Some people are angry with me for not supporting George W. Bush in
his campaign against what I acknowledge to be a truly evil opponent in
Vice President Al Gore.

While I may not be able to muster the conviction to endorse Bush, I
will encourage every single American reading my column today to do
everything we can to support a member of Congress deserving of return to

I’m talking about my friend, Jim Rogan, R-Calif., one of the House
managers in the impeachment trial.

Rep. Jim Rogan, R-Calif.

Rogan is an unusual guy to be sure. He’s a former Democrat turned
Republican running in a formerly Republican district that has turned
Democrat. To show you what an uphill battle Rogan faces in November, in
1996, Clinton took his district with 49 percent of the vote to Bob
Dull’s 41.

Immediately after the impeachment trial, his own polls showed that 75
percent of voters in his district planned to oppose him.

While Rogan is hardly a one-issue candidate, this race has become a
referendum on impeachment. Rogan’s opponent is collecting money from
Clinton sycophants from all over the country who have targeted the
Republican for political extinction.

The political consultants want Rogan to renounce his strong role in
the impeachment trial, to soften his hard stand against Clinton, to put
it all behind him. Rogan won’t do that because he has something in short
supply in politicians — integrity.

This is the kind of guy we want in the House of Representatives. I
don’t always agree with Rogan. Not by a long shot. I’ve had my arguments
with him. But he stood up to be counted and took a courageous stand
against Clinton. We should not forget him in his hour of need.

Personally, I’ll never forget Rogan’s skillful questioning of Dr.
Barbara Battalino, the physician who was convicted of sexual harassment
by the U.S. Justice Department and denied her right to practice medicine
because of an offense remarkably similar to Clinton’s affair with Monica
Lewinsky. I’ll never forget the late-night phone calls he took from me
during the impeachment trial despite his grueling schedule. I’ll never
forget the way this freshman congressman stood tall in the face of
overwhelming opposition and odds — even from his own party’s leadership
in the Senate.

So, you’re probably wondering, what do I expect you to do about a
congressional race in Southern California if you’re not a resident of
Rogan’s district?

I’ll tell you what I expect you to do. Just what I am going to do.
Because this is a race with a clear-cut choice between right and wrong,
good and evil, a government of laws and a government of men, I am asking
you to take a few minutes to send a few bucks to the campaign to
re-elect Jim Rogan to the U.S. Congress.

The neat thing is all of us can do this.

And we can do it right
now — online.

I don’t care if you have $1,000 to give or $10, all of us can give something to this race that really counts — where we can make a difference.

You know, I seldom ask you — or urge you — to do something other than to inform yourselves by reading WorldNetDaily. Today is one of those rare exceptions. Time is running out. This race is too close to call. A little surge of cash right now can make all the difference. And WorldNetDaily’s nearly 1 million unique visitors can more than put Jim Rogan over the top.

The Clintonistas vowed to take out Jim Rogan after his role in the impeachment. They have committed all their resources to this fight, and Rogan is still hanging tough. Now it’s time to surprise them with a surge of last-minute cash they never counted on.

You want to have the last laugh on impeachment? Re-elect Jim Rogan.

Learn more about the Rogan campaign or to make your

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