If there is one so-called government organization that won’t miss
Bill Clinton or, presumably, Vice President Al Gore, when the current
administration packs up and leaves next January, it will be the U.S.

Though there is no doubt in my mind — after interviewing Pentagon
staffers and high-ranking civilian and military officials — that the
Pentagon, at its top levels, has been almost totally corrupted by
Clinton-Gore administration appointees, the lower levels of command and
control still belong to astute professionals who are daily sickened by
what has happened to the most powerful military force in history.

They — and not the Clinton-Gore political leaders — know, with
certainty, that charges of U.S. military unpreparedness are not only
accurate but dangerous.

It has been politics, not technology or innovation, that has so
damaged the American armed forces. Proof of that came again on Sunday in
a follow-up story by WND radio personality Geoff Metcalf

in a series
he began reporting in August.

Initially, Metcalf reported that high-ranking U.S. Navy officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Clinton was planning a trip to Vietnam before the end of his term but after the Nov. 7 elections, so as not to harm protégé Gore in the realm of public opinion.

Naturally the administration’s Navy spokesmen denied the allegations, but

just weeks later the trip was
No big surprise there.

What was surprising (and controversial) about the planned trip, however, was the White House’s alleged attempt

to ignore Navy
regulations and U.S. law and allow the American flag aboard one of our
own warships to be flown below the flag of Vietnam as it entered
a Vietnamese harbor.
The administration-appointed Navy officials denied that one, too.

But, as it turns out, Metcalf’s original source was

indeed the Clinton administration was kicking around the idea of breaking the law and hundreds of years of naval tradition by lowering our flag for a country we fought for 11 years in the most controversial war we’ve ever waged — a war that Clinton, by the way, purposefully lied to avoid.

Even the so-called mainstream press, which has so often bleated the administration line that “all is well” in the military, is finally catching up to the fact that something is wrong in the armed services.

On Monday

the pro-establishment Washington
published a well-worn and fifth-hand account about how junior Army officers are fleeing the service faster than the Pentagon can replace them.

According to the report, “the Army is losing captains and other junior officers at such an alarming rate that it could have trouble filling leadership positions within two or three years,” said the paper.

“More than 11 percent of the Army’s captains decided to leave the service over the past year, continuing a trend that began in fiscal 1997, when the attrition rate was less than 8 percent, the officials said.”

The story, quoting a recent Pentagon report, said the problem wasn’t as bad in the other services, but it did exist in them as well.

As has been widely reported by WND and other cutting-edge publications, one of the main reasons Army juniors are taking their walking papers is because they’re sick and tired of being sent to every third-world toilet — for no good reason — every time this administration needs a bump in the polls or needs to hide another scandal.

Overdeployment, underfunding, arrogance and a lack of respect for military ways and traditions have led some of our best officers and senior enlisted personnel out the door since 1993. This is talent we cannot replace simply by signing up new bodies; the level of experience these men and women have taken with them was hard-fought and won and cannot be taught in officer’s training school or advanced non-commissioned officer training.

Ultimately, this nation will suffer for allowing such abuse of our armed forces. What other institution is designed to defend us?

In the meantime, as January approaches the military is finally beginning to see relief at the end of a long, arduous and painful journey through political hell.

Will the services miss Clinton and Gore? Not a chance; members may even volunteer to help both of them pack.

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