The media has always been quick with labels, monikers and epithets
for politicians — if they’re not liberal politicians.

As WorldNetDaily’s Washington Bureau Chief Paul Sperry points out in
his July 12 column,

“Media’s label gun fires blanks at President
the mainstream press was quick with “Tricky Dick” for President Nixon, referring to Reagan’s “sleaze factor” and tagging Newt “The Gingrich who stole Christmas.”

Yet, despite scandals galore, Sperry observes, “Clinton is still just ‘Mr. President.'”

“With this presidency,” writes Sperry, “we’re expected to buy that his scandals are like so many potato eyes — disfiguring but nothing rotten. We’re expected to swallow the notion that a fish rots from the tail up.”

Not one to walk off such a log, Sperry offered WND readers a chance to write in their suggestions for Clinton labels — in the same spirit as Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s editorial editor Paul Greenberg’s now-infamous “Slick Willie.”

These many entries have now been sorted, compiled, ranked and FBI background-checked. The top 10, we are proud to announce, are now presented here — in the obligatory reverse order:

Name that president!
Also offering Wiggly Willy, Billy the Kid, Hill’s Shill and Crooked Clinton, Jay Loth struck gold with our No. 10, William the Seducer.

Robert W. Ellis hit a little closer to home, however, with No. 9, Commander and Cheat.

Drawing from the same deck of metaphorical cards as No. 9, Chuck Papineau draws No. 8, Philanderer in Chief.

As for No. 7, Robert Rutger figures that if “Nixon can be referred to as Tricky Dick, then Clinton certainly, at the very least, should go down in history as Felonious Bill!”

Artful Dodger from Dave Holt rings in at No. 6. “I prefer something with a much harsher tone to it,” explains Holt, “but it fits in a ‘kinder and gentler’ sort of way.”

Jan David Romanoff writes in with our No. 5, Benedict Bubba, “in honor of his facilitating the rise of Red China to superpower status by ensuring they had access to U.S. nuclear warhead designs, the Legacy Codes and then waived the export control laws so they could also have the supercomputers needed to tie it all together. … But then, as that nitwit Dale Bumpers said in behalf of Benedict Bubba at the Senate trial, ‘He only has a few years left. After all, how much damage could he do?’ Indeed.”

Tying nicely to Jan’s entry, Charles Van Cott writes in with No. 4: The Manchurian Candidate. But, “wait a minute,” he hesitates, “that might be Al Gore.”

Willie the Weasel sent in by Joseph M. White, comes in at No. 3. Joseph notes that, given Clinton’s record, it seems to fit, adding that with “the death count around him, he should get a mob-style Monica — er, excuse me — moniker.” Willie the Weasel it is.

For No. 2, James Piul takes us back to Scripture with a play on the New Testament’s oft-cited name for the prince of devils: Billzebubba.

And for No. 1, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Jerry W. Howard with The Wizard of “Is”!

Close but no … cigar
Thousands of entries poured in after Paul Sperry’s initial invitation — far too many, in fact, to give proper recognition. Regardless, here are a few of the honorable mentions.

Several folks wrote in suggesting, “The Great Prevaricator,” in various forms, including our No. 1-slot winner, Jerry Howard with this gem: Prince William the Prevaricator.

“I have one that I use but, unfortunately, it is unprintable,” wrote WND reader Janet.

Bob Schulze jumped in the fray with the quaint but apropos, Dope from Hope.

And winning the prize for “best alliteration,” Scott Porter crowns Clinton the Prince of Pretty Platitudes.

Quite a few members — better known as “freepers” — sent in a spin on the old President of the United States acronym, POTUS. How about DIRTPOTUS, which loosely translated goes something like: “Disbarred Impeached Rapist Treasonous President Of The United States.” Works for me.

Let’s hope it works for the mainstream media. Maybe its members can take this list and finally start pinning the tail on the donkey instead of Republicans for a change.

Here’s hopin’.

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