It would, of course, be outrageous to compare “Earth in the Balance”
to “My Struggle.” Outrageous, because we all now know that the author
of “My Struggle,” who viewed Jews as incarnated evil, turned out to be
evil incarnate, himself. “My Struggle” didn’t have much impact in the
first years after he wrote it. But, shortly after he came to power in
1933, as he promised he would, he began to remove Jews from positions of
power and influence everywhere in Germany. Even if he had done just that
and nothing more, there would still have been lots of people in Germany
in the Thirties who wished that they had paid more attention to Hitler’s
Mein Kampf.

No one supposes for a moment that Al Gore is any kind of evil, but he
sure has some peculiar ideas about the rest of us. You see, Al Gore
believes in his heart of hearts that the world is going to hell in a
wheelbarrow and that it’s all our fault. Most of us believe the planet
earth is ours, to serve as our home. The Globalists and modern-day
druids, on the other hand, believe it is the planet earth — not the
human spirit — that is sacred and the sacred planet would be much
better off if none of us parasites were crawling around on it.

For Global Al and his acolytes, almost everything we in the West do
is a sin against Nature, literally. And the most deadly sin we commit
is burning a lot of gasoline. To keep us from sin, Al Gore plans to
eliminate the internal combustion engine.

“We now know that their cumulative impact on the global environment
is posing a mortal threat to the security of every nation that is more
deadly than that of any military enemy we are ever again likely to
confront. … Within the context of the SEI (Strategic Environment
Initiative), it ought to be possible to establish a coordinated global
program to accomplish the strategic goal of completely eliminating the
internal combustion engine over, say, a twenty-five-year period.”

You want to read all this for yourself? Well, you’re in luck. Al
Gore’s “Earth in the Balance” — his manifesto, his metaphysical
statement, his weltanshauung, his roadmap of what he intends to
do if he is ever given the power to do it — has just been reissued.

Of course, if you haven’t already read it, Al Gore doesn’t want you
to read it right now. No, siree. He still stands by every word in it,
but Global Al doesn’t want any questions about his weltanshauung
on the eve of his debates with Dubya. No one supposes that Gore might
cause a world war. But on the basis of what is happening just now in
Britain, France and Germany, where they have already begun to implement
some of Gore’s wacko Kyoto Protocol ideas, President Gore just might
trigger a global revolution.

Here is one of last week’s headlines in Globalist Tony Blair’s
Britain. “Troops were put on standby last night to intervene in the
deepening fuel crisis as the health service went on emergency alert,
supermarkets began rationing food and schools and businesses closed.”

The immediate cause of this unrest in all of Western Europe? The
300-400 percent punitive tax that Western nations — heeding the
prophetic warnings of Al Gore and a certifiable wacko, Paul Ehrlich —
have placed on gasoline. If Global Al had been allowed during the past
eight years to do what he proposed doing in Earth in the Balance,
soccer-moms would now also be facing — as are the Europeans — gasoline
costing four to five dollars a gallon.

Europeans are not just in revolt against high fuel prices. Not even
just against high taxes. Rather, they have fired more than a few
warning shots across the bow of the globalists, the greenies, the
tree-huggers and all those folks who gave you the Kyoto Protocols to
“save the planet at whatever costs to us.” More than any other person,
Al Gore is responsible for the Kyoto Protocols. And although the
current Republican Congress has absolutely rejected Gore’s Protocols —
which are to be administered by the United Nations — President Clinton
decreed that, so long as he is president, the United States will be
bound by them. It is as certain as anything can be in this world, that
if Al Gore is elected president, we will continue to be bound by the
Kyoto Protocols.

What will that mean?

Well, the assumptions underlying the Gore Protocols are that:

    1. The planet is getting warmer and at an ever increasing

    2. The cause is ever increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the air

    3. We, who burn most of the fossil fuels, are the main culprits

Now, there is very little evidence for any of this, but
President Clinton has declared that Gore’s Protocols are the law of the
land, anyway. So, what do the Kyoto Protocols require us culprits in
the West to do? You’re not going to believe it, but we are to “roll
back” our carbon dioxide emissions, so that by 2012 they will be less
than they were back in 1990! The 1990 levels are expected to amount to
less than 60 percent of what the 2012 levels would otherwise have been.

President Gore will not just stop you soccer-moms from driving more
next year than you did this year. The U.N. guys in the blue berets will
allow you to drive no more next year than you did in 1990! And if you
weren’t a soccer-mom in 1990, you can’t become one now. Sorry, kids.
You’ll just have to stay home and play on Al Gore’s Internet. That is,
you can play there if your electricity comes from a nuclear power
plant. If, however, your friendly power plant uses fossil fuels, then
you can use no more electricity in the future that you did in 1990. If
you weren’t even born then, you’ve got a real problem. In fact,
according to Al Gore’s bosom buddy, Paul Ehrlich, the author of “The
Population Explosion,” you are the problem, kid. You should never have
been born. There are getting to be entirely too many of you and the
sacred planet just can’t handle it.

You think Al Gore’s not serious. Then just look at what his acolyte
and former Senate aide, Carol Browner, has already done or has proposed
to do at EPA to implement Gore’s vision. Among other things, she has
already driven up the price of gasoline to all-time highs this past
spring by requiring different costly seasonal and regional formulations
of gasoline. She tried to force on the states a vehicle emissions
testing regime that would have drastically increased the costs to
vehicle owners — and the time required per vehicle — just to have
their vehicles inspected.

According to Forbes magazine, EPA Director Browner proposed a
“Climate Change Action Plan” in 1994, which included raising gasoline
taxes by fifty cents a gallon, plus a tax on carbon dioxide emissions,
plus a federal tax on coal mined, plus a use tax on other fossil and
nuclear energy, plus an at-the-source and an end-use ad valorem
tax on fossil fuels, plus an additional sales tax on gasoline and diesel
fuel, and on top of all that an import fee on foreign oil (which most of
our oil now is).

President Clinton has not implemented most of the Browner plan, but
who can doubt that President Gore would? The republic might survive
eight more years of the author of “Earth in the Balance,” but could it
survive eight more years of Carol Browner? Within another eight years
she may have achieved Gore’s goal of completely eliminating the internal
combustion engine.

Now that we know that Al Gore considers a SUV — not an ICBM — to be
the main strategic threat to the United States, it is obvious what the
topic of the first presidential debate ought to be: The Revolt of the
European Soccer-Moms — Can it Happen Here?

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