The Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit group dedicated to the
defense of religious freedom and parental rights, has been contacted by
several hundred disgruntled union members who have religious
objections to paying union dues.

These union members desire to have all of their dues given to
charities or religious ministries. The calls to the Pacific Justice
Institute began pouring in after the group announced its federal court
lawsuit against the United Auto Workers Union, earlier this month. That
suit was filed on behalf of a Christian worker who objects to his union
dues being allocated to candidates whose views contradict with his own
biblical values (i.e., candidates supporting partial-birth abortion).

The filing of such objections are based upon Section 701(j) of the
Civil Rights Act of 1974, which requires unions to reasonably
accommodate the sincerely held religious beliefs of workers, including
those who have religious-based objections to paying union dues.

“We are overwhelmed with the number of calls and email requests we
have received from those now wishing to stand up to their union. We
have received more calls in the last two weeks on this matter than we
have over the last six months,” said Brad Dacus, president of the
Pacific Justice Institute, who recently appeared on my “Listen America”
television broadcast to discuss this case. “Although increased staffing
is now clearly needed, we are extremely optimistic because of this
recent momentous progression for religious civil liberties.”

Brad told me that after appearing on the broadcast, he received so
many calls from union members that he literally has not been able to
handle them all.

In a CBS-Times poll released earlier this week, 29 percent of union
members in Michigan support George W. Bush for president. While this is
by no means a majority, it indicates that there are large numbers of
union members whose own political views contradict the Democratic
sponsorship of the unions.

Dacus’ case is very important to the thousands of union members who
do not want their dues continually used to sponsor liberal causes and
politicians. (Speaking of polls, the new Los Angeles Times national
poll shows George W. Bush continuing to gain momentum in the
presidential race, leading over Mr. Gore by a 48 percent to 42 percent.)

Standing with Dr. Laura

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is continuing their
assault on Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Sadly, GLAAD and other
homosexual-rights groups have convinced a host of advertisers to
withdraw sponsorship of Dr. Schlessinger’s new television show, “Dr.
Laura,” as well as her popular radio broadcast.

The reason Dr. Schlessinger has been targeted by these groups is
simply because she advocates Judeo-Christian values and is vocally
outspoken against all sexual activity outside the bonds of traditional
marriage. Presently, Dr. Schlessinger’s television show is on hiatus
while producers reformat it. Dr. Schlessinger stated on Thursday that
the show has been reformatted and she is much more comfortable with the
new arrangement.

GLAAD Executive Director Joan M. Garry said, “GLAAD hopes that the
“Dr. Laura” hiatus is a permanent one, and that Paramount will
disassociate itself from Schlessinger’s messages of hurt and
intolerance. Hiatus or not, GLAAD will remain vigilant in monitoring
the program and working across the country with advertisers who are
supporting the program. Schlessinger should not have been given a new
platform for her campaign of misinformation and defamation of our

GLAAD is presently seeking out two major advertisers — Pillsbury and
International Home Foods (maker of Chef Boyardee foods, Gulden’s
Mustard, Pam Cooking Spray, and many other products) — urging them to
drop sponsorship of “Dr. Laura.”

Both companies recently began advertising on the television show
after Paramount lowered advertising rates to enlist new advertisers.

Ms. Garry recently told GLAAD supporters: “It is extremely important
that you contact these advertisers today and let them know that even at
bargain-basement prices, associating with prejudice is not worth the
cost.” Therefore, I am encouraging all concerned Americans to contact
both of these companies to thank them for advertising on “Dr. Laura.”

You may contact these companies and respectfully thank them for their
sponsorship of Dr. Laura’s television show through the following venues:

The Pillsbury Company
Phone: 612-330-4966 (State that you are calling regarding the “Dr.
Laura” television show. One of my staff members called today and was
told by a Pillsbury spokesman that the company looks “every day” at
their customer comments, meaning your call is very important. Encourage
your friends to call, as well.) Fax: 612-330-7283

International Home Foods
Phone: 800-544-5680 (Press 4 for Customer Comment Line and you will be
connected to a live representative.) Fax: 973-254-5473

October surprise?

With the presidential elections just around the corner, rumors are
running rampant in Washington that the Clinton White House is
contemplating an “October Surprise” to enhance the flailing candidacy of
Al Gore.

Kenneth R. Timmerman

suggested in WND
this week that the Clinton administration is hoping to negotiate a “package deal” with the government of Iran in time for the elections that would lead to renewed diplomatic relations and give President Clinton a much sought-after “legacy” in foreign affairs.

“If successful,” Mr. Timmerman reported, “the deal would restore complete commercial ties between the two countries, allowing U.S. oil companies to invest in Iran and to buy Iranian crude oil while allowing President Clinton and Vice President Gore to claim credit for “resolving” the current oil crisis, all in time for the elections.”

He added, “To win the approval of the Iranian government — the main sticking point for the scheme — the Clinton administration has taken extraordinary steps to protect Iranian government assets in the United States from being used to compensate the families of victims of Iranian-backed terrorist attacks. In a series of successful lawsuits brought under a 1996 anti-terrorism law, the families have won awards totaling more than $1.6 billion against the Iranian government.”

Another October Surprise could involve the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

“Nowhere is Pollard’s freedom a more sensitive issue than in New York, where prominent Jewish leaders have called for his immediate release,” Mr. Timmerman reported. “They argue that Pollard was sentenced to life for a crime he was never accused of committing — and they are right. Pollard was indicted for illegally divulging classified documents to a U.S. ally but, at the last minute, the government introduced a still-classified damage assessment, written by then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, which accused him of treason. President Clinton has twice reviewed Pollard’s case and refused to grant him clemency at the urging of successive CIA directors. But Hillary Rodham Clinton, now a candidate for the U.S. Senate in New York, has called on the government to reopen his file and make public the charges against him.”

Of course, the timing of a potential Pollard release could seriously impact the New York Senate race.

A third potential October Surprise, which was reported to me by a veteran Washington insider, suggests that President Clinton may feign an illness with only days to go prior to the election. This contrived sickness would permit Al Gore to sit in the Oval Office, allowing him to appear to be serious, solemn and the calming force of stability during such a rare crisis — just before the consequential election. (This is admittedly far-fetched and even I doubt Mr. Clinton would stoop this low.)

Since this is the most unscrupulous White House in history, we should expect virtually anything from them as Mr. Clinton attempts to prolong his alleged legacy through the candidacies of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Gore. I hope if the White House is foolish enough to enact one of these October Surprises that our fellow Americans will be able to see it for what it is — a desperate act by immoral and power-hungry leaders.

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