I have vehemently criticized the Clinton administration’s
explanations for what allegedly happened to TWA Flight 800 four years
ago as bogus, because investigators have ostensibly ruled that some
errant, raw wire inside an empty gas tank on a plane making a
transatlantic flight was responsible for the plane’s midair

This, despite dozens of witnesses who tried to tell the FBI that no,
it was a missile — or something that imitated one pretty damned
well. There is simply too much other evidence — perhaps some of it
circumstantial — to suggest that the plane was probably attacked, and
did not blow up because of something Boeing did.

I also believe the plane was targeted in retaliation for some heinous
foreign policy “error” we committed against someone overseas at some
point in our recent and checkered past. Hey, it’s happened before —
U.S. assets have been targeted on many occasions as “payback” for
something we did.

There is one other major scandal that I believe has also been covered
up by federal officials — in many ways an alleged crime much more
heinous than flight 800 or other foreign policy blunders.

The “incident” I refer to is the Waco tragedy, where, in 1993, agents
of the FBI and elements of the U.S. military were used to assault over
80 men, women and children who belonged to a religious sect the
administration just didn’t like. The result, as most know, was the
incendiary deaths of those people — American citizens all — in what
even some government officials have called “the worst domestic law
enforcement tragedy to date.”

What makes Waco worse than TWA Flight 800?

Waco represents the alleged cover-up of a domestic scandal of
epic proportions — and one that has direct, causative effects on
the lives of every American citizen.

In foreign policy we can always bomb “those people over there” and
use our global military might to threaten retaliation if we’re attacked
in kind. Hypocritical as hell, but that’s how it works.

However, a criminal government has to be much more discreet about
retaliating against political enemies “in country” because it’s easier
to find out the truth behind the attack — eventually. As more time
passes, more information becomes known about what the government really
did to the Branch Davidians, and how — through its “after action”
actions — the government, to this day, continues to work feverishly to
hide its mistake. Years later, lives are still being destroyed over

The most recent casualty
involves a former U.S. attorney who blew the whistle on Justice Department and FBI lies over the bureau’s use of pyrotechnic devices during the final April 19, 1993, raid that leveled the Waco compound.

For six years FBI agents, President Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno and dozens of other toadies from dozens of other agencies lied through their teeth to Congress and the American people, saying, “No — we didn’t use such devices when storming that compound.”

According to the Washington Post, former assistant U.S. attorney William Johnston is now likely to be indicted by prosecutors who worked for “special counsel” and former Missouri Republican Sen. John C. Danforth — a man who I once believed was honorable.

At issue is whether or not Johnston “conspired” to withhold key evidence from investigators and the Justice Department. Danforth has threatened to indict Johnston on charges of — now get this — perjury, obstruction of justice, making false statements and obstructing a congressional investigation, because Johnston deliberately withheld notes from Justice investigators about the pyrotechnic devices the FBI and others used during the raid.

He withheld it because he didn’t trust Reno’s Justice Department with the information, though, not because he was attempting to suppress evidence — as the Justice Department is doing and as Danforth is now helping them to do.

Besides the obvious hypocrisy involved, Danforth’s charges are specious and hypocritical given that Danforth, in his final report, identified others — including an FBI lawyer — that did “intentionally mislead” prosecutors and investigators. None of them, however, are slated for indictment or even punishment, though. Why is that?

Johnston was the one federal officer who brought the pyrotechnic lie to the attention of the Justice Department; he even had to go directly to Reno to pass on what he had learned about the use of pyrotechnic devices because conspirator middle-agency managers refused to pass it on for him.

They felt Johnston was breaking “the code of silence,” you see.

The legal action Danforth is considering against Johnston is a pure, political travesty — and it is retribution, no question about it. Outside of U.S. District Judge Walter Smith Jr., Johnston is the only federal official who has shown any desire to get to the truth of what really happened at Waco.

The badly institutionalized corruption throughout this administration has caused more citizens than ever, according to recent survey data, to mistrust federal agencies, officers, and intentions. We can thank Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Janet Reno — as well as Danforth now — for that.

Danforth, however, is blaming this “cynicism” on Johnston (surprised?) and the few like him because they talked; like so many other government officials, Danforth is blaming the messenger for the message.

Nevertheless, despite this new and obvious attempt to suppress — even further — more evidence that the federal government was responsible for the Waco disaster, I know there will still be plenty of people who will continue to believe every single lie the Clinton administration tells regarding this tragedy.

If Danforth gets by with this, government wrath — and retribution — will be turned on “domestic critics” anywhere, anytime, and those responsible for it will get by with it because there are too few officials and too few congressional lawmakers who have the guts or the “cleanliness” to prevent such travesties.

Most people will allow the realization of that to prevent them from doing the right things. But others won’t and before you know it, there could be many more Wacos and many more deaths — government and civilian — before the corrupt and cowardly elite understand the implications of justice denied.

Americans will, ultimately, see that justice is served, one way or the other.

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