It is a damned shame what is happening to the Boy Scouts. If they’re
not being booed by socialist lunatics at the Democratic National
Convention, they’re losing their funding from hypocrites in big

All because the group — rightfully — doesn’t want homosexual
scoutmasters fondling or otherwise making untoward advances to young
scouts. What “extremists.” As if something like that hasn’t happened
before. Give me a break.

But now, apparently, the attacks have gotten worse because — and
couldn’t you just see this one coming? — the federal government
is getting into the act.

According to Thursday’s

Washington Times,
the Department of Interior (huh?) “is gathering information on its ties to the Boy Scouts to determine whether such ties violate President Clinton’s executive order banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“The gathering of information is the first known instance of the federal government questioning ties with the Boy Scouts since that ruling,” the paper said, citing the Bureau of Reclamation’s action.

There’s more. Tell me if you think all of this was planned.

The order the Interior Department is referring to is EO 13160, which Clinton signed just five days before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts could admit — or reject — any and all sorts of scoutmasters it wanted to reject.

The term “pre-emptive strike” comes immediately to mind; makes it seem as though Clinton’s homosexuality promoters knew in advance the High Court was going to rule “against” them. If this administration is anything, it is predictable.

But the attacks on the Boy Scouts by “activists,” big business and the federal government isn’t enough. The liberals have been smitten, and they want more.

“Mr. Clinton, as president, is the honorary head of the Boy Scouts of America,” said the Times, but “several Democrats in Congress have asked Mr. Clinton to resign from that position as a protest of the Scouts’ ban homosexual troop leaders.”

I think that’s a great idea. Clinton should resign as tertiary head of the scouts; because of his views he doesn’t belong with them.

But these are all side issues — eye candy to keep people from focusing on an absolute truth that has been ignored by the other major press, the activists and the liberals leading this charge.

The Boy Scouts is one of this nation’s premier youth groups, and aren’t liberals supposed to be the guarantors of rights “for the children”?

Like women’s groups abandoned Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey when charges of sexual misconduct arose against “their president,” liberal hypocrites who do everything “for the children” are now abandoning the Boy Scouts over a silly and inappropriate political difference.

How petty. How typical. And how irresponsible; how many parents seriously want their children around known homosexual men or women who are the same sex as their kids?

As this attack proves, I guess only certain children who belong to groups with certain political views deserve the support of a liberal.

Who in their right mind these days attacks a children’s group and expects — seriously — to win widespread support?

Only hypocrites and liberals.

OK, that was redundant.

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