Finally, after much dancing and jabbing, the two major contenders for
the Oval Office have agreed to slug it out face to face. Since our
warriors are the first ones at risk when the Prez says “go,” it would be
only fitting if the candidates agree to at least one debate at Fort
America. Then the troops would know they’re not taken for granted and
that their voices count in the democracy they’ve taken an oath to defend
with their lives.

Here are a few questions our warriors have sent my way:

Marine grunt: “Mr. Bush, since your dad sent us to Somalia in 1992,
we’ve been doing Meals On Wheels missions around the globe that have
nothing to do with defending our country. Do you intend to continue
these, or employ us only when America’s security interests are genuinely

Navy fighter pilot: “Mr. Gore, every year since ’92 we’ve been flying
fewer hours. Now our tactical proficiency’s down the tubes. During the
Serbia War we missed half of our targets. Vice Adm. John Nathman said
recently that Naval Air will soon be unable to do the job. What’ll you
do to change this?”

Army sergeant major: “Mr. Bush, I’ve been wearing this uniform since
1969 and have never seen more self-serving senior leaders than we have
today. This observation is supported by the thousands of our best and
brightest who’re walking. We’ve recently caught generals hitting on
their aides’ wives, stealing and lying. And look at top dog Gen. Hugh
Shelton, who’s been insisting our readiness status is ‘good to go.’ Even
a recruit knows we can’t do even another Desert Storm. What are you
planning to do about cleaning up the senior ranks and returning the
trust that once existed from the top of the Army to the bottom — which
in today’s Army is as out of fashion as a pair of old brown boots?”

Air Force maintenance sergeant: “Mr. Gore, most of the aircraft we
have are older than my airmen who turn the wrenches. Spare parts are as
hard to find as a 50-buck loan the day before payday. More than 40
percent of our squadrons couldn’t hack a hot operational mission. How’ll
you turn this around?”

Marine major: “Mr. Bush, our armed forces are still organized to
fight the Cold War. Our platforms — tanks, ships and aircraft — are
old and obsolete for the kind of wars we’ll fight this century. What’s
your vision for modernization?”

Army sergeant major: “Mr. Gore, the last nonpolitical,
nonwheeler-dealer SecDef we’ve had was George Marshall. Even Beavis and
Butthead know we gotta reorganize our forces and hunker down for some
hairy fights down the track that’ll be nothing like the past. I reckon
your choice as SecDef will be the most important cabinet position you’ll
fill. We need someone who will cut the flab, waste, redundancy and
duplication. Just whom do you have in mind?”

Navy commander: “Mr. Bush, besides having an organization that’s
changed little since George Washington crossed the Delaware, a worry
most of us in the profession of arms have is that America’s basically
been rudderless since the end of the Cold War. There’s no national
strategy. What is your vision for our national security?”

Air Force sergeant: “Mr. Gore, you’re on record that as president
you’ll permit homosexuals to openly serve. Many of my buddies say
they’ll leave the service if this happens. The experts from war-fighters
to military sociologists say such a policy would destroy morale, unit
cohesion and teamwork. Has this information caused you to change your

Army drill sergeant: “Mr. Bush, each year Sensitivity and
Consideration for Others Training becomes more important than combat
drills. Gender-bending by pushing women into jobs they can’t handle has
lowered the standards. The warrior ethic has all but disappeared. Basic
training’s become a joke. We don’t create warriors anymore, we produce
cheerleaders. Sadly, all this politically correct jazz started on your
father’s watch. Do you intend to turn this dangerous trend around?”

Maybe you’ll have a chance to ask your pols these questions yourself
when they come around begging for your vote. Surely, the Joes and Janes
that do the dying deserve some answers!

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