The next time a politician suggests tougher government gun-control is
needed to fight violent crime, look around and count his armed

While the calls for disarming average, taxpaying Americans have
increased in recent years, the government expenditures on armed security
for politicians and bureaucrats has increased dramatically.

Is what’s good for the goose not so good for the gander?

If politicians believe we’re safer with fewer guns around, why is it
that they are increasing the number of armed federal police? Why is it
that they are cordoning off government buildings? Why is it that they
are beefing up armed guards in government buildings?

Easy. They know that they need guns to protect themselves against
real threats and as a deterrent against criminals, terrorists and nuts.

Do the American people deserve any less? Do those who actually pay
for the security of their government officials deserve to be disarmed to
be left helpless before the threats they face in their own

A new study by the U.S. Department of Justice shows gun-related crime
has plunged 40 percent in recent years.

You might expect Attorney General Janet Reno and the other
gun-grabbers to be celebrating this news and congratulating themselves
for their efforts to reduce the number of guns in America.

But don’t expect to see that reaction. The reason? Well, there are
two, really.

No. 1, the gun-control fanatics know that they can only advance their
agenda by convincing Americans that gun-related crime is exploding —
that your life and the lives of all your loved ones are endangered by
the National Rifle Association and other groups defending the Second
Amendment. Telling the truth is simply not an option. It seldom is for
people whose entire movement is predicated on lies.

No. 2, the gun grabbers understand that this downward trend in
gun-related crime took place as the actual number of guns in circulation
has reached an all-time high. Let me repeat that: As gun-related deaths
were dropping by 40 percent, the number of guns in circulation in
America has increased to a record high.

Does this surprise you?

It shouldn’t if you are familiar with the scholarly research
conducted by John Lott and others that conclusively shows how more guns
equals less crime.

The hard numbers released by the FBI show that gunshot wounds
inflicted during crimes dropped from 64,100 in 1992 to 39,400 in 1997.
During that same period, the number of guns in America surged to 230
million from 205 million, according to the National Association of
Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers.

Crime would drop even faster if government officials began scrapping
the 20,000 unconstitutional laws on the books regulating the purchase of
firearms. There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between
restrictive gun laws and crime. The three most violent cities in America
— New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles — all suffer under draconian
gun-control laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from defending

All this raises the question: What is the purpose of anti-gun laws?
What is the real agenda? Simple. It’s government empowerment. Notice who
are the prime agitators for more gun control. They are the same people
who promote more government control over all facets of our lives —
education, health care, childcare, the economy. They seek, ultimately,
the complete disarmament of the civilian population of the United
States. They will never stop whining about gun violence until they pry
the guns from our cold, dead fingers.
Why? The government-control advocates want us to place our fate in the
hands of the state. Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor should
be entrusted to the police for protection, they say. Truly, though,
safety and security can only be achieved when individuals take
responsibility for themselves.

Police are not really there “to protect and to serve.” They are there
to take reports and maintain files. And even that mission seems
overwhelming to them at times.

All the police power and all the laws in the world will not make you,
your family and your neighbors safe. Let’s face it. The only thing that
can offer you some protection is a well-regulated trigger finger and a
good aim.

Why can’t Americans see the obvious? Why don’t they understand what
our founders saw so clearly more than 200 years ago? The government, no
matter how benign it may seem, is not your friend. It does not have your
best interests in mind. Left to its own devices and unchecked by a
vigilant population, governments will always seek more and more power.

Ultimately the only real check on that trend toward authoritarianism
and totalitarianism is a well-armed, well-disciplined, well-informed

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