Presidential candidate Al Gore and senatorial candidate Hillary
Clinton are trying to unshackle themselves from the various misdeeds and
debauchery of Bill Clinton. They realize that the American people are
thoroughly sick and disgusted by serial scandals and investigations.

Both have behaved as if all they need to do is to dissociate
themselves from the “private” sexual behavior of the president. However,
it’s not that simple. It isn’t just about sexual dalliance; it’s about
the role they played in covering up, enabling and defending flagrant
campaign corruption, the abuse of women, obstruction of justice and
perjury. They are guilty, not by association, but by participation.

Throughout her husband’s political career, Mrs. Clinton has stood by
her man. It is not a surprise that she is now being investigated for
taking campaign contributions in exchange for overnight stays in the
Lincoln bedroom and at Camp David. If you bunker down with Bill Clinton,
you get up with sleaze.

Mrs. Clinton has attempted to establish a new identity by advertising
herself as “Hillary,” after the fashion of other notorious celebrities
such as “Cher” and “Madonna.” However, the strategy has backfired. It
has revealed that without her husband, she is an empty suit. Her entire
career has been spent clinging to her husband’s coattails.

Her greatest mistake was to appear on the same platform with her
Republican opponent, Rep. Rick Lazio. She was there, not as first lady,
but in her own right. Alas, she was not up to it. On a level playing
field with a tough male opponent, who dealt with her as an equal, she
was bowled over.

The tragedy for her is that she missed a glorious opportunity to
guarantee that she would win the New York Senate race in a landslide.
She could have done this by confronting Lazio when he walked across the
stage and insisted she sign a pledge to forgo soft money. Rather than
cowering, she should have taken the sheet of paper from his hands and
torn it into pieces. She should have stepped forward, backing him off,
saying: “You’re behaving badly. Now be a good boy and get back to your
corner.” If she had done this, New Yorkers would be still applauding.

It’s what a truly strong woman would have done — but Mrs. Clinton is
no Margaret Thatcher, and she is no Lynne Cheney — and Lazio knew it.

Surely, it is now obvious to the people of New York that Mrs. Clinton
is not accomplished enough, tough enough, or genuine enough to represent
New York state in the Senate — and surely it is now obvious to the
feminists who have tried to make a heroine out of her, that she is much
too comfortable in the role of a “poor me” victim.

As for Al Gore, he may succeed in unshackling himself from Bill
Clinton. But no matter how many disguises he hides behind or how many
identities he assumes, he cannot unshackle himself from himself. In his
own right, Gore is one step ahead of the sheriff.

Three times over the past three years, Attorney General Reno has
denied recommendations to appoint independent counsels to investigate
Gore, based on credible evidence that he made dozens of illegal
fund-raising calls from the White House, that he lied to the FBI, and
that he committed perjury and made false statements concerning fund
raising at a Buddhist Temple and at White House coffees.

The recommendations for an independent counsel came from Louis Freeh,
head of the FBI, Charles LaBella, former head of Reno’s justice
department campaign task force, and Robert Conrad, Reno’s choice to
replace LaBella as head of her campaign task force.

So that’s the end of that? No, not at all. Currently, task force head
Robert Conrad has launched an investigation of the suspected involvement
in 1995 of Gore and others in a felonious scheme to accept money from
Walter Umphrey, senior partner of a Houston law firm, in exchange for a
presidential veto of tort reform.

A “call sheet” has surfaced which gave instructions on what should be
said in a telephone call to Umphrey. The “call sheet” says, “Sorry you
missed the vice president. I know you will give $100,000 when the
president vetoes tort reform, but we really need it now. Please send
ASAP if possible.” Since that time, according to federal records,
Umphrey and his law firm have given more than $700,000 to the Democrat

The only way Americans can end the cycle of corruption and infamy is
by administering a thorough ballot-box thrashing of Mrs. Clinton and Al

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