political
campaign contributions from tobacco companies for eight years after her
death. What Al didn’t tell us is that much of his family’s wealth came
from the growing and sale of tobacco.

So don’t let Al continue to lie. He and Clinton are birds of a
feather, and it’s time for both of them to go.

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