I suspect one of the reasons WorldNetDaily has become so popular,
with close to 1 million unique visitors, is because of the way we pore
through dozens of national and international news sources every day to
bring you what we believe are the most newsworthy stories.

Nobody would want to spend the kind of time our editors spend sorting
through thousands of stories. It’s more than a full-time job, which is
why our news editors are asked to work four-day work schedules rather
than the standard five.

Likewise, WorldNetDaily offers an exclusive weekly column that does
something similar for those interested in what the magazine industry is
producing on a weekly schedule. It’s called “Magazine Watch,” and it’s
written by veteran newspaper and magazine feature writer


Just a friendly tip: This column is a must-read every Friday

in today),
folks. If you’re not reading it, you’re not on top of the magazine world. You’re missing some hot stuff.

Steigerwald is a former Los Angeles Times columnist — but don’t hold that against him. He’s got an eclectic way of looking at the magazine world — the kind of perspective that will appeal to most WorldNetDaily readers.

He writes about the full gamut of publications — from Newsweek and GQ to Liberty and Mother Jones. Each week Steigerwald praises, damns or gently analyzes the contents and biases of magazines found on America’s endlessly deep and wide magazine rack.

Magazine Watch is part criticism, part preview, part subjective rant. What he does is pretty simple. He checks out magazine articles and refers you to the ones he thinks are newsworthy, interesting, amazing, provocative, politically important, funny, strange, dumb, whatever.

He’s been at this game for a long time — beginning with the Times back in 1987, the very year I laid aside my responsibilities running the news department of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He then took his show on the road with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Now he plies his trade offline with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and digitally with WorldNetDaily.

Magazine Watch sometimes gets lost in the ever-increasing newshole of WorldNetDaily. It’s not really commentary, per se, though that’s the section in which the column appears. It’s not really news, either — though there’s plenty of news to be found in this unique weekly read.

I watch statistics, and the statistics tell me that most WorldNetDaily readers have not yet discovered Steigerwald’s Magazine Watch column. This is not some fluffy feature I decided to include in the weekly lineup as a cheap ploy for ad dollars and lazy readers. No sir. This is good stuff. You gotta check it out. Make it a habit. I promise you won’t regret it.

It’s a quick, entertaining read, yet chockfull of stuff you can talk about around the water cooler.

Yet it’s more than that. It’s a necessary supplement to the WorldNetDaily news diet. This guy is all over the magazine world like WorldNetDaily is all over the news world.

OK. Have I convinced you to at least give it a try? Do you trust me enough to click over and have a look for yourself? Or are you getting bored with this shameless hype and promotion?

What can I tell you? It’s been a tough week on the road. I don’t have any profound thoughts for the day. I haven’t been plugged into the news the way I am when I’m sitting in my WorldNetDaily throne.

So, do me a favor —

click here now.

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