Princeton bioethics professor Peter Singer, author of “Animal

frequently weasels his way into newspaper headlines by recommending
things like euthanizing the country’s mentally deficient. Stupid
people, in his view, don’t deserve to reproduce or drain earth’s
precious-few resources.

Understandably, when folks hear recommendations like Singer’s,
usually they envision some despotic government out of a dystopian novel
like “Brave New World,” carefully sorting and cataloguing the nation’s
kids, dropping the occasional retard down a chute marked “rejects.”
This may not be necessary.

Some mental underachievers are good enough to make those sorts of
arrangements on their own.

WND reader Jean-Pierre A. Maldonado, for instance, recently e-mailed
me word of an Aug. 6 story in the Arizona Republic: “Gun hidden in pants
fires, wounds suspect.” As the story goes, a 27-year-old Kenny Miller
stuffed his firearm down his pants after popping a few rounds at Phoenix
police officers. Then the gun went off. “The bullet,” according to the
Republic, “entered Kenny Miller’s abdomen and exited through his

I hate it when that happens.

Wanting to rub it in, Maldonado sent along a limerick to accompany
the story:

    A hoodlum in the Phoenix heat,

    Pulled a stunt he can never repeat:

    Tucked a gun in his waist,

    As from coppers he raced,

    And blew his testes all over the seat.

The story proves, according to our faithful reader, “that
Darwin’s Law has its corollaries. The gunman, most likely, will not be
able to pass on his criminal genes.”

Neither will Jonathan Berry.

Right up there with wise admonitions against tugging on Superman’s
cape, spitting into the wind and bringing a broken popsicle stick to a
knife fight is the warning about trying to rob ex-Special Forces
soldiers with BB guns. Berry apparently never heard that one, as
evidenced by the Aug. 31 antics outside a Columbia, S.C., motel, when he
attempted to pull just such a feat.

As reported in the

Sept. 1 Columbia State,
two businessmen, Thomas Bullins and John Nettles, were leaving the motel about 1 in the morning, when Berry stoked up enough courage to try his best (but hardly adequate) Black Bart impersonation.

Approaching Bullins outside his room, Berry raised his peashooter to Bullins’ face and demanded money. Thinking Berry’s airgun was the real thing, Bullins grabbed Berry’s arm and, after a bit of a scuffle, pulled a .22 pistol from his pocket and blew a hole in Berry’s aorta. Nettles, hearing the shot, bolted his room and, for good measure, drilled Berry’s torso with three more slugs from his .45 — though it was Bullins’ first shot that the county coroner deemed the fatal bullet.

As to the legality of the shooting, “They were lawfully carrying weapons,” explained Richland County sheriff’s spokesman Chris Cowan, saying that Bullins and Nettles will not be charged. “They were well within their rights.”

They were also well within their skill.

Bullins and Nettles “are ex-military Special Forces,” said Sheriff Leon Lott. Berry and his partner, who survived unharmed, found cowering by the motel pool, “picked the wrong two guys because they’re trained to teach people how to handle exactly the kind of situation they had last night.”

In other words, Black Bart stopped the wrong stagecoach.

Singer is wrong. Addlepated nincompoops aren’t people for whom the government should step in and deal with by sterilization or euthanasia. Stupidity, thankfully, usually provides its own solutions.

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